19 October 2007

Culinary Jihad raises hackles...

At the Scarborough campus of the University of Toronto...
Muslim student leaders are appealing for understanding in the wake of a controversy surrounding the halal menu at a U of T Scarborough campus restaurant.

The controversy began last May when the student-subsidized Bluff's Restaurant, owned by the student union and located in the student centre, began offering halal-certified meat options to cater to Muslim customers.

However because Bluff's serves alcohol, the 500-student Muslim association has refused to endorse the restaurant for its membership.
So let me see if I understand what's happening here.

This restaurant altered its menu to accommodate Muslim students... but because it didn't covert totally... it is still unacceptably "unclean".

Where exactly do we draw the line here?

What about "immodestly attired" waitresses? Hell... what about allowing "unaccompanied women" to attend university, for that matter?

But don't panic just yet... the university has called in the political correctness Commissar.
Nouman Ashraf, the university's cultural diversity officer, said he is working with the Muslim student group to find a solution to what he believes is an equity issue.
See Nouman... I'm thinking this is more of an "I don't live in Tehran any more" sort of thing.

This is Canada folks... you better learn to adjust.



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