22 October 2007

We could try using volunteers...

From Greenpeace instead... but I'm not sure how that'd work out... (well, actually I am).
-- AFGHANISTAN -- Canada's diplomats in Kabul and visiting high-value targets like Prime Minister Stephen Harper are protected by a group of heavily armed gunmen hired by Saladin Security, a British firm with a long history of secretive and clandestine operations.
Similarly... that Liberal Party sponsored experiment with flower-toting employees... had some rather grisly consequences.
Department of Foreign Affairs officials in Ottawa are tight-lipped about the deal struck with Saladin, whose gun-toting employees provide perimeter security, operate checkpoints, serve as bodyguards and form a heavily armed rapid-reaction force designed to move quickly to thwart an attempted kidnapping and rescue survivors of suicide attacks or car-bombings in Kabul.
As for journalists using the very loaded words, "secretive and clandestine", well... that'd be part of keeping the folks they're guarding... what's the word I'm looking for here?

Oh yeah... alive.

It's a war zone folks... suck it up.

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