16 October 2007

Idiots, explosives and falling anvils

No real surprises from Curly, Larry and Gilles...
Liberal Leader Stephane Dion refused to immediately declare one way or the other. Under pressure from within his party, he criticized the speech, especially the "weakness" of the plans for tackling climate change, and predicted the caucus would have a "very lively" meeting Wednesday over what it wants to do.
You've really gotta admire the sheer chutzpah here.

Dion using the word "weakness"... that cracks me up. He'd better be praying his fellow fiberals idea of a "lively meeting" doesn't include tar and feathers.

Taliban Jack, on the other hand, has absolutely nothing to lose. He knows Steffi had to bring his kneepads... so Jacko gets to sing and dance about kickin' those troglodyte conservatives to the curb.
Layton took strong exception to the government's plans to ignore the Kyoto targets, and what he said was its failure to address poverty in this country. "We have a mandate to oppose the direction Mr. Harper is taking. It's wrong," he told reporters.
Poor Gilles doesn't know whether to shit or go blind... he was so anxious to start preaching his gloom and doom, he didn't wait to hear the whole thing.
Duceppe, who rushed to speak to reporters before Jean had finished reading the speech, said the speech missed the mark on the environment, the economy, protecting provincial rights, and Afghanistan.
All in all a most satisfactory night.



Almost forgot the jewel in the crown....
Earlier Tuesday, the government made clear it was keen to get cracking on its 'tough-on-crime" agenda. It served official notice it would introduce bills to amend the Criminal Code and other unnamed acts.

A likely priority is passage of the Repeat Offender Bill, which would amend the Criminal Code to ensure that those found guilty of three violent crimes would have to convince a judge why they shouldn't be branded a dangerous offender.

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