18 October 2007

"Attention Grades 7 and 8...."

"The bus to the safe-injection site will be leaving promptly after recess."
-- PORTLAND, Me., Oct. 17 -- The Portland school board on Wednesday approved a measure allowing middle-school students to gain access to prescription birth control medications without notifying parents.

The school principal, Mike McCarthy, said about 5 of the school’s 500 students had identified themselves as being sexually active.

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Please save all the vitriolic anti-religious commentary for someone else.

This has nothing to do with religion... if you've read the blog at all, you should know by now... I'm an atheist.

That said... if your 13 year-old child is having sex... you have officially failed as a parent.


LAST WORD: Trust me, I'm an educator
-- ALLENTOWN, Pennsylvania -- A former middle school principal who pleaded guilty to selling crystal methamphetamine from his office was sentenced Thursday to two to four years in state prison.

John Acerra, 50, apologized to students, teachers and parents at Nitschmann Middle School in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, where he was arrested in February after he tried to sell meth to an informant.
You wanna know how this dickhead justified his conduct?

"I have a disease called addiction."