20 October 2007

Slaughter in Surrey

I was sure glad to hear the other day... about the dropping homicide rate across Canada.
-- SURREY, B.C. -- An RCMP homicide team was investigating a mass murder Friday night with up to six people dead in an apartment building.

"We're looking at perhaps a very dramatic homicide scene with as many as six dead," said Sgt Morrow.
We're no Johannesburg... but apparently some folks from BC are looking to "kick it up a notch."


UPDATE: Well... it doesn't look like an accident
-- SURREY, B.C. -- The RCMP says the six people found dead in a Surrey, B.C. apartment Friday are all males and the incident does not appear to have been a random act of violence.

Corporal Dale Carr of the integrated homicide investigation team told a news conference outside the building Saturday that the victims appear to have been targeted.

He described the scene as grisly and said the team is still trying to identify the victims.

"I used to live there and my wife was the neighbourhood police contact for "Blockwatch". We never had any crime in our neighbourhood, and my wife complimented the young RCMP Constable on their good work."

"He said, ruefully, that the reason for the lack of petty crime in our area was that one of the houses at the end of our street was home to one of the biggest EI gangs in the Lower Mainland and criminal elements knew better than to try any activities on their turf."