16 October 2007

Sitemeter blip

Anybody else have a problem with Sitemeter last night? Shortly before midnight last night, I was approaching a thousand hits and the counter reset itself to zero. SM also apparently lost the previous two days data... it just vanished off the graph.

My email from last night to Sitemeter tech support has also not been answered, so I thought I'd ask around. Thanks.


UPDATE: 10:55 am -- Saturday, Sunday and Monday stats have been magically restored... but todays numbers have disappeared and been reset to zero.

Have yet to hear back from Sitemeter.

UPDATE2: 11:34 am -- Sitemeter replies...
Thanks for the information. We have restored this data and are now processing logs to bring it current. It should be current within the next couple of hours.

Thank you,

SiteMeter Support

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