21 October 2007

Neutral is such a vague word

Following in the footsteps of France... Switzerland leans towards tightening up it's immigration policy.
-- GENEVA -- A nationalist party rode an anti-immigrant wave Sunday to the best showing of any party in parliamentary elections since World War I, while the Greens made gains by appealing to environmental concerns, according to projections.
It looks like we're not talking baby steps here either.
In one of the most bitter political campaigns in memory in this usually tolerant Alpine nation, the Swiss People's Party called for a law to throw out entire immigrant families if a child violates national laws.
So, who are these guys and what kind of weight are they throwing around here?
The party became the largest in Switzerland four years ago under the leadership of charismatic billionaire Christoph Blocher.

It was projected to win about 28.8 per cent of the vote, or 62 seats in the lower house -- the largest share of seats any party has won since Switzerland's proportional voting system began in 1919.