24 October 2007

The thing is, Dalton knows you don't...

Really give a crap...
Local health officials have been left wondering if the average area resident cares that Quinte Health Care could be ordered to cut back on its medical services to balance an estimated $10-million deficit.

That assumption comes after QHC officials called a public meeting to air the scenario and they were greeted by an empty hall.
Just like the dismal voter turnout for the provincial elections, this sends a signal to Premier McSlippery that he can get away with just about anything he chooses to do.
The hospital may also be forced to curb plans to increase the number of beds in its overburdened intensive care unit and put on hold its emergency department expansion to handle the huge volume of patients who do not have a family doctor.

All these measures may occur to help eliminate the deficit.

As well, provincial funding has failed to keep pace with increased costs and there is a shortage of staff nurses and doctors at the four sites, leading to overtime and soaring costs.
Just something to ponder during your next 6 hour wait at the Belleville General Emergency Room.

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