21 October 2007

By this time next year, these scummers...

Will be begging to be tasered...
The government is to consider allowing staff at young offenders institutions in England and Wales to use batons to control children as young as 15.

Staff are currently allowed to use them only against those aged 18 and over but that policy is to be reviewed.
It seems "suckass political correctness" is allowing the tail to "wag the dog" in British institutions.

Hopefully... that's gonna change.
Glyn Travis, assistant general secretary of the Prison Officers Association (POA), told BBC Radio Five Live that officers often got hurt.

"The injuries vary from broken noses, compressed fractures of cheekbones, fractured eye sockets, ears being bitten off, pens being shoved through people's faces, slashes," Mr Travis said.

Colin Moses, national chairman of the POA, added: "What we want is the deterrent to defend ourselves and defend those in our charge.

"And currently we have no deterrent to intervene."

In one case, staff had to intervene when a group of teenagers was trying to kick an inmate to death.
Of course, we have to have the obligatory "root causes" argle-bargle.
The director of the Howard League for Penal Reform said prisons had created their own problems by keeping young people cooped up indoors without exercise.

"I sympathise with [prison] staff, but they've got to try talking to the children. They've got to increase the activities inside the prisons."
Hey, I'm good with that... how about a daily program of turning big rocks into gravel?

Let's do it for the children.


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LAST WORD: A kinder, gentler world... for some
In the staff room, we relaxed with fresh fruit, fresh brewed coffee, croissants (still warm from the oven), and fresh pastry.

Everyone agreed on the need for more spending on education. More teaching assistants, more smaller classes, more free nutritious food, and, of course, more administration to oversee this all, are this weeks final solution.

After we all agreed to spend more other people’s money, we settled into a nice discussion on good retirement locations in rural ontario, those quite places that are so pleasantly far from Toronto.

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