23 October 2007

Once upon a time

As Conservative poll numbers edge further into majority territory, Steffi and the Fiberals start to dust off all the old fairy tales...
You know just how desperate the PM's enemies have become when they fall back on the threadbare charge that Mr. Harper is harbouring a "hidden agenda" to be unleashed when he gets his majority.

Please: Get a new threat. This one worked well in the Chretien/ Day era. But nearly two years into the Conservatives' mandate, it is unlikely many voters outside downtown Toronto still view Mr. Harper and his caucus as "scary."
Instead of all the smoke and mirrors... why won't the opposition just admit they haven't got the stones to take anything near a principled stand.
The truth is that Mr. Harper has a minority government. If he has unlimited power, it is because opposition MPs are scared of an election.

The opposition could vote this government out of office at any time. If, instead, they are choosing to save their own seats, don't blame the Prime Minister for their lack of principle.
C'mon Steffi... man up.

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