26 September 2007

Allah not so Akbar

Where is your God now?

-- KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) -- U.S.-led forces used artillery and airstrikes to kill more than 165 insurgents and repel massed assaults on coalition troops in two strongholds of Taliban militants and Afghanistan's rampant drug trade, officials said Wednesday.
Better stick to booby traps and suicide bombers.

You aren't shit when it comes to the real thing.


RELATED: Canadians deploy Huskies

No, not those huskies.
-- KANDAHAR, Afghanistan -- Canadian troops in Afghanistan have a new weapon against deadly roadside bombs. Military officials unveiled the first of their new RSD Husky armoured vehicles Wednesday.

"A lot of the (soldiers who were killed by IEDs)could have been saved if we had had these earlier,'' Holsworth told reporters at Kandahar Airfield. "It's extremely important."

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henry himmler said...

"Better stick to booby traps and suicide bombers.You aren't shit when it comes to the real thing."

awesome commentary.