15 October 2007

Put in a few 'grass traps'...

And you're away to the races.
-- QARGHA, Afghanistan -- Gazing down the valley here on Kabul’s western outskirts, Mohammad Afzal Abdul does not see the sun-blasted sweep of scrubland and rocks apparent to everyone else.

This barren patch of earth is, at least in name and spirit, a golf course.
It isn't St. Andrews... but what's life without a dream, huh?
The nine-hole course is extraordinarily rugged by any standard.

It has no grass and no delineation between the fairways and the rough, and the greens — the course rules call them browns — are a concoction of sand and oil packed with a heavy roller and swept with a broom vaguely resembling those dragged along the base paths at the seventh-inning stretch in baseball.
Entrepreneurship is alive and well in Afghanistan.