29 October 2007

Mirror, mirror on the wall...

Which Liberal critic takes a fall?
-- VANCOUVER -- Liberal MP Blair Wilson has resigned from the federal Liberal caucus over allegations that he didn't disclose all of his expenses during the last election campaign.
Hey... this could happen to anybody, right?

It's not like he's claiming any sort of financial experti... ooh, geez... wait a minute...
Mr. Wilson, who represents the riding of West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast, stepped down on Sunday from his position as Liberal national revenue critic.

News of Mr. Wilson's alleged improprieties could not have hit at a worse time for Mr. Dion and the Liberals, who have been trying to capitalize on an alleged election expenses scandal involving the governing Conservatives.
So, Steffi... this one could throw a wrench in the works, huh?
The Liberals have hammered away at the issue every day since Parliament resumed earlier this month. Their attack will doubtless be blunted by news of the allegations of election spending irregularities within their own ranks.
Maybe the Dalai Lama could take a minute and explain that whole karma thing to Steffi and friends.


If I were Dion I'd be ordering a background check on my justice critic.

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