23 October 2007

Ontario Liberals have a theory...

Bringing private schools under the aegis of the public system would be a bad thing.
The controversy began Wednesday at a Burger King in Montreal's ethnically diverse north end, where a 14-year-old Pearson student was hit by an ice cube tossed by a group of girls from Henri Bourassa.
It seems to me... that the more you encourage people to stay in their own little worlds... the more you tend to foster that "us and them" mentality.

For example, here's a couple of schools in Quebec that are apparently populated mostly along racial lines... and it's starting to look like a war zone
The girl, who is white, has admitted to reacting with a racial slur.

A group of about 15 girls, most of them black, later jumped the student and her friend, punching and kicking her repeatedly in a park. Her beating was filmed and posted on YouTube.
The best solution is one system... of justice and education... for everyone.

Or the inevitable result will be enmity and chaos.