15 October 2007

Steffi draws inviolable line in the sand

"If he even thinks about abolishing Parliament and pronouncing himself President-for-Life... his ass is mine", declares defiant Dion.

-- OTTAWA -- The trigger for a fall election will not be pulled this week, provided Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Throne Speech is not outrageous, radical and very right-wing, said Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion yesterday.

That is the bar set by Mr. Dion, whose caucus of 96 MPs must decide this week whether to topple the Conservative government.
Who says Steffi doesn't have the "heart of a lion?"

The intensely loyal opposition party was quick to confirm they were standing right behind their stalwart leader.

Said one unnamed Liberal functionary... "The second that Evil Stephen Harper sends those tanks rolling up Rideau Blvd., the entire Liberal caucus is prepared to vote down that dastardly Throne Speech."

"You just see if we don't."

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