29 October 2007

Garth gets his business snagged...

In his zipper... and Stephen Taylor catches the whole ugly extrication...
So, Garth is encouraging people to write cheques to "Garth Turner campaign, in trust". What does this mean? As is the general understanding, and confirmed by Elections Canada, funds held in trust become the property of the trustee.
Unfortunately for Garth, resending this money to his campaign is apparently... what's the word I'm looking for here... oh, yeah... illegal.
"...as of June 12, 2007, as a result of changes made by s. 44(2) of the Federal Accountability Act to s. 404.2 of the Canada Elections Act, transfers of trust funds to candidates from registered parties and registered associations will be prohibited."

UPDATE 10/29, 11am:

Garth has changed his website. It now asks cheques to be made out to "Halton Liberal Association - Garth Turner Campaign".
Yeeeouch, Garth... that's gonna leave a mark!

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