15 October 2007

It is not your imagination...

The health care system, in its current incarnation, is rapidly going down the shitter.
-- CALGARY, AB—A typical Canadian seeking surgical or other therapeutic treatment had to wait 18.3 weeks in 2007, an all-time high, according to new research published today by independent research organization The Fraser Institute.

“It’s becoming clearer that Canada’s current health care system can not meet the needs of Canadians in a timely and efficient manner, unless you consider access to a waiting list timely and efficient,” Esmail added.
And it isn't just wait times.

Talked to a buddy on the weekend who had a run-in with a power mitre saw.

Despite an injury that both broke a finger and gouged the meat of his hand right down to the bone... he spent eight hours sitting in the local ER waiting to see a doctor.

That's about the amount of time, I spent there last time around, waiting for someone to examine my sick, fevered child.

Simply unacceptable.

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