19 October 2007

The eyes wide open reality...

Of Nelson Mandela's carefully constructed dreamworld.
-- JOHANNESBURG -- Gunmen shot and killed South African reggae star Lucky Dube in front of his son and daughter in one of the highest-profile murders in the country, police said on Friday.

Dube's killing is one of the most high-profile killings in South Africa, which has one of the world's worst murder rates.

The number of rapes, carjackings and assaults also are high, with some of the most violent types of crime rising last year despite efforts to beef up police forces.
Johannesburg has been the rape and murder capital of the world... for how many years running?

Funny how all the people who can get themselves insane with rage over 4 taser deaths per year... can ignore the hell in South Africa.

There are real and overwhelming issues in this world.

Let's start ranking stuff in order of importance.


"Death by proximity is more important news than death by number."