27 October 2007

Dance of the Seven Veils

These hypocritical cowards actually agree that this had to be addressed... but, once again, it doesn't stop them from taking shots at the Conservative's scary, hidden agenda...
But yesterday's response to the government's amendment was greeted with suggestions that the debate was being revived for political gain.

"I'm not going to make policy on the fly," said deputy Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff, who said he still supports a solution requiring proper identification of all voters. "I'm just telling you my personal opinion, that what I don't like about this whole project is the idea that we take a bunch of women wearing veils and we make a whole big deal about this."

NDP Leader Jack Layton was similarly skeptical about the urgent need to address the matter, but didn't comment on the bill's specifics.
Once again, let's trot out that "Evil Stephen Harper" fairy tale.

The guy who actually... shudder... makes stuff happen.

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