22 October 2007

Now who wouldn't be impressed...

By the latest feeble Fiberal tactic...
If the Liberal amendment were to be approved by Parliament, the government would fall and an election would be triggered.

However, it looks like the amendment has been carefully crafted to ensure that the Liberals will be the only party supporting the amendment, guaranteeing the government won't fall just yet.
Thank you, Stephane "You can't get there from here" Dion.


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The morning of Aug. 31, 1987, the chief organizer for the federal Liberal youth in Quebec called a press conference in Montreal to announce publicly what Grits everywhere were saying in private -- John Turner was a lost cause as party leader and should resign.

"Canadians have never followed weak, indecisive and inconsistent leaders," the organizer said. "We have to save the party."

That organizer was Denis Coderre, one of the Liberal MPs now stoking the fires of discontent threatening to engulf the Liberals' latest master of misfortune, Stephane Dion.

No one has called a press conference yet to demand Dion's resignation for "weak, indecisive and inconsistent" leadership, but don't rule it out.