27 May 2007

If this kid's a Young Offender...

Then I'm a Hottentot...

One arrested, one on the run...

******* **** ****, 17, is wanted for first-degree murder by police and is described as 5-foot-9, 200 pounds and has short black hair.
That's some poor, little defenceless kid... thank goodness for the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

p.s. - Take a good look now, because as soon as young ******* is apprehended... his name and picture, under Canadian law... have to disappear off the face of the earth.


BREAKING: 10:48 PM EDT - Too late... they've got him.


UPDATE: Community response...

Was about what cops expected.
Residents shouted at police and reporters, saying the wrong people were being apprehended.

Police had warned residents in the victim's Jane-Finch neighbourhood not to hide the shooter, and called for anyone with information to contact police.

LAST WORD: With friends like this...

Who needs enemies?
The two suspects even attended a barbecue Saturday night at Jordan's house to show support for his grieving family.

According to Ms. Campbell, the teenager arrested in the raid was at Jordan's side after he was shot and he held Jordan's hand as they waited for the ambulance.
Incredibly, instead of being angry at the suspects who were arrested, the residents of the neighbourhood are crying "police conspiracy..."
“I’m very disappointed that this happened today,” she said, tears streaming down her face. “I don’t know where somebody gets their misinformation from, but apparently they came in to take out the youth.”

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Anonymous said...

This has gone on for years now and that's why many people have lost interest in bailing out the Caribean
based high crime areas that Miller calls "Targeted" areas for programs and Basketball Courts.

It was 10 years ago or more that I heard someone opine that if the Politicians and Media won't tell the truth about this problem then just build a fence around the whole area and let them shoot each other
until it's over.

The CTV video clip showed several over weight single Moms
ranting about how "The Government" should do something , not one of them looked in the mirror and asked if being Fatherless was a factor for their kids.
It's the same story over and over again , he was a good boy and it had to have been someone elses bad child that corrupted their son and gave him a gun , he was a role model in Government housing since he was a straight A student.

Just look at the new issue in B.C. over the Sikhs now watching a tense religious conflict in India ,
while Ujjal DoSanjh cries "Racism" to the cameras for the Air India bombing we see that after 22 years in canada the Sikhs are again angry and may lash out with another Terrorisn attack.
Muslims claim Islam means Peace and that they oppose any Militant Muslims in canada, but in June of 2006 the Muslims joined in the pity party with the Sikhs and cried "Racism" when 17 Sunni Muslim youths were rounded up for plotting to slaughter thousands of civilians in Toronto .

The RCMP was Racist for not arresting the Sikh terrorists that bombed flight 182 in 1985 , now the RCMP are Racists for arresting 17 potential Terrorist before they could muder Canadians.
The Police in Toronto are Racists for patrolling Black neighbourhoods
as to assume there is a crime problem in the Jane+Finch area , now the Police are Racists for not doing enough to protect Black youth
in the Jane Finch area because they Don't patrol Government housing areas in Jane and Finch.

And now we see that Jordan Manners
female guadian ( mom?) is demanding an Inquiry into how her good boy was murdered in a Canadian School that was supposed to be safe , and why did he lay bleeding in a hallway for 45 minutes , and why were the Police so slow to cantact her or even let the students Mothers into the buildings to be with their kids.

Just as a gambling addict and alcohol addict believe they don't have a problem with denial and paranoia , we see these immigrants
expecting that Canada owes them a living and the State should raise their kids no mater who the Father is because Welfare is a Charter Right.
Too bad it took a murder for these single moms to visit the School while their kids were in it, and the fact that all News videos showed a mob of overweight single moms and barely a Father with them, pretty well tell the story that the Media and Mayor Miller won't.

Miller also exploited the murder by telling the crowd that we need more Taxes to pay for programs to give kids a choice other than guns&gangs , typical Leftists tripe ,and as for Miller claiming he was raised by a single mom this may explain his tirades and iron fisted
demands at City Hall to get his way all the time.

Miller is a bully and should have had his ass warmed up a few times
when his Mother gave into him for fear of harming his self esteem , this also explains why Miller allows naked men to flaunt thier penis in front of little boys during the Pride parade while Chief Blair is ordered to not arrest any gays that break the Nudity or Pedophilia laws for Child abuse or pornography.

Miller never had a strong dad to correct him , instead , he was raised by a Friend and now he's a bully like the same kids in School that he now claims to want to stop from harming other kids.

Oh yeah....and Mike Harris is to blame as well because he forced this females to spread their legs for deadbeats so he could trap Blacks in a life of Welfare and keep them in a confined area with theirown kind.

Anonymous said...

These people deserve each other.