28 April 2010

Omar to get...

...a McDreamy deal?

-- GUANTANAMO BAY -- Khadr’s defence team would not talk about negotiations Tuesday but confirmed that they have spoken with prosecutors and were “open to any possibilities that would resolve this case.”

Khadr’s prosecution is set to become the showcase trial under the Obama administration, reportedly causing discomfort in Washington and dividing the president’s legal advisors.
Go O.

Just don't expect too much support from those knuckle-draggin' Canadians...
Mr. Khadr, one of several sons of Ahmed Said Khadr, a senior al-Qaeda figure, has stirred little support among Canadians, many of whom regard the family as citizens of convenience.
Well... except for, you know... Michael Ignatieff & Jack Layton and friends.


LAST WORD: Save our Jihadi


Anonymous said...

They should have let POS Omar bleed to death in that compound in Afghanistan.

Rob C

Neo Conservative said...

well, rob... that's not what we (nato) do.

but hey... even hopey-changey president mcdreamy isn't willing to unconditionally turn omar's jihadi ass loose... and that has to tell you something...

“We all expected a lot more from the Obama administration,” said Alex Neve, secretary-general of Amnesty International Canada, who is in Guantanamo as part of a small group of international rights observers.


Bert said...

That's right, Neo. NATO wob't let jerks like Khadr bleed to death, but why couldn't they have treated his wounds with iodine, or maybe camel piss, like the healthcare your typical Afghan gets.

Neo Conservative said...

well, bert... the way this works... we're supposed to live up to a higher standard than a bunch of near-medieval religious fanatics.

obviously the khadr family didn't feel that way.

the fact is, though... previous to present-day, in a regular war... non-uniformed combatants would be regularly executed in the field.

timing is everything. little bomb-building omar got lucky.


jwkozak91 said...

Well, Neo - as I look across the transam (news.ctv.ca) - it seems that Omar's lawyers looked a gift "camel" in the mouth, and said "Umm... nahh, we'll take our chances in court".

Neo Conservative said...

"jwkozak91 says... a gift camel in the mouth"

looks like the ambulance chasers are willing to roll the dice that president hopey-changey will find it too politically unpalateable to send omar to leavenworth supermax.

i bet they're right.


Lynn said...

Khadr apparently turned down a plea bargain in which he'd serve five years in a US prison. Can't say I blame him,the mood today is "forgiveness" for the poor little fellow,and he's probably going to get off with no prison time at all.

And I'll bet anyone a pint of good beer that once he gets repatriated to his beloved Canada,he hires taxpayer funded lawyers to sue the government (US!). I'm figuring on a five to ten million dollar settlement.


Just another fan of poor little Omar.

Neo Conservative said...

he's already suing for 10 mil... my guess is he'll walk away with at least half of that.

anybody wanna bet how quickly he'll be out of custody once he gets north of the 49th parallel?