20 June 2019

The Usual, well... you know...

toronto's most wanted

As they fled a black handgun fell from one of the males' waistband.
Meet Tajean Alexander-Smith, 18, Matchushan Kamalakumaran, 18, Mohsen Yahya, 18, Laxsen Laxmikanthan, 18, all of Toronto.


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19 June 2019

OJ Simpson... the gift that...

...keeps on giving...insert alt text here

“Seen that video you posted about me. You think I’m playing? Tired of all your bullshit. I WILL FIND YOUR ASS AND CUT YOU — Don’t believe me? Just watch and see bitch,” another message from Simpson’s account says.
Remember this one?insert alt text here
"He means nobody's ever SURVIVED him pulling a weapon on them."

Thugz R Us

Justin Trudeau was right there on stage. He heard the shots.insert alt text hereThat won't stop him from going after legally owned, lawfully registered and expensively secured firearms owned by law-abiding farmers, hunters and sport shooters.

Actual criminals just aren't on his radar.

Meet the thugs arrested in Nathan Phillips Square...

Shaquille Anthony Miller, 25, Abdikarim Kerow, 18, Thaino Toussaint, 20, all of Toronto.
Ask yourself... what laws are these sociopaths willing to obey?


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18 June 2019

Remember back... you were a kid...

...and there were citywide bomb threats at colleges & universities?



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Look, who really didn't see this coming?

Meet the Raptors fans who couldn't keep it in their pants...most wanted

Six men have been arrested in a downtown shooting that followed the Toronto Raptors’ NBA Finals win. Abdulrahman Abdullahi, 23, of Toronto, is charged with attempted murder as well as multiple firearms-related charges. Kamal Hassan, 26, of Toronto, is also charged with attempted murder, firearms charges and fail to comply with recognizance.

Ilyas Riyaleh, 23, Zachary Cust, 21, and Nathaniel Campbell, 33, all of Toronto, face multiple firearms-related charges, while Jovane Watson, 20, of Toronto, and Cust face drug charges.
Note that this is the initial shooting that took place the night of the final game.

News on charges for yesterdays four shootings at Nathan Phillips Square are still pending.


UPDATE: It's not Kamal's first rodeo...
A Toronto man who recently beat a double murder rap a few months ago has now been charged with attempted murder in connection to a shooting that happened during the Toronto Raptors celebrations on Friday.


...with your own money... again...liar,liar

OTTAWA - The federal Liberals say a new program to help new buyers pay for their first home will kick in on Labour Day.

The program that will help cover some mortgage costs will be available starting Sept. 2, only weeks before the October federal election.
They wouldn't do it if it didn't work.

Get your vote bought here.

17 June 2019

Hey, dummies...

...it's a game played exclusively by multi-millionaire celebrities who have no connection whatsoever to your lives or your dreams...

In January, Kawhi Leonard reportedly bought a $13-million mansion in San Diego.
Some other obscenely wealthy men are about to offer him 190 million dollars over five years to stuff more balls in Toronto.insert alt text hereWhat's the big deal here?

This is a bunch of freakishly tall people who stuff a ball through a hoop. Buying a hundred dollar hoodie doesn't mean you're on the team or that Kawhi is your bro. Is your life that devoid of meaning?

Meanwhile, the entire downtown area is paralysed. Not a good day to have a heart attack or any sort of medical emergency, or gawds forbid your house catches fire.

The potential for mob violence has also gone through the stratosphere. If even a fraction of this crowd becomes panic-stricken, for whatever reason, thousands of people could be trampled.

Good luck, Hogtown.


UPDATE: What could possibly go wrong?insert alt text here
"Raptors parade runs late, descends into chaos with overcrowding. The parade was temporarily halted at the square due to safety concerns, and fans were told to get down from the arches."

UPDATE2: 15:55 Friend just texted me...

...reports of shots fired at Raptors celebration... people running along Bay St. Nothing on the web just yet.


UPDATE3: Confirmed. One woman shot... so far.insert alt text hereOops... looks like two people shot... but don't worry,
Drake's got this...
"The championship parade continued after the shooting -- with Drake taking the stage and telling the reported 1.5 MILLION people in the streets to hug each other and spread love."
Problemo solved.


UPDATE4: No gun... no problem...
Four people have been taken to hospital following two reported stabbing incidents as hundreds of thousands of people crowded the area to cheer on the Toronto Raptors as part of an NBA Championship victory parade.

UPDATE5: The bodycount grows...
Four people were injured after gunfire broke out at Nathan Phillips Square during a massive celebration for the Raptors Monday afternoon.

There were multiple reports of gunshots and stampeding at around 3:45 p.m.
Four shot... four stabbed... and the night is yet young.

Disband the Raptors and confiscate all basketballs. #IfItOnlySavesOneLife.

Let's be more like Sweden...

...the socialist paradise...insert alt text here

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven spoke out about the incident at the time saying: “The bombing of a police station in Helsingborg is extremely serious. An attack on the police is, in the long run, an attack on our democracy.
Maybe in the short run too, Mr Prime Minister?
The tightening of security comes just days after the city saw three explosions, two of which targeted residential areas in the notorious Rosengård no-go suburb and a nightclub closer to the centre of the city, all within 24 hours.
No worries though, the Swedes have it well in hand...insert alt text here
Facing a massive surge in gang-related crimes, in particular involving the use of hand grenades, police in Sweden have introduced a three-month-long amnesty for “explosive goods.

MEANWHILE BACK AT THE RANCH:insert alt text here
New polling numbers suggest a majority of Canadians believe the federal government should limit the number of immigrants it accepts — a public opinion trend that Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen says he finds concerning.
How about not listening to the majority of Canadians, Ahmed... is that not concerning as well?

Wait a minute... Ahmed Hussen, Ahmed Hussen... that sounds so familiar...insert alt text here
Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen provided a briefing to members of the African-Canadian community at a Toronto barbecue establishment that court documents have identified it as a known hangout for members of the notorious Nigerian-based Black Axe criminal syndicate.

LAST WORD: Speaking of Librano slimeballs...

16 June 2019

Diversity is our streng...

..."Run for your life, mate!!!"insert alt text here

London, ENG - Police have made 14 arrests after five separate attacks in London left three men dead and three others injured in the space of 24 hours.

The deaths take the total number of murders in London in 2019 to 56.
It gets better... by which I mean worse...
For every 100,000 people in the capital, there were 168 knife offences in 2017-18, with separate figures, from the mayor's office, showing that young black and minority ethnic teenage boys and men were disproportionately affected, as both victims and perpetrators.

Criminals don't obey laws... period

So why are the federal Liberals determined to instead punish perfectly law-abiding hunters, farmers & sport shooters?insert alt text here

The Crown called it a “disturbing arsenal of weapons” in the home of a person “who is deeply entrenched in a criminal subculture,” and has asked for a sentence of 10 years in custody less time he’s already served.

15 June 2019

Crimes Against Humanity... 2019

#1... Calling things by their proper names...insert alt text hereWho's betting on doughy, inked up like a Juarez banger, man-bun? Absent father, I'm guessing.

Here's a better question... "If you owned your own business... which of these two would you want to hire? Which of them appears to have drive & discipline?"

Look... be as fat as you want. Tattoo your neck, face and genitals. Make up a gender. That's not my business.

Just spare me your outrage that sane society doesn't celebrate undisciplined, self-indulgent outliers.

14 June 2019

And The Little Mermaid wept

Not enough penis in your young daughter's life?

HBO has a solution...insert alt text here

Euphoria” creator Sam Levinson, who wrote the series based on his own experiences with drug addiction, boasted, "There are going to be parents who are going to be totally fucking freaked out.”
Speaking on behalf of parents with adolescent children (which I am thankfully past), I'd just like to say,
"No thanks, Sam."
"Levinson wanted one scene to start with a dolly shot going straight into a woman’s vagina.
Sweet baby jebus... what's wrong with you, bro?

Not to worry, though...
“HBO has now adopted a policy whereby all of its shows and movies with intimate scenes will be staffed with an intimacy coordinator.”
Imagine my relief.


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More basketball courts...

...that's the ticket...insert alt text here

A 19-year-old man is in hospital and as many as seven people have been arrested after a shooting outside Ryerson University at Yonge & Dundas.

Multiple suspects were arrested at the scene. Police said multiple firearms have also been seized.
Just spitballin' here, but I'm guessing Ryerson doesn't offer any firearms related courses.

Oh yeah...
Police CAN'T SAY if the shooting was related to the celebration or if it was a separate incident.
I bet they can't! Who wants to get a special assignment writing parking tickets in the wastelands of Scarberia for the next 20 years?

You can't say I didn't warn you.


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...are deductible...
Police say that there were no arrests as thousands of fans flooded the streets to celebrate the first NBA championship in Raptors franchise history overnight. Two police cruisers, a bus shelter and several TPS special events buses were vandalized.
Is even one of these multi-millionaire ball players from Toronto? It's like Jerry Seinfeld said...
"You're rooting for clothes, when you get right down to it. We're screaming about laundry."

13 June 2019

Worth a thousand...

...words, er... sunny days...insert alt text hereI guess "Prime Minister Plastic" is hoping "the incoherence will balance itself."


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The PM went kinda bananas, calling the signers of the letter “absolutely irresponsible” and accusing them of threatening national unity by pointing out the disunifying nature of the Liberal bills.

LAST WORD: Say what you will about the Zanzibar...

...at least they're not poisoning people with bootleg liquor...
Cops are investigating whether at least seven tourists who mysteriously died in the Dominican Republic were poisoned by counterfeit booze, The Post has learned.
There's a reason it's called "the third world."

How many ways can I not say...

..."Jane & Finch"...most wanted

Police say they were called to Grandravine Drive and Arleta Avenue, east of Jane Street, at 10:16 p.m. for a report of shots fired. They arrived to find a woman suffering from gunshot wounds.

Police say they are looking for a black male in his early 20s.
Again... in what way are my painstakingly acquired, legally registered and expensively secured firearms the problem?

12 June 2019

Smell the "professional" journalism...

Lemme see... digital video & 20 eyewitnesses...insert alt text here

"Only limited suspect descriptions have been released."
Those crazy, violent Amish... again.

It gets better... by which I mean worse..."Their names? Yeah, sorry... at CP24 we don't report names."
Police say that they have arrested nearly two dozen individuals and charged them with hundreds of offences as part of a months-long investigation into a rash of violent “takeover-style” robberies at cell phone stores across the Greater Toronto Area.
Hells bells, Citypulse, er, news...

...lemme help you with that...
Junior Hazzard, 19, of Toronto, Ray Hamzah, 18, of Brampton, Jemeal Fyke, 19, of Scarborough, Haleem Abdelrahman, 18, of Brampton, Brandon Kassa, 23, of Toronto, Joshua Alraie, 19, of Whitby, Karic Browne, 21, of Ajax, Donato Schiraldi, 19, of Toronto, Fuad Giwa, 20, of Toronto, Micael Kellete, 24, of Toronto, Omar Parker, 25, of Brampton and numerous unnameable young offenders.

I'm so old, I remember when...

...Justin Trudeau super-double promised to do away with "first past the post" elections in Canada... insert alt text here

“I’ve worked so hard in my career, that I promise you, if I’m elected president you’re gonna see the single most important thing that changes America, we’re gonna cure cancer,” Biden told a crowd in Ottumwa, Iowa on Tuesday.
Apparently, Uncle Joe is a cutting-edge oncologist trapped in a lecherous old bagman's body.

Two words, my friends...

...disposable... diapers... never gonna happen...insert alt text hereBetter living through chemistry. Sometimes there's just no going back.

Go on gentlemen... ask your wives.

11 June 2019

Drugs... the victimless crime

insert alt text here

The Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) has put out a call for new product categories, including edibles, beverages, topicals and extracts.
What could possibly go wro... sweet baby jebus...
Eight students at a high school in Virginia became sick Tuesday after eating candy laced with an "unknown substance," according to officials and local media reports.

Just don't shove it up my arse...

...a nickel at a time...insert alt text here

"Sure, an awful lot of bad movies have managed to overcome their badness and terrible reviews to still score at the box office. Sometimes the spectacle is enough. But there was no goodwill for Dark Phoenix.

Stars Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica Chastain, and someone named Sophie Turner, have gone out of their way to alienate audiences with mean-spirited and divisive political posturing."

"Who wants to see a movie that feels like homework?"

Well, well, well... if it isn't the...

...consequences of my own actions...insert alt text here

IF perp = white male

THEN establish MSM ‘white supremacist’ narrative

ELSE Ignore

IF narrative refuted

THEN cry racism

10 June 2019

Time to throw another politician...

...on the barbie, mate...insert alt text here

In reality, New Zealand is quite heavily armed per capita, with an estimated 1.2-1.5 million guns in a country of approximately 4.7 million people. Two months ago, Reuters breathlessly reported, “New Zealand police expect tens of thousands of firearms to be surrendered by a guns buy-back scheme.”

Only 530 guns have thus far been turned in to the authorities.

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California ammunition providers are seeing a spike in sales ahead of a new state law that will clamp down on individuals trying to buy ammo.

LAST WORD: As usual, the real gold is...

...in the comments...
"I once inquired at Costco as to why the huge plastic clam shell packaging and the answer was simple. Shoplifting was the reason."

"So, Trudeau should ban shoplifting."

Diversity is our streng...

...sweet baby jebus...insert alt text here

BRAMPTON - The victim testified that some friends who also attended the Hindu Sabha temple told her they had been approached by others at the institution who asked if she would take money to drop the charges.

At a temple with a history of dispute among its leaders, others asked if she would accept money to proceed with the case, the decision said.
Sounds more like a crooked-ass casino than a place of worship.


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"There's lots of art that I don't like," he wrote. "I don't go around gathering signatures of people who agree with me, and try to force the art to come down."

"That would be truly offensive, especially in a democracy like Canada."

LAST WORD: Is Canada a shithole country?

09 June 2019

There's a reason they call it...

...the third world...insert alt text here

According to crime statistics from the Jamaica Constabulary Force, shootings in Montego Bay and its surrounding communities are up 32 percent over last year, and murders 45 percent. Robberies and home invasions are out of control. They’ve gone up 213 percent and 106 percent respectively over last year.

About 40 percent of the population in the Caribbean believes crime and security-related issues are the main problems facing their countries, even more so than poverty, the economy or inequality.
Another vacation spot struck off the list... sigh.


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Markland Anthony Campbell, also known as Jahiant Janh, was shot around 9 p.m. as basketball fans crowded into Byward Market bars to watch the Toronto Raptors game.
Smell the "professional" journalism...
“Markland was maliciously gunned down defending the principle of righteousness he lived by.”
Which, apparently, precluded calling 911. The myth of the "bulletproof rapper"... debunked yet again.


LAST WORD: The Usual Gangbangers
Kyle Sparks MacKinnon, a man with a long history of violence, has been sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for 22 years for the murders of Quinn Taylor and David Eminess, to be served concurrently.

Murder is their business...

...and business is good...insert alt text here

"Islamists and jihadi groups like the Taliban and ISIS perceive Ramadan as a time when martyrdom and jihad are exceptionally rewarded in paradise, prompting a spike in the terrorist attacks during the period every year."

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08 June 2019

Time to ban the Toronto Raptors

Remember... "if it only saves one life"...insert alt text here

A man was stabbed to death in the heart of the city early Saturday as Raptors fans filled the streets celebrating the team’s big Game 4 win of the NBA Finals.

The deadly stabbing occurred at Yonge and Charles Sts., south of Bloor St., around 12:15 a.m. There have been no arrests and no suspect description has been released in the city’s 27th murder of the year.
It's not the first Raptor-related incident involving extreme mayhem.


UPDATE: Victim id'd as James Andrew Smith, 52, of Toronto.


Hassan Gutale Ali, 52, of Toronto, who was found dead in a transitional housing complex at 145 Queen E. at Jarvis Street on Thursday is the victim of a homicide, Toronto police said Saturday.

Toronto’s 26th homicide of the year.

"Two people were rushed to hospital, after a shooting on a TTC bus in Etobicoke early Saturday morning. One of those victims has life-threatening injuries while the other is listed in serious but stable condition."

LAST WORD: The "Plastic Cutlery Ordinances" of 2019insert alt text here
"TPA President Mike McCormack said 283 officers retired or left the service in 2018 and another 133 have been lost this year. That means there are 416 fewer officers than there were at the start of last year."

Let them eat bankruptcy!

insert alt text hereBut sometimes they get their "just desserts"...

The Jury in the Gibson’s Bakery v. Oberlin College case has reached a verdict.

The verdict sends a strong message that colleges and universities cannot simply wind up and set loose student social justice warriors and then wash their hands of the consequences.

According to our reporter in the Courtroom, the jury awarded $11 million. Next Tuesday there will be a separate punitive damages which could be a double award (meaning tripling the $11 million to $33 million).

Scott Wargo, spokesman for Oberlin College, provided the following comment in response to my inquiry: “The College does not have a comment.”
Or, in a little while, a pot to piss in either.

QUESTION: Would she have been shot...

...if she was wearing a hijab?insert alt text hereHow did Officer Noor not assume she was the victim of the "woman being assaulted" call he had been dispatched to?

What made Justine Damond such a threat?

"When an unarmed Justine Ruszczyk Damond — dressed in a pink T-shirt with koalas on it, pyjama pants, carrying a glittery gold iPhone — walked barefoot towards the patrol car to meet police, Mohamed Noor shot her in the abdomen at point blank range."
Note that Noor refused to talk to Police investigators about what happened that night and only apologised to the family AFTER he was found guilty.
Lawyers for Noor, who was fired after being charged in the case and has never talked to investigators about what happened, argue that he used reasonable force to defend himself and his partner from a perceived threat.
An ill-conceived strategy that earned Mr Noor a 12 year vacation at the Gray Bar Motel. Maybe he should've stayed in the old country and been a pirate.

And then there's this...
Protesters from the Somali-American community held placards, calling the ruling unjust and labelling the case “identity politics”. Mohamed Noor’s brother Abass Noor has also slammed the “racist and inequitable” US justice system.
Remind me, please, once again, about the "warlord certified" justice system in sunny, pastoral Somalia.

07 June 2019

The "Basic Dictatorship"...

...will balance itself...insert alt text here

On Wednesday evening, the full Senate refused to kill Bill C-48, the so-called Tanker Moratorium, by a whopping margin of 53-38.

A Senate committee, after months of hearings, testimony and submissions, had recommended that the bill be abandoned.

But now the Senate itself rejects the decision of its own committee.

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On Wednesday, one day after the Canadian Prime Minister said Canada had committed genocide against thousands of Indigenous women and girls, the Organization of American States announced it expected Canada to cooperate with its investigation.

When truth is stranger than satire

insert alt text here

The reliable satire-meisters over at The Babylon Bee have been rather sharp of late in their measurement of these events.

One problem — they may put themselves out of work by not being satirical enough and too close to the truth.

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"Don't call me Ricky Gervais again. From now on, you call me Bobo. I'm gonna have species realignment."

Your money... their friends

"Balls-Deep" Bains curiously quiet on intimate relationship with Irving Shipbuilding...insert alt text here

Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Navdeep Singh Bains and his department silent on how many times they’ve alerted the Irvings about journalists.

I sent questions to Bains’ office and to the Innovation department about their policy. Here are some of the questions that weren’t answered:

• How many times since the fall of 2015 has the department shared information with Irving about journalists?
• How many times since the fall of 2015 has the department shared information with other defence and aerospace firms about journalists?
•Who in the department or Mr. Bain’s office contacted the Irvings?
•Does the Privacy Act apply to your department and if so do you consider providing information about journalists a violation of that law?
•Who in Mr. Bain’s office or the department co-ordinated with the Irvings on the proposed lawsuit against the Globe and Mail?
•Do you intend to share this Postmedia information/my personal information with the Irvings?
Navdeep Bains, Navdeep Bains... I've heard that name before.

06 June 2019


And George Orwell chortled...insert alt text hereThe "basic dictatorship" will balance itself, I guess...

“It increases my feminism. It continues to challenge and make us think differently about it,” said Justin Trudeau.
Just another story you won't see on the CBC.

Too many Per Diems...

...not enough honesty...insert alt text here

In its interim report, released in November 2017, the inquiry said its forensic review team would “put select police files on missing and murdered women and girls under a clinical microscope.

The final report shows those requests were only sent out to 28 police forces across Canada between Sept. 20 and Dec. 31, when the inquiry’s authority to subpoena documents ended.

Partly as a result of the time crunch, the report says, the inquiry had obtained only 174 of the 479 police files it requested by April 2019.

Asked about the delay after the closing ceremony on Monday, Chief Commissioner Marion Buller said the timing was “not late.
Of course, the Commission was too busy to report any of the countervailing minutiae...
"The overview reveals a virtually identical homicide solving rate for Aboriginal women (88%) and non-Aboriginal women (89%). The study reveals that the rate of stranger perpetrated homicide against Aboriginal women is 8%, virtually the same as for non-Aboriginal women (7%).

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"Yeah, my salary isn't as much as someone else's... I mean some racist crackers tried to lynch me."

Lena DumDum

most wantedOf course... she's come a long way baby.


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Lord Lovat had asked his personal piper, Bill Millin, to pipe his men ashore. Private Millin pointed out that this would be in breach of War Office regulations.

"That's the English War Office, Bill," said Lovat.

"We're Scotsmen."

05 June 2019

"Grounded, Mom?"

"I don't think so..."

A depressed seventeen year old Netherlands girl was legally euthanized last Sunday with the help of an end of life clinic. In the Netherlands, children as young as twelve can opt for euthanasia if a doctor determines that their pain is “unbearable.”
Not to put too fine a point on it... there's a reason we don't let minors drink, smoke or vote.

Hang on a second, Doc...

...the police aren't even allowed to stop and ask these guys for their ID any more...most wanted

Toronto should “end this senseless, iterative pattern of hate, vengeance and homicide of strong young black men by other strong, young black men,” said Dr. Patrick Antoine, former Grenadian ambassador to the World Trade Organization and mentor to homicide victim Jarryl “BJ” Hagley.
One... Toronto, as a geographic location, has nothing to do with this senseless slaughter and two... you're confusing strength with thuggish brutality.

This is culture, pure & simple.insert alt text here
"The commission says black people make up only 8.8 per cent of Toronto’s population, but were involved in 70 per cent of fatal police shootings between Jan. 1, 2013 and June 30, 2017."
Apparently, they've skipped over the number of non-police shootings for some reason.


Officers arrived at Queen Street West and Spadina Avenue around 3 a.m. and found bullet holes in a building and multiple shell casings at the scene. Police said the victim showed up, on his own at St. Joseph’s Hospital with serious injuries and was later transferred to St. Michael’s Hospital downtown.

04 June 2019

I'm so old, I can remember...

...when asking questions wouldn't get you lynched...insert alt text here

America had plenty of guns when its mass murder rate was much lower. Given the same [historical] ubiquity of guns, wouldn't the most productive question be what, if anything, has changed since the 1960s and '70s [when these events suddenly spiked?

Of course it would. And a great deal has changed.

America is much more ethnically diverse, much less religious. Boys have far fewer male role models in their lives. Fewer men marry, and normal boy behavior is largely held in contempt by their feminist teachers, principals and therapists.

Do any or all of those factors matter more than the availability of guns?

Let's briefly investigate each factor.

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This “hidden curriculum” in dodgeball is far more nefarious than your average gym class runaround. Dodgeball is “miseducative” because it “reinforces the five faces of oppression.