23 April 2010

"Accurate" information? Seriously?

So when Hanoi Jane Taber teams up with National Liberal Fund director Adam Smith... to rage against deconstruction of the 2 billion dollar "Farmer Bob Rifle Registry"... why exactly do they lead off with a picture of a prohibited assault rifle with an illegal 30 round clip?
I'm gonna go out on a limb here... but I'm thinkin' that's not the firearm of choice for any of the farmers, duck hunters or skeet shooters that I know.

-- OTTAWA -- “That’s why it’s critical that we respond with a targeted campaign of our own. Canadians need 'ACCURATE INFORMATION' about the changes we’ve proposed, and the MPs under attack need to know that the Liberals from coast to coast to coast are standing behind them.”
See guys... if you were actually interested in "accurate information", you could put up a shot of an ordinary deer rifle... or a .22 calibre plinker... but that's not really gonna whip up the fear, is it?

I guess we're just lucky you didn't try to photoshop in a bazooka... or a couple of hand grenades.


"Nice work... they changed the picture already ;^)"
Yup... they disappeared the "merchant of death" assault rifle picture... but no apology for a blatant attempt to gin up public hysteria.

Funny how that works, huh Janie?


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The jacket of the book trumpets a number of excerpts from newspaper critiques that leave the impression the tome won rave reviews when first published last spring.

Take this snippet from the National Post: "Plenty of scope for a rich story ... Some wonderful anecdotes, particularly about George P. Grant ... Well written."

In fact, the Post review in its entirety was far from laudatory.

"True Patriot Love offers little that is new on the Grants save some wonderful anecdotes, particularly about George P. Grant. As an exploration of patriotism, it offers up cliches about modern Canada but little more," wrote Post reviewer Robert L. Fraser.

"True Patriot Love is a well-written disappointment."
Wake up folks... and smell the manipulation.


DanT said...

Nice work... they changed the picture already ;^)

robins111 said...

I'm thinking Blair er Miller er Blair had something to do with that picture.

I also think the term in his CTV story about re-education was a little too close to Pol Pot for my likeing.

mahmood said...

Yup, gots six of dem der big guns and tree bazookas and a mitt full of gerades, needs to run dey cawyootes of de propertys...think Jane could hep a feller out and tells me where to regeester all this here stuff...sheeesh.

wilson said...

Cons MP James R said something on CTV Power Play about the Supreme Court of Canada will not allow a 'fine' for first time offenders, as Iffy has proposed,
something to do with the Gun Registry being an instrument of a federal offence...or something like that.
Anyone catch that?

OMMAG said...

It's called PROP- aganda!

Anonymous said...

Polling question for CBC and Graves; tell me one police Chief that would trust information from a gun registry prior to a crack house raid?

Anonymous said...

Police chief in T.O. said on power play that over 1500 guns were confiscated late year, and only one person was charged because of a sawed off barrel. 1499 were not charged, so this throws a wrench in Ignatieff's decriminalizing first time offenders. They aren't charging anyone anyway.

maryT said...

What kind of guns were confiscated.

Neo Conservative said...

DanT says... they changed the picture already"

unfortunately, but unsurprisingly... with absolutely no admission of this blatant attempt to falsify & skew the debate.

but that's how the dead tree media rolls, isn't it?


langmann said...

The sad fact is that other than the evil look there is not much difference between the pictured "assault rifle" and a hunting semi-auto rifle. A legal "assault rifle" in Canada and the US is only semi-auto. Canadian ones and in some US states are limited by magazine size (not hard to modify if you are interested in enlarging).

Sure the assault rifle has a grip that allows fire from the hip but you only do that if you're rambo. It may have a shorter barrel (and grip) for infiltrating buildings and close combat.

But what people don't realize is that a nicely made semi-auto hunting rifle is a much better made, more accurate, and more reliable gun. The hunting rifle may also quite often load deadlier ammunition. People who are experienced can change magazines in less than a second.

Which is why in the US during the "Assault Rifle Ban" there was no noticeable difference between murders by all rifles before, during, and after.

Military rifles can fire full auto. Private citizens in the US can aquire full auto weapons after strict background checks. No one has been murdered by those weapons off the battlefield... they're just pretty useless for massacres as they're made for suppression not accuracy.

It's just all so silly and full of propaganda.

Anonymous said...

Ironically, the "Evil Baby Killing Assault Rifle" in the original picture is actually non-restricted. It was not in production or being imported when the list of restricted and prohibited rifles was being put together.

(They got a copy of that year's Gun Digest and prohibited everything in it that "looked bad" ie: had a pistol grip, black plastic stock, bayonet lug etc).

As Langman said, most hunting rifles are more powerfull.

When the Swiss Arms (rifle in the original picture)was imported, it met the requirements for being a non-restricted rifle. The barrel was long enough to be non-restricted, and since there are semi-auto hunting rifles, there is nothing particularly "bad" about it other than the way it looks.

Anonymous said...

Actually, further to my last post, I was not quite right. The rifle in the first picture looks like the carbine which has a shorter barrel and is therefore restricted.

Neo Conservative said...

restricted/prohibited... methinks you don't even wanna have even the magazines in your possession... never mind the actual gun.

When border services officers examined the parcel, they determined that it contained 64 high capacity cartridge magazines. These magazines are designed for use with semi-automatic rifles and are prohibited devices under section 84 of the Criminal Code of Canada (CCC).

The Canada Border Services Agency immediately contacted the RCMP E Division Border Integrity unit, who began an investigation in this matter.

On February 27, 2009 the RCMP arrested 41-year old Shahriar TAVAZOIE and his 33-year old common law wife Maryam BEHAGH, both of Surrey.

64 high capacity mags... i'm thinking these two weren't just going duck hunting.


Kai said...


The rifle pictured is perfectly legal, as are the "30" round mags, which when sold are pinned with a rivet to 5 rounds. That rifle is the CQB version of the Swiss Arms Green Classic Semi. The full barreled version is an unrestricted rifle. The only thing that makes the pictured rifle restricted is the sub 18.5 inch barrel length.

That rifle is perfectly legal, but in its short barrel length is restricted to range use. it's 20 inch barreled big brother can be taken anywhere, anytime, and is an excellent small game rifle.

Neo Conservative said...

kai... interesting... but not my understanding of the law as it now stands.

show me your source material please.