21 April 2010

Can't we all just... get a bong?

Articulate and likable “hash mob” organizer Matt Mernagh tried to push the line that this type of incident is the result of “prohibition” and that legalized pot would end this. But that has nothing to do with flaunting the law of today.
Yeah, Matt, of course... if only dope was legal... that would solve the evil scourge of, uh... what was the question, man?

Hmmm... I guess that's what happens when you get your personal philosophy from your wacky stoner uncle's Cheech & Chong record collection.
Protesting is fine but taunting the police and stinking up the downtown with a giant hash party is as revolting as the idiots who walk nude or simulate sex in the Pride Parade.

What they are really saying is the law does not apply to them.
Yup... Dave's definitely not here, man.
Donovan Wynn, 33, of Toronto, numerous firearm charges plus a charge of threatening death.
Apparently, contrary to popular belief... smoking dope doesn't really make you smarter.


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...they call it dope...
"It’s not harmless. If you smoke too much too often, you end up with your ass imprint on the couch watching Family Guy reruns with your hands covered in Cheetos dust."
Uh... Dave's not here, man.


Anonymous said...

Well, we'll respectively disagree about dope here, but damn: this guy is under FOUR gun prohibition orders.

So, yeah, I think threatening him with another piece of paper should set him straight.

Neo Conservative said...

"jag says... we'll respectively disagree about dope here"

well, james... we may not actually be as far apart here as you imagine.

that being said... i'm hoping young neophyte... in these tender teenage years anyway... is more interested in sports, music or rebuilding cars... than in sparkin' up the bong & watching endless three stooges reruns in some dropout buddy's shitty walk-up apartment.



Anonymous said...

Can't disagree. I no longer imbibe, for very much the same reason: I have better things to do with my time then wonder if our solar system isn't some molecular-sized atom in another universe (yes, I thought that one up decades before it was the final scene in "Men in Black"...which might explain dopers in general - maybe its a shared unconsciousness).

Most of those who I do know blow dope daily (wake and bake is pretty much their life's goal) are poster children for slackdom: harmless, but also worthless.

Although, the last time I did inhale, it was in suburban London, Ontario, with upper-middle class yuppies. Time and place is everything.

Neo Conservative said...

"jag says... some molecular-sized atom in another universe"

my youngest brother flipped me out once (and yes, we were probably wasted) with his theory about our universe being merely the green scum on the infinite cosmic aquarium.

and yes, there was undoubtedly a "wake and bake" period in my own life that i choose not to share... for the moment, anyway... with my young son.

but that's what happens with most of us... we grow up & become contributing adult members of society.

my guess is, you legalised dope... it would take away half the illicit thrill... and kids would have to start drilling holes into their heads and blow powdered mescaline directly onto their brains to compensate.

i'm good with the status quo for now.