29 April 2010

How is Israel supposed to make peace...

...with these guys... they can't even stop killing each other?

-- GAZA -- The Islamic militant group Hamas says Egyptian forces pumped gas into a Gaza smuggling tunnel, killing four Palestinians.

The tunnels bring in food, gasoline and other goods, but are also used by Hamas to smuggle guns, ammunition and rockets.
Of course, the Pals aren't exactly shrinking violets themselves...
"The battles came a day after two men were thrown to their deaths from high-rise rooftops, signalling a rapid descent into all-out confrontation."
Once again, the capricious & unknowable "Will of Allah."


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Lador-Fresher was removed from the area by a security vehicle, which she entered from the back entrance of the lecture hall. The demonstrators attacked the car, some holding Palestinian flags up to the windows and others climbing on the hood and trying to smash the windshield.
Peace, my hairy, pimpled arse.