11 February 2009

Mission: Welcome Back, Khadr

Emperor Iggy's infamous "Coalition"... rises from the dead, to make plea for Canada's "first family of terror"...

-- OTTAWA -- The three political opposition leaders have taken their campaign to repatriate Omar Khadr directly to U.S. President Barack Obama, urging him to recognize the Canadian detainee as a child soldier and release him immediately from the U.S. prison camp at Guantanamo Bay.

"We call upon President Obama to acknowledge Omar Khadr's status as a child soldier... promptly release him from Guantanamo Bay and repatriate him to Canada,"
There's some yip-yap about forwarding evidence, so that Khadr can be tried in Canada... but that's simply a fiction the "Three Stooges" have concocted to reassure the fence-sitters.
Legal experts in Canada say it's unlikely Khadr would face prosecution in Canada, considering he was a child soldier at the time of his alleged crime. Rather, he would likely face rehabilitation and mandatory supervision, they say.
Funny though... it sure wasn't a priority when the Fiberals were in power.


UPDATE: Nah... I think we'll take a pass
He was in the wrong place at the wrong time as a young man,” said Dennis Edney, Mr. Khadr's lead lawyer.

“He is just a wounded young boy who needs to come home and be cared for.”
Hey, Dennis... I guess you missed that episode of "60 Minutes", huh? You know... the one where your client was shown "wiring up an IED"?

You wanna take that home to YOUR wife and kids?

Knock yourself out.


"Imagine if, say, a teenage skinhead joined his neo-nazi father in an attempt to overthrow Mugabe.

How many leftits (new intentional mispelling) would be calling for such white trash to be pulled out of an African prison?"



Leeky Sweek said...


I say that if the Americans want, let them have him. Do we really need to repatriate a terrorist?

Neo Conservative said...

two words, my friend... "high"... "treason".


Powell lucas said...

Why would anyone be surprised that Iggy signed off on this idiotic request. After all, this is from the same party whose leader once suggested that Canada bring all the Taliban and Al-Quaida terrorists imprisoned in Afghanistan to Canada. That way they wouldn't be treated so harshly by the people who were being terrorized.

Anonymous said...

Let all the "bring home Omar" supporters cough up enough money to cover a 20 million dollar bond. No taxpayer money should be used on this waste of time and money. It's strange that Omar "the child soldier" kills a American medic...Omar gets injured and guess who patches him up....another American medic. Let the US deal with him.

Martin said...

I have no faith in any Canadian prosecutor or court to try Khadr with anything. He could be tried for various passport offences, treason, taking up arms illegally, etc. but I don't see any government having the political will to do so.
If he can't be tried, as an adult he must be released, into the Scarborough family compound?
He is 20 years old, with no conventional education, no skills and no prospect for any kind of gainful employment.
I believe that he could be tried in a US civilian court, with a very reasonable chance of conviction. Let him have his day in US court and if aquited, then have him return to Canada.

A Anon said...

This child soldier thing really bothers me because the UN convention on rights of the child states that "children" over 15 can be drafted into the military if their parents are aware and informed.

Any guesses on whether or not Mr and Mrs Khadr approved and encouraged his little jihad?

Yes I thought so.

Article 3, section 3 says:
3. States Parties that permit voluntary recruitment into their national armed forces under the age of 18 years shall maintain safeguards to ensure, as a minimum, that:
(a) Such recruitment is genuinely voluntary;
(b) Such recruitment is carried out with the informed consent of the person's parents or legal guardians;
(c) Such persons are fully informed of the duties involved in such military service;
(d) Such persons provide reliable proof of age prior to acceptance into national military service.

liberal supporter said...
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Anonymous said...

Why is it that liberals feel dear Omar should be facing Canadian law when he did not commit his crimes in Canada?

Have you no respect for the laws of others or is it just that liberal arrogance shining through?

Neo Conservative said...

"liberal supporter says... waaaaaaaaaaahhhhh"

ah, yes... the indisputable wisdom of anonymous trolls

-- deleted --


Martin said...

I have listened to participants in the fire fight interviewed on CBC radio, at various times. One of them described Khadr rising from the rubble and throwing the grenade that killed Chris Speer, and destoyed the eye of Sgt. Layne Morris.
It is possible that these eye witnesses are lying of course, but surely a US court could sort out the truth.
The widow of Chris Speer and Mr. Morris convinced a Utah civil court judge that their version of the truth was correct. This court awarded + $102 M damages to them, against the estate of Khadr Sr.
I don't see why we should believe what Khadr tells us and not what Layne Morris and other soldiers say.The Utah court would not reach its decision through tainted evidence, or torture, would it?
They must have had some sound evidence.

Neo Conservative said...

"martin says... against the estate of Khadr Sr."

yeah, martin... good one...

"The CSIS agents wanted to know how the Khadrs managed to travel between Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Yemen, Syria and Canada during the late 1990s, with no apparent means of support other than their work for Islamic charities.

Mr. Khadr replied his father lived off a Canadian disability pension."

the rest of the khadr klan have been on the welfare rolls in scarberia since they slunk back into the country.

fuck the technicalities... these scummers are about as "canadian" as leon trotsky.

i guess us infidels are good for something, huh?


Sammy said...

I heard that Lil' Omar would be put in a 'foster home'...maybe in Rae or Layton's riding would be nice. I'd like to see a poll,on who wants this 'poor kid' in their neighbourhood.The reality of it happening in your backyard could be a big deterrent for some of these lunatics.

jckirlan said...

This guy is about as CDN and loyal to this country as Maher Arar.

liberal supporter said...
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Anonymous said...

Isn't it odd that the islamic orgs in canada insist that Omar is telling the truth that he didn't throw the grenade beacuse islam is a faith of peace and Omar would not kill anyone, BUT ...when the same Omar fingered Maher Arar for being at a Afghan Terrorism camp Omar all of a sudden became a Liar or was Tortured into saying Arar had ties to Jihad and Islamofascism.

How ironic that the same Arar who sued us for smearing his name in canada with allegation of terrorism ties , is now the same Arar smearing Omar Khadr in our media as a Liar or torture victim forced to finger him.
You'd think that Omars' Legal team in canada would nail Arar for every cent of his $10.5 million we were screwed out of for "Alleged" guilt by association with the USA.

OH WAIT.....CAIR is the same Pro-Shariah law Islamic Org that backed Arar and now backs Omar Khadr which makes he feel that the scam is to launch another massive lawsuit against canada once Omar step back on our soil.
Omar and Maher can team-up again and pool their winnings from the Inquiries and build a whole Chain of Terrorism camps in canada, maybe that's why the Arars' moved to B.C. since the last 2 terrorism murders of canadians were planned and executed from B.C. .

The first was the ECO-terrorists know as the Squamish-5 that used a truck-bomb in Toronto(killed one and injured several) against a business that dealt with the USA to make an Electronic part used on a cruise missile , the second was the Sikh terrorists who slaughter 240 canadians for their cause back home.
Now the Islamofascists are up to bat and they already slaughtered 24 canadians in New York and the only constant by the Liberals was that they refused to link religion to the terrorism by Sikhs and Muslims.
Even the CBC fears telling the truth because these peaceful followers of a peaceful faith may kidnap and behead CBc staff of bomb the building and studios.

Islam is a religion of Peace, and if you deny it some will kill you.

Martin said...

Thanks liberal supporter: I appreciate that civil courts operate under a much reduced "balancs of probabilities" test of evidence. By answering my post you are helping to make my argument. I have not seen reference to the Utah civil court judgement in hundreds of comments on the subject. As a genuine US court, the Utah court is not a "kangaroo court" There must be some evidence that was presented against Khadr. I maintain that in a regular US court, prosecutors could mount a reasonable case, with all the rules of due process.
The eye witnesses would be subject to cross. There is no need to resort to evidence coerced from Khadr. Khadr has a formidable defence team, let them present his case before a US court. I am more than willing to accept the results.

Anonymous said...

The terrorist sympathizing left refuse to acknowledge that there favorite animal, Khadr, is not a "child soldier" since he never was a soldier; and, only a far left terrorists loving moron would claim that “coercive interrogation", which protects us against these satin-like creatures, is torture. It’s a repulsive insult to legitimate Canadian soldiers who are fighting for freedom in Afghanistan to label this fanatical freak a “soldier” and our PM should not join that crowd of idiots.

The three far-leftwing terrorist sympathizing opposition parties, numerous pro-Muslim terrorists sympathizing groups, and of course the far left bias, terrorists sympathizing CBC are all groveling over their pet terrorist rather than acknowledge that Khadr is an unapologetic, veteran, radical, un-salvageable terrorist.

Harper must illustrate that he is a genuine tough on crime conservative by clearly promulgating that he will never accept Khadr, or any other current prisoner from the Cuban prison into Canada; this statement would validate that he is rigorously against terrorism. Genuine members of the Conservative Party are adamant that our liberal Prime Minister must vow that this terrorist, or any other current prisoner never again enters Canada.

If returned to Canada he would be a considerable threat to all Canadians. Extreme left wingers at the far-left bias, bimbo ran CBC and other terrorist’s sympathizers, who abhor Americans, refuse to concede that this despicable animal was captured trying to terrorize Iraqis and their American liberators. Whether he actually shot the valiant American soldier, who was liberating Iraq or not, the fact is not disputable that he was engaging in an act of terrorism.

Surely even our liberal PM will oppose any and all pressures to bring this, or any other of the Cuban savages to Canada. If he was to return to Canada one of our numerous extreme left-wing, affirmative action, liberal, judges would invent an excuse to release this scum, and she would set him free to follow-up on his terrorists’ career. This has occurred with many of the already released terrorists who have been discovered on terrorist’s battlefields


ddt said...

Let the Afgans try him.

Neo Conservative said...

sorry, martin... the ever-expansive "liberal supporter" has already had all the anonymous, pottymouth kicks at the cat he's gonna get here.

pls don't feed the troll.

-- deleted --


Philanthropist said...

Khadr killed and terrorized people in Afghanistan, he should be sent there for trial.

JA Goneaux said...

Imagine if, say, a teenage skinhead joined his neo-nazi father in an attempt to overthrow Mugabe.

How many leftits (new intentional mispelling) would be calling for such white trash to be pulled out of an African prison...

Neo Conservative said...

"jag says... a teenage skinhead joined his neo-nazi father"

ah, but you're not allowed to use those types of examples.

racism, my friend... is a one-way street.


Fiumara said...

First of all, our sweet Omar is not a child soldier as defined by the UN. He was 15 when he "supposedly" killed the medic and not 14. what was he doing in the battle anyways?

Secondly the advocates know that if he came home we could not be tried because he did not commit a crime in Canada. What a bunch of wimps they think we are.

Thirdly, this is same cries we heard from those demanding his father's release from a Pakistani jail, if you remember.

Never let facts get in the way of the loony left. they can't read and have no idea that we are at war.

Neo Conservative said...

pop quiz...

what former liberal prime minister was responsible for springing papa khadr's jihadi ass from a pakistani jail?