11 February 2009

Mission: Welcome Back, Khadr

Emperor Iggy's infamous "Coalition"... rises from the dead, to make plea for Canada's "first family of terror"...
-- OTTAWA -- The three political opposition leaders have taken their campaign to repatriate Omar Khadr directly to U.S. President Barack Obama, urging him to recognize the Canadian detainee as a child soldier and release him immediately from the U.S. prison camp at Guantanamo Bay.

"We call upon President Obama to acknowledge Omar Khadr's status as a child soldier... promptly release him from Guantanamo Bay and repatriate him to Canada,"
There's some yip-yap about forwarding evidence, so that Khadr can be tried in Canada... but that's simply a fiction the "Three Stooges" have concocted to reassure the fence-sitters.
Legal experts in Canada say it's unlikely Khadr would face prosecution in Canada, considering he was a child soldier at the time of his alleged crime. Rather, he would likely face rehabilitation and mandatory supervision, they say.
Funny though... it sure wasn't a priority when the Fiberals were in power.


UPDATE: Nah... I think we'll take a pass
He was in the wrong place at the wrong time as a young man,” said Dennis Edney, Mr. Khadr's lead lawyer.

“He is just a wounded young boy who needs to come home and be cared for.”
Hey, Dennis... I guess you missed that episode of "60 Minutes", huh? You know... the one where your client was shown "wiring up an IED"?

You wanna take that home to YOUR wife and kids?

Knock yourself out.


"Imagine if, say, a teenage skinhead joined his neo-nazi father in an attempt to overthrow Mugabe.

How many leftits (new intentional mispelling) would be calling for such white trash to be pulled out of an African prison?"