23 April 2010

Whether you call it "profiling"...

...or "targeted policing"... the fact is, they do it... because it works...

The extra officers deployed in some of the city’s most troubled neighbourhoods last summer as part of the TAVIS initiative were so effective that Toronto Police will do it again this year.

“The Chief found TAVIS was so successful last year that we’re branching out to three areas this summer,” Sgt. Jeff Pearson, TAVIS co-ordinator, said Thursday between visits to the three communities that have been selected.
So Dawg... isn't this where you start screaming about me being a racist?


langmann said...

According to liberals:

As I said before, overwhelming force, force projection on the ground, and steadfast directed goals with on the ground based public relations:

Only works in places other than Iraq, Afghan, and larger inner cities.

Suprise suprise, show people who are living in fear that the police are actually sheepdogs and maybe things will turn around.

I'm sure Dawg and his poetry degree will be able to explain to us that banning and laws (that are only applied to honest citizens) is the only thing that works.

Neo Conservative said...

"langmann says... Dawg and his poetry degree will be able to explain..."

funny... i never got an answer from dawg about his channeling "canadian cynic"... like when the pupster started attacking female bt'ers...

“I’m beginning to think, alas, that CC found exactly the right word to describe you, you Christian hypocrite.”
posted by Dr.Dawg | 06.15.09 – 9:11 pm"

geez, dawg... what word is that?


langmann said...

According to them, neo, the real problem with crime is people like you who don't understand.

Like this investment in policing, just wait, next thing you know they'll be telling us that locking up violent criminals reduces crime and helps with the emotional healing of victims.

Neo Conservative said...

meanwhile, over at ffof... kathy shaidle thinks the dam is about to break...

"Just what did the CBC's "neutral" pollster tell Ignatieff to do? He told Ignatieff to pit Canadians against each other."


langmann said...

Yeah, when you can't get anywhere because your policies suck or are non-existant, and no matter how hard they try conservatives just don't seem to be stealing money:

fall back on the old calling your enemy racist strategy.