18 April 2010

MSM wants to have it both ways

That's funny... just last week nobody was talking presumption of innocence... they were all, to a man, just screeching non-stop about hookers & blow.

Looks like they've suddenly had an epiphany...

But there's a larger issue here, the presumption of innocence, which has been thrown under the bus along with them. And for that, the prime minister bears a responsibility of his own.
Hang on a sec... wasn't this whole story all about Stephen Harper refusing to act on this matter?

Now that's he's acted... it's about "tossing someone under the bus"?


How stupid do they think we are?


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He said they discussed allegations against Gillani, an occasion when Jaffer and Guergis apparently dined with Gillani, and a gesture Gillani apparently made, holding up his cellphone, implying he had potentially incriminating photographic evidence of the former power couple.
Hey... it was enough for Michael Ignatieff & Jack Layton to go absolutely apeshit in the media last week.

Imagine... he held up his cellphone.

No wonder all the so-called professional journalists are backstroking as fast as they can.


FROM THE COMMENTS: Looks like Ignatieff is...

...late to the party... again...
-- OTTAWA -- Michael Ignatieff is drawing a link between disgraced former cabinet minister Helena Guergis and organized crime.
And they say Iggy is the smart one.


Anonymous said...

The MSM are doing what their political master (Ignauseous)is expecting them to do.
If the accused in this case are exonerated, I hope they sue the asses off all these gossipy old turds!

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... sue the asses off all these gossipy old turds"

i'm guessing that's a given.

it's not like jaffer is gonna have a business to go back to.


Michael Harkov said...

Posted 1 hour ago

OTTAWA — Nazim Gillani may have exaggerated when he told associates Rahim Jaffer could open the doors of the prime minister’s office but he is convinced Jaffer had the power to open doors in the Conservative government.

“His choice of words of opening the prime minister’s office was over enthusiastic hyperbole by a man who was very pleased with the meeting the night before and spreading the word to his associates,” said Brian Kilgore, spokesman for Gillani.

Talk about backpeddling. Now that he was called out for exaggerating and he is not so certain, he remains CONVINCED? COME ON!!!

So much for the "main" stream media.


Neo Conservative said...

c'mon michael... "gillani gestured with his cellphone".

what more "proof" does anybody need?


Rich said...

Iggy hits bottom....digs!
He is getting rather close to the line with this:-

“I don’t want to make false
but you don’t get cocaine at a corner drug store,
right? You have to get it from somewhere, from someone and usually
that means organized crime.”

The Phantom said...

Neo, they've had it both ways for so long that the stupid, ossified bastards can't adjust to the new instant fact-checking reality.

Watching these f-ing roaches scurry for the baseboards every time somebody turns the light on just never gets old, does it?

Neo Conservative said...

"phantom says... scurry for the baseboards every time somebody turns the light on"

well... it's entirely possible iggy will come to regret drawing associations between helena guergis and, say... luca brasi.

maybe professor righteous forgot... there ain't no libel protection on ctv's "question period".