27 April 2010

Hanoi Jane Taber...

...takes on the "Vast Rightwing Conspiracy"...

"The Conservatives are mounting their own version of a “culture war” as they take on the CBC over allegations of Liberal bias at the taxpayer-subsidized network."

"And it’s getting vicious."
Yeah... that evil Stephen Harper... he's a regular Pol Pot.

Good grief, Janie... "That's not a knife... this is a knife."


Kiss me, I'm goooooooood looking! said...
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Lost my wife and family to blogging said...
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Neo Conservative said...

sorry, libby... you crossed a line... you don't get to comment here anymore.

forging another dozen comments here this morning... that just makes my point for me.

and two stupid trolls within two minutes... you must be on coffee break, huh?

-- deleted, yet again --


langmann said...

What the conservatives should do is privatize the CBC but that won't happen with the number of screamers in this country (who want the CBC but don't want to pay for it).

So they should make it completely irrelevant. Ban any Non Canadian programming. No more American sit coms. Hire people like Iggy to run dry boring talk shows throughout the entire day, and more cultural arts like New Age Canadian Opera etc. Mandate more community based programming and news and less nationwide news.

All in the name of Canadian Content and making the CBC Canadian again.

Soon not even lefties will watch it anymore.

Neo Conservative said...

this can-con b.s. is nothing but affirmative action for mandatory cultural propaganda.

let the meritocracy decide. if it addresses a need... if it's good enough... it survives.

no more heroic measures to push pap like "little mosque on the prairie" or "the national".