20 April 2010

Just another reason...

...to vote Conservative...

-- OTTAWA -- The federal government is trying again to stop murderers serving life sentences from applying for early parole.

Repealing the “faint-hope” clause, which allows murderers who are sentenced to life to apply for early parole after serving only 15 of the 25 years of their sentence, would give “greater peace of mind” to families of victims and give Canadians “greater confidence” in the justice system.
And where do Michael Ignatieff & the Liberals stand on murderers rights?

Well... I'm glad you asked.


Anonymous said...

Between the excessive spending and auto bailouts, I have tens of billions of reasons to vote otherwise.

Neo Conservative said...

"nonny says... tens of billions of reasons to vote otherwise"

and if iggy and his pals ever manage to bring rompin' ronnie smith back to canada... i'm sure ol' ronnie would agree with you.


langmann said...

@ nonny,

we're lucky it was only 50 billion. If iggster had his way we'd have done a second round. And by the by, now that its been shown, as predicted by us right wingers and trained economists, that the stimulus both here and in the US did nothing, I have one question:

where the frick were all you all knowing nonnies, several months ago when the rest of the liberals were screaming for government bail outs? Screaming for largess weren't ya.

@ neo: the faint hope clause is necessary and there to balance the murder victim's faint hope that there's a heaven.

jwkozak91 said...

Well, if it's any consolation - the GofC might still own 12% of Government Motors, but we don't own any bit of Chrysler anymore.

Neo Conservative said...

well, guys... it's my faint hope that this sociopathic homolka bitch steps in front of a bus... and suffers a horrible, malingering end.

not gonna happen, though... is it?


Blame Crash said...

Enough with the Orwellian double speak.

It's also about bloody time we quit calling a 25 year prison sentence "Life"!

Words matter! That's why the sociology kooks call it that. It does speak volumes on how vile and dishonest those quacks really are.

Neo Conservative said...

"blame crash says... quit calling a 25 year prison sentence 'Life'!"

sorry... in our post-trudeaupian socialist paradise... you're not allowed to call things by their proper names.

"hurtful words"... you know?