17 April 2010

Like lab rats in a big metal tube

Welcome to David Miller's new & improved... "socialist paradise"...

Mr. Miller has never let lack of money stand in the way of grand spending plans, so it is understandable he would be bewildered that the province might see the need to do so. The issue is whether transit riders should be forced to listen to his side of the argument while trying to get from Point A to Point B.

Adam Giambrone, the TTC chairman who has long been a Miller ally, and who hoped to succeed the Mayor until a sex scandal ended his campaign, defended the move, noting that the Premier can use provincial resources to respond, if he chooses.

That’s just what we need: Two politicians using public resources to squabble over money in front of a trapped audience.
Relax Toronto... he's just doing it "for your own good".


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...our moral & intellectual superiors...
The issue here isn’t which person acted worse. It’s about the media thinking they can feed us tidbits of opaquely-wrapped popcorn and beer; and that we’ll dutifully swallow it because the great Press Gallery Class has told us so.
Say ahhhh...


Blame Crash said...

Screw Toronto!

They elected them. They deserve to be hectored and nagged by these sissy hags until it drives then either to sanity or further into insanity.

Don’t get me wrong. The only reason I could care about these waste of skins is because of the damage these Toronto imbeciles could do if they get their greasy and sleazy hands onto Canada, they'll do more damage then even the Quebec separatist could.

Neo Conservative said...

there's no arguing... you get the government you deserve.

it'd certainly be interesting to know how much toronto's aggregate taxes have increased since they voted in this dynamic socialist duo.