28 June 2017

Once again, breast-feeding the lunatic left


In the wake of President Trump's 9-0 Supreme Court triumph, the leftwing cable news network decided to use popular Sesame Street puppet Elmo as a propaganda tool against President Trump's temporary travel ban.

“Did you find that the Syrian little girls and little boys were a lot like your friends here in America?” CNN reporter Clarissa Ward asked Elmo.
So now we have infantile fake news.

27 June 2017

Let me count the ways...

It’s almost as if the government shouldn’t have made all those promises (what was it, 200? 300? No one seems sure of the exact count) on the way to its majority.

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...never having to say you're sorry...
The Liberals promised a noncombat mission during the last federal election. They also tripled the number of Canadian special forces soldiers on the ground to 200.

That was despite assertions while in opposition that Canadian troops calling in airstrikes on Daesh targets and shooting in self-defence while operating near the front lines were indeed in combat.
Justin Trudeau... liar par excellence.

26 June 2017

Make a man a fire and...

...you'll warm him for an hour, but... you set a man afire...

“We have already shifted from attrition tactics, where we shove them from one position to another in Iraq and Syria, to annihilation tactics where we surround them.

Our intention is that the foreign fighters do not survive the fight to return home to North Africa, to Europe, to America, to Asia, to Africa. We’re not going to allow them to do so.

We’re going to stop them there and take apart the caliphate.”
To paraphrase Mattis, we’re just going to kill them all.


BONUS ROUND: It's a Shura thing...
"I’m going to plead with you, do not cross us. Because if you do, the survivors will write about what we do here for 10,000 years."
So saith the Warrior-Monk.

My favorite math problem

Q. If I have 10 guns and the government comes to confiscate 1/2 of them, how many would I have left?

A. 46. I lied about the 10 part.

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Thomas, in a dissent joined by Gorsuch, countered that the case raises “important questions” – and warned that Second Amendment disputes aren’t getting the attention they deserve from the Supreme Court.

“The Court’s decision … reflects a distressing trend: the treatment of the Second Amendment as a disfavored right.”

25 June 2017

Thank you Pierre-Lite

Mohamad Rafia, a Syrian refugee told a Fredericton court that he didn’t know it was a crime in Canada to beat your wife with a hockey stick for half an hour.

“Officials didn’t inform him of the differences in the law in Canada and that more should have been done to educate him,” said the interpreter. “Why didn’t they explain the law?”

If he quits beating his wife isn't that cultural appropriation on his part? He would be appropriating our non wife beating culture.

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...about the laws of the physical universe...
An oil tanker crashed on a road in Pakistan on Sunday and 132 people, many of whom had rushed to collect leaking fuel, were killed when it exploded, apparently after someone lit a cigarette, officials said.
"Well, Abdul... we got our free gas... I guess it's Marlboro Time."

24 June 2017

Silence of the BLMs

Meet the walking wounded of Hogtown...

As of June 20, at least 682 people have been shot in Toronto during the past four and a half years, according to Toronto police statistics.

UPDATE: And the hits just keep on coming
One man has been taken to hospital with serious injuries following a shooting in the city's Silverthorne neighbourhood this afternoon, Toronto Paramedics confirm. It happened near Black Creek Drive and Eglinton Avenue at around 1:15 p.m.

According to police, the victim walked into 12 Division with his injuries.
One 18-year-old man is dead and another has been charged with second-degree murder following a stabbing in the city’s west end early Friday morning. Andrew Gomes is charged with second-degree murder.

The fatal stabbing was one of several violent incidents reported in the city overnight. A 15-year-old male was stabbed at Warden subway station just before 2 a.m. He is in hospital fighting for his life.

Police were also called to a lounge on Danforth Avenue, near Coxwell Avenue, at around 1:45 a.m. after a woman was stabbed in the back.

LAST WORD: Those "Professional" Journalists...

...they're so cute...
An Albuquerque, New Mexico, news crew gained first-hand experience in covering local crime on Friday when the station’s SUV was stolen within sight of its reporters.

Journalists for KOB-TV were preparing to film a segment about the city’s unsafe streets on Friday when their vehicle was stolen from a downtown parking lot right before their eyes.
I got nuthin'.

23 June 2017

Back to the bad old days...

segregation is wrong...of racial segregation...

U of T was quickly on board and contributed funding, says Kelly Hannah-Moffat, vice-president of human resources and equity, who stresses the event is completely student driven.

“I think the initiative being shown by these students is commendable.”
Dear Ms. Hyphenated-Surname... if the university is funding this event, how exactly is it "completely student driven?"


UPDATE: The irony abounds...
Tent for blacks-only U of T grad ceremony is… a white sheet. With… a pointy top

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At the White Man's College, “Everything Is Based on Reading Stuff” Complains Canadian College President

FROM THE COMMENTS:Parody timeline singularity
What did that ever get anyone? Medicine? Integrated circuits? Electricity? Graphene? The Saturn V? The human genome? Pshaw! Give me drums and songs!

LAST WORD: Oh, the huge manatee!!
Reg: All right, but apart from the sanitation, medicine, education, wine, public order, irrigation, roads, the fresh water system and public health, what have the Romans ever done for us?

Attendee: Brought peace?

Reg: Oh, peace - shut up!

22 June 2017

In a nutshell

Look, I’ll always be for anyone’s right to choose the way they want to live, as long as you don’t aggress against other people or their property.

You want to sleep with goats? Go for it. As long as they’re not my goats.

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Mattel is introducing dolls featuring three body types, seven skin tones and nine hairstyles, including the trendy man bun.

LAST WORD: The death of the "Meritocracy"
Professor Mark J. Perry has posted some important data that show graphically the extent to which racial preferences are used in medical-school admissions. Compared to the average acceptance rate of 16.7% for all applicants with that combination of GPA and MCAT score, black and Hispanic applicants were much more likely to be accepted at rates of 56.4% and 30.5%
Apparently, being the "best & brightest" is no longer a deciding factor in medicine.

21 June 2017

One Man's Best Friend...

...is another man's "stewing beef"...pup-kebabs

Wu San, 40, used a blowtorch to burn the hair off a dead dog on the floor of a house. It was given by a friend who had used it as a guard dog but no longer wanted it because "it would only wag its tail, it wouldn't bark anymore," Wu said.

"We'll eat it tonight with friends."

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FLINT, Mich. -- U.S. law enforcement authorities say a man allegedly involved in the stabbing of a police officer at a Michigan airport is 50-year-old Canadian resident Amor Ftouhi.
FWIW, he's from Tunisia and lives in Montreal.

LAST WORD: You've come a wrong way, Baby


Turning criminally negligent self-indulgence into a boon to society... courtesy of folk who don't care whether they live or die...dumbstick redux

The Canadian Institute for Health Information said more than 4,500 people were waiting for a donor organ in 2015, with 262 people dying on the waiting list that year.

20 June 2017

Cultural Relativity on Parade

Prime Minister Pierre-lite says there's no such thing as "Canadian values"...algeria

An Algerian court sentenced a man who dangled his child out of a 15th-floor window in the capital Algiers to two years in prison on Monday.

The defendant posted on Facebook a photo of him dangling his son out of a window with the caption, “1000 likes or I will drop him.”
Sweet baby jebus.

Down the rabbit hole

In a modern feminist’s ideal world Wonder Woman would make fart jokes and look like Leslie Jones. She’d chop the heads off “Nazis” and then go home with an equally fat and ugly chick. This movie would tank, of course, and everyone involved would be out of a career.

That’s what you get when you appease people who want art to become fueled by spite: bankruptcy.

Meet "Fake News" bigger brother...

..."Fake History"...

The communist system was responsible for four of the most destructive episodes of the 20th century: Stalin’s purges, the Great Leap Forward, the Cultural Revolution, and the Cambodian genocide.


...you actually meant to say "terrorist," right?


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On Saturday BBC World tweeted the headline, “Three Palestinians killed after deadly stabbing in Jerusalem” with a link to an article about the attack. The three Palestinian terrorists, who were targeting Israelis in two different areas, were shot dead after they attempted to murder Israeli policemen and had already killed Staff Sgt. Maj. Hadas Malka.

After Israel’s foreign ministry criticised the the headline, the BBC changed it to: "Israeli policewoman stabbed to death in Jerusalem."
Just another story you won't see on CBC.


LAST WORD: Pierre-Lite dumbs down security
OTTAWA -- The Liberal government's sweeping new security legislation would limit controversial powers that allow Canada's spy agency to actively disrupt terror plots.
Because Allah knows we wouldn't want to do that.

18 June 2017

Rules to live by

"All bodily fluids, solids and toilet paper must be disposed of down the toilet."

"While I appreciate that the TIC population is multi-cultural and different countries have different practices, here in the UK the accepted practice is to use only the WC."

"Given the incidence of people pooing in bins, showers and the likes, can I please remind all Strathclyde University Technology and Innovation Centre occupants that the toilets have been provided for that specific purpose."
Alrighty! Good to know.

17 June 2017

Presumably, there will also be...

...generous supplementary "pizza & caramel corn" coverage...insert alt text here

A new Ontario Public Sector Employees Union policy will see its members covered for medical marijuana. OPSEU president Warren “Smokey” Thomas said it’s the union’s way of leading by example as OPSEU will start to ask employers to cover medical marijuana for their workers.

Thomas said the LCBO, where OPSEU represents workers, was best suited to provide a socially responsible approach to selling recreational pot.
Hey bro, cool nickname... what's the story there?


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Though it is not unusual to buy labour peace in advance of a competitive election, what makes this move particularly galling is the Liberals didn’t even give any pretence of doing right by the taxpayer. In other words, they gave the union what they wanted - with absolutely no concessions.

16 June 2017

"Every inch of progress..."

..."that this movement has made has been gained through intimidation. First, they soak dissidents with shame, then they make them feel isolated, then they bombard them with dispiriting propaganda."

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LAST WORD: Oh Canada!
Canada’s Senate passed Bill C-16, which puts “gender identity” and “gender expression” into both the country’s Human Rights Code, as well as the hate crime category of its Criminal Code by a vote of 67-11, according to LifeSiteNews. The bill now only needs royal assent from the governor general.

The first thing we do is...

..."hang all the lawyers"...

Richard Kachkar was found not criminally responsible on account of mental disorder on a charge of first-degree murder on March 27, 2013.

Four years later he's living in an apartment, that's not bad, eh?”

15 June 2017

It's important to note that...

...this allegedly modern, educated middle eastern Muslim state is supposed to be one of our closest allies in the region...with friends like these

Jordan had been considering banning the film outright, but a report in the Al Bawaba News on Sunday said the country’s Communications Commission ultimately decided not to, due to a lack of a legal precedent on the issue.
Why aren't Canada's Foreign Affairs & the American State Department summoning Jordanian officials in for a little talk about "Judea-phobia?"


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Alarmed, Hussain’s victim wrestled him to the floor – but the Iraqi managed to break free and produced a long kitchen knife, stabbing the man four times in the side and back and inflicting critical internal wounds.

RELATED2: Speaking of intolerance and hypocrisy

Hopes & prayers? I thought Bernie was a proud, loud atheist...praying, huh?
Sanders made an additional statement from the floor of the Senate, acknowledging that the shooter was a former campaign volunteer, and declaring that he was “sickened by this despicable act.”
Yessirree... feelin' the Bern!!!

Heads I win, tails you lose

Comey's rationale for refusing to announce in public that Trump isn't "under investigation" was that that situation might conceivably change in the future.

That's like the sheriff refusing to confirm that I'm not under investigation because he doesn't know whether I'll hold up a liquor store next week.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday offered to give political asylum to former FBI Director James Comey, poking at tensions between Comey and President Trump.

Sucking and Blowing

“TransAlta is very interested in repowering this site. Unfortunately, right now, it’s not economically feasible,” Wayne Oliver, operations supervisor for TransAlta’s wind operations in Pincher Creek and Fort Macleod, said in an interview. "We’re anxiously waiting to see what incentives might come from our new government. Alberta is an open market and the wholesale price when it’s windy is quite low, so there’s just not the return on investment in today’s situation. So, if there is an incentive, we’d jump all over that.”

I’ll bet they would. Does anyone need any more proof that wind power just isn’t economically feasible on large scales without subsidies?

14 June 2017

The logical and predictable consequences...

...of beatifying Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and Freddie Gray...

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Baltimore sees multiple deadly shootings in just a matter of hours. It was a burst of violence that forced the commissioner to make a drastic move today. All uniformed officers will be on mandatory 12-hour shifts, as the city hustles to control the crime.

The violence in Baltimore started Monday evening and lasted through the night. It spilled over into the middle of Tuesday and by the end of it all, at least 12 people had been shot and at least six dead.

The victims include a 28-year-old man killed during a drug dispute on Bentalou Street, a 37-year-old woman killed in a bullying incident on Gertrude street and a man and woman– both in their twenties, killed during a quadruple shooting on Bonaparte Ave.
If the police do show up and risk their lives to intervene... they are publicly vilified. Where's the incentive to do anything here?


RELATED: Toronto falls into "Baltimore" trap?drop the weaponEspecially when they refuse to put down the freakin' hammer!
Const. Andrew Doyle told the inquest he feared for his life when he saw Andrew Loku holding a hammer in an apartment building hallway shortly after midnight on July 5, 2015.

Doyle said he fired two shots at Loku when the man started walking towards him and his partner with the hammer raised.

Earlier Wednesday, the inquest heard a 911 call from a woman who said Loku had threatened to kill her friend.
Whatever devils were running around in this guy's brain box, thank goodness it wasn't some innocent unarmed bystander that had to deal with the consequences.


LAST WORD: Silence of the BLMs
Muse Abdirahim, 28, of Toronto, was arrested on May 13 in connection with both robberies. He is facing 12 charges, including attempted murder and two counts of robbery with a firearm.

13 June 2017

It ain't just London Bridge...

...that's falling down...

The Liberal government is prepared to adopt some of the Senate’s proposed amendments to its citizenship bill, Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen said Friday.

Among other things, the legislation would repeal a provision that strips dual citizens of their Canadian status if convicted of terrorism, treason or espionage

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I'm here to save you...
"When it comes to government-sponsored refugees, chosen for resettlement by the Trudeau government, 83% had no knowledge of English or French."

In contrast... "privately-sponsored refugees are 'the most educated group of all refugee cohorts' resettled to Canada.”

Get out your Decoder Rings...

...yet another cold-blooded murder in the "northwest" end of Toronto...

The man gunned down early Sunday in North York’s Emery neighbourhood has been identified as 20-year-old Soumik Asgar. Police received reports that six-to-seven shots were heard, but area resident Safi Gharwal said he heard 15-to-20 shots “being fired all at once.”

Gharwal said he has personally heard at least five other shootings in the area.

Asgar is the city’s 21st murder victim of 2017.
In modern day Toronto, "white privilege" means you're probably not being targeted... you just have to worry about being caught in the crossfire.


RELATED: Silence of the BLMs

Black Lives Matter says the problem here is TOO MANY COPS...soloNot sure I'm seeing the logic here.

12 June 2017

The key word here being "Vanishingly"


Vanishingly few elite climbers make careers out of free-soloing, and plenty call it irresponsible and deplorable, but in their heart of hearts they all recognize it as the final word in bad-assery.
Favorite literary flourish... "when Alex was a baby his mother must have stepped on his amygdala."

11 June 2017

Just something to think about...

..the next time you're working on your federal taxes...pimpin

A brutal Toronto lawyer-pimp was awarded a lucrative federal government contract providing pharmaceutical and medical supplies to remote northern Manitoba communities.

Patterson, now 53, was convicted in Toronto of kidnapping and threatening to mutilate a terrified teen prostitute and sentenced to seven years in June 2000.

And he kept the contract while serving a penitentiary sentence for his crimes. Taxpayers were paying Grand Medicine $9 million to $10 million annually in the final years of the contract.
Makes you wonder how many similar cases go totally undetected.


"'Brutal Toronto lawyer-pimp'? I want that on my business cards!"

Dear New York Times... seriously now...

...there's actually a "Debate on Genital Mutilation?"

The practice can include narrowing the vaginal opening and sewing it virtually closed, removing the clitoris or labia, or cutting, piercing, burning or scraping the clitoral hood.

Justifications for it vary, including to curb sexual promiscuity, preserve tradition or, said Ms. Raja, “take a bad bug or a germ out of you.”
The word "mutilation" is actually right freakin' there in the title of your article. In what non-stone age society is this actually being "debated?"

And then there's the European Imam who advised Muslims to "breed like mosquitos"...
"The more Muslims grow, the more their enemies will fear them... Muslims should go for more and more children," he said.

Denied their husbands' permission to speak, none of the three men's wives could give their views on family planning in Islam.

LAST WORD: Muhammed take the wheel...religion of peace

10 June 2017

Sounds about right

I found it interesting that almost half of patients who were prescribed physician-assisted death never used it. That means to me that many just want to have some control over their fate, over pain, etc. Makes good sense to me.

Nobody wants a lengthy death consisting of weeks of gasping for air, writhing in pain, and pooping in bed.

RELATED: Get government out of the way
Two days after Christmas 2016, a family friend, who had found out last October that she had a particularly virulent type of ALS, resolutely & unflinchingly ended her own life.
Going out on your own terms is important to some of us.

09 June 2017

Live... die... who cares?

More to the point... who doesn't? OTOH, some people wanna just pretend it's not happening...

• By 1994, AIDS had become the No. 1 killer of all African-Americans ages 25 to 44. The virus was 16 times as common in black women as in their white counterparts — and the gap would widen over the next few years.

• Last year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, using the first comprehensive national estimates of lifetime risk of H.I.V. for several key populations, predicted that if current rates continue, one in two African-American gay and bisexual men will be infected with the virus.

• That compares with a lifetime risk of one in 99 for all Americans and one in 11 for white gay and bisexual men.

Dear American Taliban...

...I double-dawg dare ya...surprise, surprise

The Michigan state house passed a new bill this week which, if signed into law by Governor Rick Snyder, would make it legal for residents to carry their handguns concealed without needing any special permit to do so.

At least 11 states have passed laws allowing the concealed carry of guns without a permit, and 16 states have introduced legislation this year to do the same.
And then, there's La-La Land...
"Now the California’s Russia-connected secession movement is stalled, China is stepping in to deepen the rift between the Golden State and the rest of the Union."

RELATED: Professional Journalism 101
Canadian fugitive: Toronto man wanted for inciting genocide living freely in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Yup... as Canadian as Yasir Arafat.

08 June 2017


Apparently it's time for nature to thin the herd...

"Researchers at Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health claim in a new article that the 2016 election of Donald Trump could cause an increased risk of disease, premature childbirth and premature death, particularly among “marginalized groups.”

"Comey Took Notes of Every Trump Meeting But Did Not Record Hillary’s 3 Hour Interrogation."

LAST WORD: Apparently, there ARE limits...barbarism
"Kathy Griffin mistakenly beheads Alec Baldwin in Trump costume; nobody cares."

Gonna party like it's 1683...

Just a little off the top... er... I mean bottom...barbarism

Shaked Elsayed, an Imam at the Dar al-Hijrah Mosque in Falls Church, Virginia, has reportedly stated that he believes Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) prevents “hyper-sexuality” in women and endorsed the cutting of a woman’s clitoris in order to prevent her from experiencing the urge to engage and act upon her sexual desires.

The video has since “been removed,” according to YouTube.
I'm gonna file this one under "Imam-splaining."


UPDATE: His 15 minutes of infamy...
"A Virginia imam has been placed on leave after advocating for the controversial practice of female genital mutilation."

RELATED: Defence calls it "genital scraping"
If convicted, Nagarwala and Dr. Attar face up to life in prison; Attar's wife faces up to 20 years. The two physicians face the most serious charge in the case, transportation of an individual with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity.

"They put on the hijab, they bought the hatchet job on the booty as well."

LAST WORD: You might have lost your girly bits...

...but you can still look way cool...
Deering High School in Portland, Maine, is providing sport hijabs with the goal of making Muslim girls comfortable - and boosting their participation in sports.

07 June 2017

Yet another story you won't see...

...on Canada's national broadcaster...

The New York Times published an op-ed by Barghouti and massively covered the strike. Numerous other marquee media organizations similarly provided sympathetic coverage of the event. Hidden beneath mountains of column inches was the basic fact that the terrorists’ demands made clear that their strike was ridiculous.

They weren’t demanding food. They weren’t demanding fair trials or the right to speak to their attorneys. They were demanding that Israel add 20 new channels to their standard, free cable television access. They demanded that Israel let them have telephones in their rooms. They demanded that Israel buy them air conditioning units.

In other words, they were demanding that Israel treat them better than it treats its own soldiers.

RELATED: You ever wonder...

...where stereotypes come from?just keepin' it real
Wilson was arrested on scene and Ottawa police found large quantities of drugs in his apartment — including cocaine, GHB and ketamine. In an authorized search of Wilson’s apartment, police also seized his electronic devices and found sexually explicit photos and videos of his alleged victims.

The bar-staff drug rapes are alleged to have happened in 2014 and 2015.
Note that this thug was arrested because he beat his pregnant girlfriend until she miscarried.


"President Donald Trump does not share his predecessor's view on transgender rights."
crossed wires
"It's unclear how Defense Secretary Jim Mattis eventually will rule on the matter, though in the past he has cast doubt on whether such moves ultimately advance the military's principal national security objectives."

06 June 2017


"Putin also didn't deny that Megyn raped him before the show. We'll never know for sure."
Meanwhile, back at the ranch...
A Toronto woman has been charged after a suspect masked with an ISIS bandana allegedly swung a golf club at Canadian Tire store employees while screaming threats and Islamic chants on Saturday afternoon at the same time that a terrorist rampage occurred in London.

Rehab Dughmosh, 32, is facing seven charges including two counts of assault with a weapon, two counts of possession of a weapon, threaten death or bodily harm, and carrying a concealed weapon.

RELATED: More Religion of Peace...
French police have shot a man outside Notre Dame cathedral in Paris after he tried to attack them with a hammer and shouted "this is for Syria."

RELATED2: The hits just keep on coming...
A five-year-old child was stabbed to death over the weekend at an asylum home in Bavaria by a 41-year-old Afghan asylum seeker who was later shot by police.

In 2009, the 41-year-old was convicted of arson and served six years in prison. He had tried to kill his then-wife and cousin by burning them to death.

05 June 2017

Two words...

...Genghis... Khan...

"Judging people of the past by the moral standards of today is grotesque intellectual arrogance, what you expect from 19-year-old sophomores demanding trigger warnings."

"The people of the past lived in a different moral universe, just as the people of the future will."
Instead of tearing down Civil war monuments and turning Confederate flags into the Devil's own toilet paper... perhaps the smelly hippies should address some real societal problems...an actual problem to be addressedOr you could just blame Donald Trump, I guess.


RELATED: Speaking of freaks...freaksPretty lofty sentiments from a woman who lives in a fortress and travels with a pack of bodyguards.
Katy Perry can finally buy $14.5 million Los Feliz convent - Court battle pitted Perry against elderly nuns
Let's just take a moment to consider the other side of this argument...
Former Navy Seal Carl Higbie to Katy Perry.... "Hold one of your concerts in Syria and see how it goes."
I'd pay good money to see that.


Those who would erase the past usually have no stake in the future.

Consider these 'non-futurists'.

One noteworthy reality about Europe's current political leadership is summarised here by Phil Lawler:

• Macron, the newly elected French president, has no children.
• German chancellor Angela Merkel has no children.
• British prime minister Theresa May has no children.
• Italian prime minister Paolo Gentiloni has no children.
• Holland's Mark Rutte,
• Sweden's Stefan Löfven,
• Luxembourg's Xavier Bettel,
• Scotland's Nicola Sturgeon — all have no children.
• Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission, has no children.

"So a grossly disproportionate number of the people making decisions about Europe's future have no direct personal stake in that future."

UPDATE: Canadian born terror victim id'd
Christine “Chrissy” Archibald, a British Columbia native who went to university in Calgary before moving to Europe to be with her fiancé was identified Sunday as the lone Canadian victim in a terrorist attack in London.
Dear Allah... feeling better now?

04 June 2017

Is this a turning point for Brits?

The sobering alternative seems to be celebrating "Ram-a-Van" on a regular basis...ramavan

In what looked like a turning point in terror policy, the PM said “enough is enough” after the killers left seven dead by driving a van into crowds on London Bridge and going on a stabbing spree as they shouted “this is for Allah”.
Hmmm... good news or bad news?
"British Prime Minister Theresa May said Sunday that police had recently foiled five other plots."

FROM THE COMMENTS: Enough with the mythology...
"As I recall the actual British response to the 'Blitz' was not Keep Calm and Carry On - but building as many aircraft as they could and bombing German cities with them."

UPDATE: Canadians are somehow immune, right?

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says a Canadian was among those killed in Saturday night’s terror attack in London.

In a written statement released Sunday, Trudeau says the government will not be commenting further out of respect for the family.
That's funny... you couldn't get him to shut up after the Quebec mosque shooting.
"I have the extraordinary privilege of representing the community of Montreal, the riding of Papineau, that is one of the two most lucky ridings of Quebec, because we have the highest number of Muslim Canadians living in the riding."
The Paris Hilton of Canadian politics yet again.


LAST WORD: In other "Not a Muslim" news...ramavan
“Thanks to Allah, thank you, thanks to Allah, Allah is great, thanks to Allah from faith that he will make his promise reality and give victory to the faithful. Allah will bless the lions. Allah will bless the lone wolves. Allah will reward you as long as you run over and stab these infidels in the depths of their countries. Put fear into their eyes, increase your hits, increase your attacks, don’t let them feel secure in their countries.”

03 June 2017

The capricious and unknowable...

..."Will of Buddha, er... Shiva, wait... uh, Jesus... oh, yeah... that guy, AGAIN..."butchery

London Bridge attack: Terror incident leaves up to seven feared dead after van ploughs into pedestrians ‘before three men with hunting knives jump out and start stabbing people.’

Up to seven people were feared dead and 20 hurt in the 10pm attack – amid a second incident at nearby Borough Market which armed police are responding to.

The Metropolitan Police have confirmed a third incident in the Vauxhall area.
It now looks like two confirmed attacks...
The force initially said they were also responding to a reported third incident, in the Vauxhall area of London. But they said later that turned out to be an unrelated stabbing.

UPDATE: Savage, cold-blooded serial murder...insert alt text here
A Borough Market witness identified only as Ben told the BBC: "We saw people running away and then I saw a man in red with a large blade, at a guess 10 inches long, stabbing a man, about three times.

A Borough Market witness identified only as Ben told the BBC: "We saw people running away and then I saw a man in red with a large blade, at a guess 10 inches long, stabbing a man, about three times.

UPDATE2: "This is for Allah!!!"insert alt text here
One woman said she saw three people with what appeared to be their throats cut on London Bridge amid reports that at least seven people have been stabbed, leaving bodies ‘strewn’ on the road in central London. One of the casualties is reportedly a police officer.
Six people now confirmed dead. Courtesy of armed response police officers, all three terrorists are off to nirvana to claim their 72 virgins. Dozens of other people have been injured. That's one bloodthirsty deity.


UPDATE3: London Mayor changes his tuneinsert alt text here
02:00 BST – London Mayor Sadiq Khan releases statement... "Khan, who said last September that the threat of terror attacks is just “part and parcel of living in a big city,” just released a statement acknowledging Saturday’s attacks were acts of terror."

LAST WORD: Ask Prime Minister Bieber...insert alt text hereNo Justin..."awful news" is crumpling a fender on your car. Awful news is not noticing you poured curdled milk in your morning coffee.

This is horrific.

02 June 2017

Religious freedom for some...

...or religious freedom for all...a little bit of Africa

This week, Arizona man Sean Corbett won an important victory for his proud, storied religion. The member of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster successfully attained a state driver’s license while wearing a colander on his head.

RELATED: What is a religion anyway?
Last month, the Department of Defense (DOD) announced that it will officially recognize a large host of small religions, including Humanism, Heathen, and even the Church of the Spiral Tree.

It's like a little piece of Yemen...

...right there in your kitchen...a little bit of Africa

Employees at Warren Food Market on 10 Mile Road near Ryan Road said they saw the man loading the beef in the cart, and the $800 worth of beef is in their freezer. Sources told Local 4 the meat hadn’t been inspected by the USDA and came from a facility that isn’t federally licensed.

I don’t think it is a big deal,” said Nazem Saad of Nazem Saad Halal Meat.
Yeah, I'm sure the floor of that van gets mopped out on a regular basis.


UPDATE: Rules are for infidels!!!
WARREN, Mich. (WXYZ) - When 7 Action News asked meat distributor Nazem Saad where he disposed of $800 worth of raw meat, he told us it was none of our business.

One witness who works near the Warren market says this is the second time in three weeks that he's seen raw meat dumped into shopping carts to take into the store.
Naz seems to have more than one problem here...
When asked if he often transports meats in vehicles that are not refrigerated, Saad became upset and said if the delivery is close, it should not be an issue.

Wynners & Losers

The Ontario Ministry of Finance report projects the new minimum wage hike will kill an estimated 80,000 to 155,000 jobs just among young workers aged 15 to 24, without even counting the number of jobs lost to older workers.
Bribing voters with their grandkids money... a time-tested Liberal strategy.


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...my medical dope...
The federal budget watchdog says the government’s multibillion-dollar effort to replace the navy’s warship fleet is now on track to cost taxpayers 2.4 times more than first expected.

Ottawa launched a competition last fall asking some of the world’s largest defence and shipbuilding companies to design a potential replacement for the navy’s 12 frigates and three destroyers.
Maybe Justin can use all the money he's saving by messing up the new fighter jet program.

01 June 2017


Early reporting only... but I'll give you long odds this isn't disgruntled Jesuits...

Manila hotel shooting – ‘ISIS’ gunmen storm hotel in Philippines capital leaving several people injured amid fears Brits are caught up in attack

UPDATE: Yet another third world coverup...
MANILA — Thirty-six bodies were found at the biggest hotel-casino in the Philippines after a gunman carrying a container of gasoline set fires and touched off a mass panic — hours after the authorities said that only the assailant had died.
Don't wanna frighten away all those tourist dollars.

I swear...

...you couldn't make this sh!t up...karly kurls

MONTREAL - Parents at the private Montreal Christian academy attended by Karla Homolka’s children say school officials brushed off concerns about the schoolgirl killer interacting with their children. Homolka has been sending her own three children to the private, Seventh-day Adventist Greaves Academy since September.

The now 47-year-old convicted serial killer has been volunteering at the school – and reportedly supervised kindergarten children during a field trip in March.

I thought it was a hoax,” Andy Maraj, whose daughter attends Grade 3 with one of Homolka’s children, told the Montreal Gazette. Maraj said he started discussing Homolka’s presence with other parents in April, and on May 2, he received a letter that he would not be welcomed back in September.

Stéphanie Deligne, whose daughter attends Grade 4 at the school and is in a class with one of Homolka’s children, said she would have liked to have been informed about the situation. Deligne was told that she too would have to find another school in September. “The administration told me I am being too critical,” she said.
But this isn't really about people's feelings... it's supposed to be about the law...
Under Quebec law, volunteers at elementary schools are supposed to undergo criminal background checks before interacting with students.
So what is the deal here?


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As reported by the Canadian Press, Mulcair feels Homolka has “paid her debt” and suggests it’s time to leave her alone.
I guess in Dipperland, the first three teenage girls murdered are deductible.


LAST WORD: Adventists back down...
MONTREAL — A private Montreal elementary school is moving to quell public fears following media reports about Karla Homolka doing some volunteer work there. The school, which is operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church, says it won’t allow anyone with a criminal record to volunteer in any capacity on school grounds.

Tim Danson, a lawyer who represents the French and Mahaffy families, said Wednesday it was a “kick in the gut” for the families to hear reports of Homolka seemingly living a normal life with her husband and children.
Well, there's a concession... they won't allow serial killers to volunteer at their school anymore.

31 May 2017


insert alt text here

Kathy Griffin troubles me; WHO are her associates? WHO are her sponsors?

Has she ever traveled to RUSSIA? Has she ever HAD CONTACT with a RUSSIAN
Hmmm... shouldn't there be a "trigger warning" attached to this photo shoot?


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UPDATE: As Sean Penn knows...

..."You never go 'full retard'"...
“CNN has terminated our agreement with Kathy Griffin to appear on our New Year’s Eve program,” the network’s communications department tweeted Wednesday morning.

ADT — the largest home security company in North America — announced it would pull its advertising from CNN over the photo, while the Route 66 Casino in Albuquerque, New Mexico announced it had cancelled Griffin’s upcoming performance, which had been scheduled for June 16.
Thus endeth the lesson.


LAST WORD: Let's ask Dilbert
Persuasion-wise, Griffin’s photo was so over-the-line that I assume it ruined the movie for a lot of people following the anti-Trump script. The audience in Griffin’s movie just had a mirror held up to them. If they liked what they saw, they will stay in their seats. If they don’t like being the villains in their own movie, they might change the channel.


If middle-eastern Muslims weren't so busy slaughtering each other, us infidels would really be in trouble...

A powerful bomb hidden in a sewage tanker exploded in the morning rush hour in the centre of the Afghan capital on Wednesday, police said, killing at least 80 people, wounding hundreds and damaging embassy buildings, including Canada's.

Wednesday’s attack provided another clear demonstration that Ramadan, which began at the weekend, would provide little respite from the violence across Afghanistan.

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Two blasts ripped through the Iraqi capital of Baghdad just days into the holy month of Ramadan, killing at least 27 people and wounding more than 100. ISIL claimed the first and deadliest suicide car bomb attack, which took place shortly after midnight at a busy ice cream parlour in Karrada, killing at least 16 people and injuring at least 75 - with children among the victims.

Scenes of panic and carnage followed the explosion in the Shia district, where last July ISIL bombed close to 300 people to death in the worst attack in 13 years of war.

ISIL considers members of Iraq's Shia Muslim majority to be heretics and frequently carries out attacks against them.
Holy, holy, holy.


LAST WORD: The way the bomb bounces...
The Palestinian Authority has paid out some NIS 4 billionor $1.12 billion — over the past four years to terrorists and their families.

AKA Taxpayer dollars

Just one more thing to think about while you're sitting waiting for a doctor for 6 hours in that crowded hospital emergency room...insert alt text here

The whole giant rubber replica duck tour of Ontario is expected to cost about $200,000, Parrell says, 90 per cent of which will be covered by grants, most of them from the Ontario ministry of tourism, culture and sport.

UPDATE: Is Ontario stealing artist's I.P.?
“I was shocked. They don’t have permission to show my duck again. And they are charging money for tickets. I want this rubber duck for the whole world to see. It is sad. They make it into this joke, but the rubber duck is not a joke. It is serious artwork which connects all people in the world.”
(via reader Rich)

30 May 2017

So why the cultural appropriation?

Prof. Nicolas Fabien-Ouellet has a unique theory: Canadians can’t claim poutine as their own because at one point in their history, they initially made fun of the Quebecois who ate it.

That, in turn, lead, Fabien-Ouellet, says, to widespread “poutine stigma,” which, in turn, is responsible for the mass oppression of the French-identifying Canadian minority.

Who you gonna believe?

...the Canadian Medical Association... or the know-nothing celebutard spawn of a career politician who is looking to buy the vote of every college age kid in the country? insert alt text here

"Simply put, cannabis should not be used by young people. It is toxic to their cortical neuronal networks, with both functional and structural changes seen in the brains of youth who use cannabis regularly."

"The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health has stated unequivocally that 'cannabis is not a benign substance and its health harms increase with intensity of use'."
Justin Trudeau lied about his projected multi-billion dollar deficits. He lied about switching to a "proportional representation" electoral system.

I could go on, but you get my drift... right?


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More remarkably, Liberal Health Minister Jane Philpott launched a consultation on raising the smoking age to 21 while at the same time arguing the legal age for marijuana should be 18.

29 May 2017

Brought to you by the same folks...

...who just authorised another 70 million dollars for IVF for the "socially disenfranchised"...lunatic left

Ontario Attorney General and Ottawa Centre MPP Yasir Naqvi plans to propose legislation that would create “safe zones” around abortion clinics where protests and demonstrations would be banned.
Making babies... killing babies... what's the difference, huh, Kathleen?


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...Liberals pass new law prohibiting cancer...
TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - May 29, 2017) - Working people from across Ontario have shared their lived experiences of insecurity, intimidation, precarity and poverty with the "Special" Advisors and with their MPPs.

While their struggle is reflected in some of the recommendations in the Changing Workplaces Review, legislation must go further to improve the lives of working Ontarians.

You've come a wrong way, Baby!

And all the black women will be sitting at the back of the theatre...

"Congratulations Alamo Drafthouse!!! You're fighting sexism with sexism!" stated another man to the New York theatre. "Way to make women look equal to men and vice versa by separating them."

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...a continuing series...
"Protesters also put up signs that included language such as 'I’m sick of white tears' and 'Fuck your white complacency'.”
Perhaps, at some point, one of these incidents won't be a hoax.


LAST WORD: Hunter College - The Final Solution
As of press time, “Abolition of Whiteness” does not appear to have been added to the list of courses that satisfy the “Pluralism and Diversity requirement,” though at least 30 other Women and Gender Studies courses are included, including one course on “Feminist Political Theory” and a special topics course on “body politics.”

28 May 2017

I'm from the government...

...I'm here to save you...

Security service sources this week revealed that five terror plots were foiled between the Westminster attack in March, where Islamist Khalid Masood ran down a number of pedestrians and stabbed a police constable to death outside the Palace of Westminster, killing five, and the Manchester bombing.

And sources in government confessed there are at least 23,000 jihadists in Britain, after the public had been previously led to believe there were around 3,000 known jihadists, with 500 subject to active investigations led by MI5.

27 May 2017

If guns really cause crime...

...mine must be defective...

The Crime Prevention Research Center has found that, in the United States, police are convicted of gun crime at a higher rate than concealed carry permit holders.

26 May 2017

More stuff you'll never see...

...on Canada's national broadcaster...

“I was telling Steve Doocy on the way in here, if he knew what I knew about terrorism, he’d never leave the house in the morning,” Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly said on Fox Television Friday. "It’s everywhere. It’s constant. It’s nonstop."

25 May 2017

Coming soon...

...to a concert venue near you...

The arithmetic is not difficult: Poland and Hungary and Slovakia do not have Islamic terrorism because they have very little Islam.

France and Germany and Belgium admit more and more Islam, and thus more and more terrorism.

Yet the subject of immigration has been all but entirely absent from the current UK election campaign.

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Robbing Peter, then robbing Paul...

...then robbing...

TORONTO - Premier Kathleen Wynne’s plan to cut hydro bills by 25% comes with an electrifying price tag. A review by Ontario Financial Accountability Officer Stephen LeClair says the minimum cost is $45 billion, but that number could soar to anywhere between $69 billion and $93 billion if the Fair Hydro Plan is financed with borrowed money.

24 May 2017

Killing free speech in Canada

I’m not trying to win the argument; I’m trying to have the argument...”
Frances Widdowson, an associate professor in the department of Economics, Justice and Policy Studies at Mount Royal University in Calgary and co-author Albert Howard published a book entitled “Disrobing the Aboriginal Industry: The Deception Behind Indigenous Cultural Preservation.”

The title gives you the drift of her position. Some members called her talk “hate speech” worthy of a Criminal Code investigation. One colleague asked if she’d “like to take it outside.”

Then and Now

They were aspiring adults and given as many responsibilities as they could handle within their range of competence, which was always shifting in the direction of more and more.

23 May 2017

As opposed to that piddley-ass...

...no big deal "terrorist alert"...

murderI can't wait for the usual media suspects to start screaming about "Islamophobia"...

The UK is on a "critical terror alert" with military troops set to bolster police forces after the Prime Minster raised the threat level to its highest possible rating. Theresa May made the sombre announcement in a live television statement from Downing Street on Tuesday evening.

It means a terrorist attack is considered imminent. This is the first time in a decade that the assessment has been placed at the highest level. It has only been at critical twice in nearly 11 years - once in August 2006 and again in June 2007.

RELATED: What is "Operation Temperer?"brits under siege
Theresa May’s unprecedented decision to deploy up to 5,000 armed troops at key strategic sites makes her the first Prime Minister to use the new plan for a show of force in the face of major terrorist threats.

Mrs May announced that the police had asked for military support, and the Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon approved the request, meaning Operation Temperer is now in force for the first time.

UPDATE: From the comments...
The father and younger brother of the Manchester Arena bomber have been arrested in Libya. The Telegraph understands Hashem Abedi, 20, the brother of suspected attacker Salman Abedi, was arrested last night in the capital Tripoli by counterterrorism forces on suspicion of links to the Islamic State group.

Three armed vehicles arrived to take away their father, Ramadan Abedi, an administrative manager of the Central Security Force in Tripoli, late Wednesday afternoon.
I'm guessing the Libyan security apparatus is layin' down a marker with the Donald.

When will they ever learn...

...when will they ever learn?murdering bastards

"The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) claimed responsibility for 23-year-old Salman Abedi's suicide bomb attack, which left 22 people dead, including children."

UPDATE: The capricious and unknowable...

..."Will of Allah"...insert alt text here
Eight-year-old Saffie Rose Roussos was killed in last night's devastating terror attack in Manchester, it has been confirmed.
I'll say it again... the "Will of Allah."

Hey, don't take my word for it...
A chilling message from an ISIS supporting group Yaqeen Media, said vehicle attacks will take place in the UK. It stated: “Today we fight you on our land, and tomorrow on your land, by Allah’s permission. “Soon, the vehicle attacks will be witnessed on your streets, by Allah’s permission.”

IRONY ALERT: Ariana Grande... the awakening
"Even if you voted for Trump and are now quietly horrified at his broken promises and dangerous rhetoric, you are welcome here, and this is your march too."
I know what I'm horrified at... and it isn't the guy who has declared he will... ‘obliterate this evil ideology.


LAST WORD: Ask an educated, "moderate" Muslim...
London Mayor Sadiq Khan previously claimed terror attacks are “part and parcel” of living in a modern city such as London.
There's somebody you want in a position of responsibility.

Another double murder in Hogtown...

...must be Tuesday...insert alt text here

Toronto police are investigating a double homicide in the city’s east end. Officers were flagged down in the area of Logan Avenue and Gerrard Street East at around 11:50 p.m. and directed to a vehicle with a gravely injured man inside.

Investigators, with the assistance of the emergency task force, entered the home on Cavell Avenue and located the body of a female inside.

UPDATE: Save one, forget the other...

...but don't call 911...
The first of the two deaths unfolded as the driver of a white Acura was attempting to drive his relative — a man in his 20s — to hospital. The investigation into the man’s shooting led police to the woman’s body in a Toronto Community Housing Corp. apartment at 96 Cavelle Ave., near Pape and Danforth Aves.
Surely, not the same "community housing" that city council is once again vowing to clean up.


UPDATE2: Surprise, surprise
TORONTO - A man found mortally shot in a car in Leslieville late Monday has been identified as Abdiqani Abshir, 24.

The Dumbest Generation

In their never-ending pursuit of social justice, know-nothing college students burn the wrong witch yet again...

“'Lou Reed was a difficult and sometimes unpleasant person, but transphobic he was not,' Sounes said. 'Reed was a bisexual who had close friendships, and conducted love affairs with transgender men'.”

“They literally found a pro-trans song to be transphobic because it implied being trans is uncommon/unusual. Look at when the song was written for a little perspective.”

"In the mid-1970s, Reed was in what was essentially a marriage with a transgender person who went by both Ricky and Rachel."

22 May 2017

Just another long weekend in...

...the center of the universe...gun  free zone

Armed with a double-barrelled sawed-off shotgun and a .40 calibre handgun, the shooters opened fire on a group of people nearby, Const. Allyson Douglas-Cook said in a statement released Saturday.

“The man who was armed with the shotgun attempted to conceal it, at which point he discharged a round, striking himself in the leg,” Douglas-Cook alleged.
Police declined to say which Jane & Finch gun club these two geniuses belonged to.


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She was minding her own business, walking next to the Eaton Centre.

Then from out of nowhere, a man ran up behind her, jumped into the air and drop-kicked her.
And the hits just keep on coming...
A Toronto man missing since December who was found dead last week near Peterborough was murdered, police say. Bayram Abolhassani-Larki, 19, was last seen near Front St. W. and John St. in Toronto on Dec. 12 at about 11 p.m.

LAST WORD: Cultural Relativity
"Black Lives Matter might more accurately be named White Killers Matter, because it only seems to care about black lives that are ended by white people. And that, of course, is because Black Lives Matter isn’t about justice, but about racial agitation."
"The number of concealed carry permits in the United States has topped 15 million over the last year, according to data collected by the Crime Prevention Research Center."

"That’s the largest one-year increase ever in the number of permits issued."

21 May 2017

Keep that money train rolling

The chief commissioner of the national inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous women and girls has admitted to a “poor communication strategy” in the wake of intense criticism about the inquiry’s progress.

The commission is also planning to ask for an extension, now that only one hearing is scheduled to take place before the fall.

RELATED: Catfished by the bureaucracy
Crucially for a prevailing stereotype related to the issue, nearly 90 per cent of murders of aboriginal women were solved, a rate that barely differed from that of non-aboriginal women (88 versus 89 per cent).

Of the 2,500 murdered aboriginal Canadians, murdered in Canada between 1982 and 2011, fully 71 per cent — 1,750 — were male, and 745 were female
Let face it... this is simply another government exercise in publicity...
The overall risk to Aboriginal women is about what you would infer from just combining the very high general Aboriginal exposure to lethal violence with the much reduced general female exposure to it.

No third, additional element of risk is apparent in the numbers: over the 1980-2012 period covered in the RCMP report, for example, StatsCan estimates that 14 per cent of all female murder victims were Aboriginal, but 17 per cent of male murder victims were.

The lack of a statistical smoking gun makes an emotional debate more complicated.

LAST WORD: Not a race thing at all
The consolidated data from the nearly 300 contributing police agencies has confirmed that 70 per cent of the offenders were of aboriginal origin, 25 per cent were non-aboriginal, and five per cent were of unknown ethnicity.”
Note: In 62 per cent of the cases, aboriginal females who were victims of homicide were killed by a spouse, family member or intimate relation.

20 May 2017

A breath of "fresh Shaidle"...

"I give zero f@cks about you people losing your jobs because you dared to talk like a normal person for once."

19 May 2017

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau...

...is expected to ask Muhammad Hussein, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, to issue a formal apology for the role of Islam in the ongoing worldwide terrorist onslaught...
Wait a minute...

Back to the future

parallel society?

"To a large degree, black America still segregates itself with no end in sight. And isn’t that really the rub of the whole 'separate but equal' Harvard graduation?"

"Sixty years after the so-called civil rights movement it appears that black self-segregation may actually be increasing, which is just insane."
Hmmm... couldn't happen here... right?


RELATED: The key word is "separate"

Black Lives Matters™
wants a separate, segregated country, free of "white man's" rules and police oversight...how did that liberia thing work out?Of course, these social justice warriors are forgetting that mythical kingdom already exists... it's called Africa.


LAST WORD: Victimhood Inc...

...the membership drive...
“Society,” Ms. Tuvel, an assistant professor at Rhodes College in Memphis concludes, “should accept such an individual’s decision to change race the same way it should accept an individual’s decision to change sex.”

The paper, despite her declarations of support for transgender rights, contained “egregious levels of liberal white ignorance and discursive transmisogynistic violence.”
I just love watching the lunatic left eat their young.

At a cost of $550 million each

...in 2010 dollars...

The B21 will funnel huge amounts of money to Northrop-Grumman and, in the event of a thermonuclear war... will arrive at the bubbling remains of targets several hours after the Navy’s D5 Trident II missiles get there.

The aircraft relies on the assumption that, in thirteen years when it enters service, anti-stealth technology will not have reached the point of making it even more obviously useless.

18 May 2017

The first thing we do is...

...hang all the lawyers...

Judge Lisa Porter heard from Padowitz and assistant state attorney Peter Sapak before Monday's jury selection as they debated whether Patterson's penis would be flaccid or erect if and when it is presented to the jury.

RELATED: Next up... all the "professional" journalists
I saw this quote on CNN.com today: “The episode is the latest woe for Trump, whose administration is engulfed in a series of scandals linked to Russia.”

A “series of scandals linked to Russia”? Would it be equally accurate to characterize it as a series of stories manufactured by the media, none of which have been confirmed to be a big deal?

If you can sit passively while watching the Opposition Media turn “hope” into “asked Comey to end the investigation,” you are part of the slow assassination of President Trump.

And you are also part of the slow assassination of the next president, and the next. If Trump goes down from leaks, Mutually Assured Destruction kicks in automatically.

LAST WORD: And justice for none
The operator of an illegal daycare in Vaughan has been sentenced to 22 months in jail and three years of probation in the death of a two-year-old child back in 2013.
If Olena Panfilova had killed my child, I'd have sentenced her to 22 months in my septic tank.