26 April 2010

Undiplomatic Relations

-- SANAA -- Ambassador Tim Torlot is safe, UK officials confirmed. One person - believed to be the attacker - was killed.

Western embassies in Yemen are no strangers to attacks. Militants used car bombs and rocket-propelled grenades in a co-ordinated assault on the US embassy last year.
But enough actual news... let's change the channel back to Ignatieff and company and their unwavering focus on "Canadian war criminals."


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...but I'm guessing 10.5 million dollars eases the pain just a little bit...
-- MONTREAL -- Despite his aspirations to above all live a "normal" life in which he would work "like everyone else," Maher Arar can't help but actively work for human rights since, according to him, Canada continues to scorn them, citing the case of Omar Khadr.
Yup... just your typical Canadian citizen.


LAST WORD: How'd that jingle go?

Oh yeah... "A little dab'll do ya."


maryT said...

Story re Omar Khdar trying to void his guilty plea as his trial starts this week. Can't remember where, NNW or Bourque.

Neo Conservative said...

apparently omar has now recanted the bit where he confessed to throwing the grenade that killed the special forces medic.

says people were mean to him... so he just lied and gave them what he thought they wanted.

meanwhile, his lawyers are try to get video of young innocent omar assembling ieds thrown out of court.

life is just so unfair sometimes.