24 April 2010

I guess I'm dating myself here...

...but remember when pin-striping & flames were things you applied to automobiles...

“It's the last frontier. These savvy entrepreneurs are marketing and creating a product, telling women, ‘Maybe you should consider this. Maybe you've never thought about it before, but other women have.'”


Anonymous said...

love the pearl in there... ;)

well of course I'd be showing my intolerant side if I saw one of my kids with this around their neck...

marc in calgary

Marginalized Action Dinosaur said...

How many women?


I think I'll keep investing in swamp land over purple vagina dye.

Neo Conservative said...

uber self-indulgent millionaire hollywood diva gets a little blue... dresses up pudenda with sparkley bits and announces it to country on national television.

mindless dumb-bots countrywide rush to follow suit.

just one question... who are these freaks?