20 April 2010

I solemnly swear... that I will not...

...kidnap, rape, torture and murder teenage girls... ever again, amen...

-- OTTAWA -- Prime Minister Stephen Harper says the government is powerless to stop killer Karla Homolka from applying for a pardon when she becomes eligible this summer -- and that 99% of applications are approved by the National Parole Board.
Powerless, you say?

If I don't pay my taxes... the government will take away my house and everything else I own... but they can't deal with this despicable child murderer?



KURSK said...

This must really piss Paul off...she walks, she will get pardoned, all while Paul gets to take the rap for foul deeds which both participated in freely.

Careful boys (and I assume, girls..) she's coming to sit on the bar stool next to you reeeally soon.

Neo Conservative said...

"kursk says... she walks, she will get pardoned"

if there were any real justice here... they'd both have been swinging at the end of a rope long ago.

don't get me started.