28 April 2010

Michael Ignatieff...

...single-handedly saving Canada from dictatorship...

“Intimidation and reprisals are totally unacceptable in our democracy. These tactics are part and parcel of the Conservative culture of contempt and deceit.”
Contempt and deceit, Michael?

What about hookers, mobsters & blow?


Neo Conservative said...

you know... maybe it's just me... but everytime i see this guy on tv mugging and making his smarmy pronouncements... i keep imagining the next thing outta his piehole is gonna be... "pass the grey poupon."


Rich said...

I know what you mean.
He strikes me as haughty, condescending and giving off
an air of being 'all-knowing'.
What is particularly grating is when he comments on an issue and grins as if he is privy to knowledge about the workings of the political universe which we, poor ignorant, unwashed voters that we are, cannot comprehend.
That he is invariably wrong or misses the point of that issue seems beyond him.
Pass the Grey Poupon indeed....maybe a touch of 'let them eat cake' also.

Anonymous said...

"pass the grey poupon."

Ouch, you're pretty funny.

Neo Conservative said...

funny how the chimp-o-sphere are constantly making comments about stephen harper being a robot... but none of them will acknowledge iggy's condescending, theatrical public persona.

tell me you don't get a vibe off this guy every time he opens his piehole.

i dare you.