29 April 2010

I'm with Langmann

The time is now folks...

I think we can prevent all these murders if --

a) Knives had serial numbers and were registered --

b) Knives had lockable sheaths and are locked in a cabinet --

c) Alan Rock writes a bill that states: Self defence is not a valid reason to buy a knife --

d) In order to move their knives out of the kitchen people need to apply for an Authorization to Transport document which specifically states the purpose of the movement of the knife and the time limit allowed. People must travel in as short a distance as possible – say to the couch, and not stop in the bathroom while moving the knife.
For the love of gawd... if it only saves one life.


langmann said...

Yep, but god forbid we lock violent people up for a good long time. Locking up only works for things.

Ask any liberal.

Oh and the other benefit of a knife registry is that if your neighbour sees you cleaning a knife in your kitchen and phones the police they can check the registry and see that you are legally allowed to own it. Then they won't send the SWAT team to your house.

robins111 said...

The best part was the comments, where one person with a Liberal Logo, pointing out how stupid this was.

Now the fact that the libbys are using the same though process for the Gun Registry semed never to enter his mind.

Since this knife story was released, I see Libbys confounded by the rational behind some of their ideology.

Its akin to asking them, If you were up to your neck in shit and someone threw a bucket of puke at you, 'would you duck'?

Neo Conservative said...

of course... knives stab people... the same way that pencils write poems.

lock up all the inanimate objects before they get us.


langmann said...

Speaking of poetry, neo, I wonder what Dawg learned during his PhD in Poetry that can be applied to this situation?

Anonymous said...

CBC has breaking news, police chiefs; as with long guns, are on side with the Liberal/NDP/Bloc/Taliban Coalition and want the registration of all pointy things. Funny though, CBC doesn't headline the police chiefs who claim the registry is not an asset.

Neo Conservative said...

if the cbc was really concerned about saving lives... they'd get behind an alcohol & tobacco ban.

or maybe abolishing the deadly sport of fishing...

"In the decade from 1991-2000, there were 5,900 water-related deaths in Canada; of that total, 889 died fishing."


Big Red Magnum said...

Aha seen this coming traded all my knives for hatchets, cutting stake is a bit tough but nothing compared to when I have to trade them for large rocks.

Neo Conservative said...

"brm says... when I have to trade them for large rocks"

hey... don't knock turning back the clock to the middle ages... look what it has done for the middle class in iran.


liberal supporter said...
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Neo Conservative said...

sorry, libby... you crossed a line... you don't get to comment here anymore.