17 April 2010

He has the technology

Given that the most optimistic evaluation of Obama's stimulus plan included this language, "If we do everything right, there's still a 30 percent chance we'll get it wrong," and that the government's record of "getting everything right" is shaky at best, the new department's current goal is to prepare for the impending "30%" outcome.

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Tycho Ted here, writing from Luna City, located near Shackleton Crater. I live here in about 2110, and I’ve been reading a bunch of history books recently - Luna City, as you probably don’t know, since it ain’t happened yet, was founded by several private firms in 2020, primarily SpaceX and Bigelow Aerospace.

I understand that back there in 2010 you’ve got a President named O’Bama. What, was he from Ireland, or something? He was black, wasn’t he? From Ireland?

LAST WORD: Reading the tea leaves
If unemployment doesn't abate and incomes don't rise much, President Obama could easily be hovering around 40% approval in November. What does the generic ballot, which is partially keyed off of the President's approval rating, look like then?
The real question is... does President McDreamy have a plan B?