24 April 2010

The capricious and unknowable...

..."Will of Allah"...

A wave of bombings in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, has killed at least 58 people and wounded more than 100. Most of the attacks occurred near Shia mosques during Friday prayers. At least two went off near the offices of radical Shia cleric Moqtada Sadr.

There were at least six bombings in Baghdad on Friday, with some reports putting the total at 13.

Meanwhile seven people also died on Friday in a series of bombings in the western town of Khalidya in Anbar province. The attacks reportedly targeted the homes of police officers and a judge.
Meanwhile, back here in Canada, I look forward to the latest stunt in the despicable, non-stop Ignatieff & company campaign... to brand Canadian soldiers as "war criminals."


maryT said...

Speaking of war criminals, the Navy Seals on trial for giving a leading terrorist a cut lib have been acquitted.
Lost in that story is the fact that the guy they hurt was behind the killing and burning and hanging of 4 marines, after dragging their bodies thru the streets.
I am sure that the liberals/ndp feel a lot of compassion for the guy with the hurt lip.

Neo Conservative said...

"maryt says... the guy they hurt was behind the killing and burning and hanging of 4 marines"

not relevant to the lunatic left. they just wanna know all about his terrible, deprived childhood.