24 April 2010

Less than meets the eye

Is it possible that Nazim Gillani had a rabbit up his sleeve all this time?

-- OTTAWA -- The man who connected Mr. Gillani with Mr. Jaffer agreed to speak publicly for the first time to explain why he believes his fast-talking cousin’s boastfulness is really to blame for the Guergis-Jaffer affair.
Well... boastfulness AND duplicity...
In an e-mail that Mr. Gillani wrote that day to potential investors, he called Mr. Jaffer the “Canadian government money access point” and he described his cousin, who also came to the steakhouse meeting, as part of a something called “the Garfunkel Group.” Mr. Lakhani said Friday that the “Garfunkel Group” doesn’t exist, and his cousin must have made it up.

“I don’t know what it is that motivated him,” he said. “That’s the kind of falsities in which he operated in to do his business. ... I’m a victim too.”
Sounds like Michael Ignatieff's star witness has some 'splainin to do.


"You mean this whole thing is based on lies and innuendo concocted by a known liar and a way too gullible media?"

"Who would have thunk it?"
Who indeed? Not, apparently... Michael Ignatieff.


Anonymous said...

This is totally irrelevant - the truth has nothing to do with the witch hunt -- the Liberals have a good story going; injecting truth or facts would only confuse the media so please avoid doing that; we wouldn't want the MSM to have to think or do research without the guidance of Liberal backroom boys. Please, stop printing the truth; it only confuses people.

Patsplace said...

I too have to urge you to stop printing the truth about this matter. Next you'll have me thinking that the tables are going to turn any day now and the "Trap will have been sprung".

And Iggy said: Is that Harvard I hear calling?

Neo Conservative said...

it's true... the truth seems to be horribly over-rated.

my sincerest apologies to you both.


langmann said...

You mean this whole thing is based on lies and innuendo concocted by a known liar and a way too gullible media?

Who would have thunk it?

I mean c'mon a guy who is hated by the entire speculative business community, surrounds himself by hookers and does most of his business at a strip joint? Why would that guy make stuff up?

My father was a newspaper editor. He broke a few stories. He was never sued during his career. I remember one time someone made false accusations against a town councellor. My father was the only one who never printed them because he had no proof. Everyone else got sued, but it was too late the person's reputation was damaged by people who only read headlines. It was a good lesson.

Neo Conservative said...

the fact is... good ol' rahim jaffer... deservedly so... didn't even pass the voter sniff test in 2008.

still, in fairness... it's a bit of a leap from an alleged greedhead partyboy... to a conservative cabinet minister being up to her blackberry in hookers, mobsters & blow.


langmann said...

Starting to actually feel sorry for Guergis. I wanted her gone when she behaved like a spoiled brat at the airport but now I am beginning to see why: Jaffer had just managed to get himself arrested the day before. Enough to stress anyone out.

Now her career is ruined due to partly a combination of a goof for a husband, and mostly an unsufferable media looking for scandal anywhere it can.

That's gotta suck.