26 April 2010

Perhaps the question should be...

"Do I actually want my eight year-old child... to be learning the, uh... 'ins & outs'... of anal sex?"


tao_taier said...

I haven't been paying any attention to the whole thing. But seriously? anal sex is on the curriculum but not natural fertility awareness?

FA: as in an accurate comprehension off their ovulation and how to avoid pregnancy to begin with.

ferinstance, pass the like off to any and all women you know that you may think would be interested in fertility health and control etc. It'll help in the fight against needless abortion and show how unnecessary it's been to begin with.


^"Taking charge of your fertility"

(I'm "spam" this site off just about any chance I get. I encourage anyone who by chance reads this to do the same.)

It ought to finally shut up the Liberals for good on the topic.

Neo Conservative said...

tao... you have obviously never been to a liberal party function.

they're all about the dope and the anal sex... go figure.