30 April 2010

Yeah, you dumb bunny...

...it's all about your dick...

-- GUANTANAMO -- A Canadian prisoner refused to attend his hearing in the Guantanamo war crimes tribunal on Friday because he felt guards had searched his pants for contraband in a humiliating manner, lawyers said.

"He believes it comes too close to his genitalia in the way it's being done."

Khadr told her Friday's search had included unprecedented moving and shaking, which he considered humiliating, and therefore he refused to get into the van that would take him to court, she testified.
I'm thinking... if I was on trial for my life... this might not be the biggest thing on my mind.


Anonymous said...

LOVE it.
Maybe this killer was ashamed of the small size of his package and it took the guards a "bit" more effort to find and search it thoroughly, hence his humiliation and the need to hide his face like his moma has to.

Neo Conservative said...

pretty finicky behaviour for a guy who uses his bare left hand instead of toilet paper.

wonder what he'll do... he ends up in supermax married to the guy with the most cigarettes?


Anonymous said...


Thinking that this incident is what he's more accustomed to as far as 'his views of justice' goes.
The 'oh you humiliated me' seems rather pale in comparison.

kursk said...

Wee Omar should have just shut up and enjoyed himself.It was probably the closest thing to any action he's seen , being in solitary confinement and all...

Personally, I would have stuck a roto rooter up his *ss to check for contraband.

Anonymous said...


The best of the article is this first paragraph.

"The military judge overseeing Omar Khadr’s war crimes hearing refused to order medical treatment for the accused Canadian, saying he didn't intend to “second guess” the care and security arrangements provided by military guards at Guantanamo Bay's prison camps."
p.s. google hates me wha wha wha, won't let me in!! Good for a HR lame victim claim no?/
Ok I'm over it and liking bing.

Anonymous said...

He probably like it. A lot of these Arab guys swing both ways apparently, it is 'cultural.' Maybe that is why the left has such a fascination with them? (real conservative)

Honey Pot said...

One thing you can be sure of a Kadr always acts like a Kadr. As far as I concerned they didn't torture that little terrorist bastard enough.

Momma Kadr sitting there with her calculator praying for a leftie government to see how much money they are going to give her for spawning a violent little retard.

Kadr the terrorist is definately a liberal, believing he is entitled to his entitlements.

Anonymous said...

It's all about stalling for time. The creep knows that if enough time goes by there might be a change in government back home in Canada. The new government would quite likely be one that will make bringing him home a very high diplomatic priority and, once he is home, make him a very wealthy man. Does anyone think he doesn't know this?

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... It's all about stalling for time."

a time honoured tactic of defense attorneys worldwide.

i'm surprised they're not trying to get sympathy because poor omar's father is dead.