16 April 2010

"The Iggy is blowin'..."

"...in the wind..."

In a way, it was a bold move for Mr. Ignatieff to reverse his initial indifferent stand: Doing so would mean challenging Quebec, something federal leaders of all stripes -- but particularly Liberals--have always been loath to do.

Then again, in defending the CHA, Mr. Ignatieff would be taking on the government of Premier Jean Charest, which is mired in scandal and beset with allegations of its incompetence. So it makes an easy target to attack.
Well... he can always go back to Hah-vuhd.


wilson said...

Jack says to Iffy, shaking his pointed finger,
" that's a deal breaker ol' pal, ol' coalition partner,
you get the crown, we get the policy"

So far Jack 3, Iffy 0
-EI 360
-no corporate tax cuts
-CHA or bust

I'm curious if Jack gives Iffy a win over a carbon tax,
won't know that unless the coalition is able to lie it's way thru an election campaign and wins enough seats to seize govt..eh

Neo Conservative said...

these days... iggy might as well be wearing a "for sale" around his neck.

the liberals... they're flexible.