26 April 2010

In David Miller's Socialist Paradise...

...it's apparently every spineless little shit for himself...

-- TORONTO -- An elderly man who cried out for help as he was being mugged on a Toronto subway train received no assistance from other commuters, police said Monday.

It was not immediately clear how many people were on the train or why they ignored the plight of the 79-year-old victim.
But hey... it's not a total loss... apparently the intrepid locals were able to supply a crackerjack description to the constabulary...
"The suspects are believed to be in their 20s."
Uh huh... they really call this place Toronto the Good? I sure don't get it.
It’s an act that could save lives, but Torontonians are the least likely in the province to register to become an organ donor, according to a recent report.

UPDATE: Shame on them all
“They just grabbed me and took my wallet out from my pocket,” Mr. Hizel told City-TV Monday. “I screamed to the passengers but they ignored it. The train was almost half full.”

UPDATE2: Note to Globe & Mail...

...you need a new reporter... looks like there was a descripton of the suspects after all...
The victim, who Const. Drummond described as "spry," attempted to activate the Passenger Assistance Alarm, but could not reach it. The two men, both described only as black men in their 20s wearing all-black clothing, grabbed the man and took his wallet.
And yes, Dawg... if it's relevant when poor black youths are gunned down by the "systemically racist" Toronto Police... it's relevant when they mug an octogenarian.


RELATED: Just spitballin' here, but...

...does it have anything to do with drugs?
-- FORT MCMURRAY -- Alberta's Somali community is accusing the province's justice minister of "playing political games" by refusing to set up a task force to find out why so many young Somali-Canadians have died violently in the province.

A 19-year-old who was facing drug charges became the latest Somali murder victim on the weekend in the oilsands town of Fort McMurray, a hotbed for the illegal drug trade.
Just more fun & games.


langmann said...

Can't blame the folks for not helping. You never know when one of those spinless punks is carrying a gun or a knife. Remember defence of property is not a legitimate reason to use force in Canada.

jwkozak91 said...

New York, 1980 = Toronto, 2010?

If so, does that mean it'll be 20 years before Toronto gets their Giuliani?

Bec said...

BS, you couldn't help, that's simply the mindset and excuse. 40 people making noise and working together would intimidate these losers, being silent gave them all the power.
It's disgusting and the transit system needs to empower people as well the legal system need to give us back our voice and reason.

This country is a joke by allowing these losers to walk around amongst us.

Neo Conservative said...

you push the yellow alarm strip... the cops & train crew meet the train (doors stay closed) at the next station.


Anonymous said...

It's a well-researched and documented psychological phenomenon called the Bystander Effect, which is related to another principle called the Diffusion of Responsibility. As parodoxical as it appears, the greater the number of people present, the less likely someone will intervene.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... well-researched and documented psychological phenomenon"

yeah... sorta like back in the day, when "attention deficit hyperactivity disorder" used to be called... "geez, there's somethin' really wrong with that kid."

give yourself a shake, professor... they sat there and watched two thugs violently rob somebody's grandfather.

there's a place i'd be proud to call home.


Anonymous said...

"give yourself a shake, professor... they sat there and watched two thugs violently rob somebody's grandfather."

A little quick to rush to judgement, aren't you? I didn't say it was right. In fact, I didn't offer an opinion at all. Like you, I am a conservative and believe in personal responsibility. However, I also realise that human behaviour is extremely complex and sometimes requires complex explanations.

Neo Conservative said...

sorry, prof... would you be happier if i made this commentary a little more interrogative?

how about... is it too much to ask that, of the 50 or 60 people on that subway car watching an old man get robbed... that one or two could have perhaps pushed the passenger alarm or went to his aid?

pretty please?

what sort of cheesedick coward just sits there and does nothing?


Anonymous said...

Actually, I'd be happier if you kept the tone of discourse more civilised and I'm not stating that sarcastically. I've done nothing beyond offering information and dispassionate explanations, which, for some reason, you deem worthy of scorn and condescension.

tao_taier said...

This all kinda links to what I meant when I once said "pacifism condones violence"..ehh.. something like that... It's not meant to be a blanket statement but more onto wimpy bleeding hearts who don't stand up for themselves or the safety of others.

That, AND those anti-war idiots who've essentially give the enemies of freedom a free pass to do whatever the hell they want to the rest of us while holding us to impossible standards.

Good thing my wife and I had to move away from there otherwise I'd of likely would of run into a muggers knife while attempting to help someone out of situation like that.

At least they would eventually find the thug since he'd be walking around with a permanent limp or bleeding/missing eye since I'm no longer the type to sit an clench my wounds in such situations. I say, let the viking out. Theres not much use in playing the victim since the mugger won't give a damn. And apparently neither with passes by.

Least if things go all out they can feel somewhat guilty over letting things get that far by not stepping in as well if able.

Sorry if that all sounds a little graphic but when you mug someone and violate their personal space, your asking for a world of hurt*.

Crime would go down if that was the typical reaction since it would quickly de-glorify the thug life that Toronto is growingly becoming famous for.

tao_taier said...

--- continued:

A person wouldn't even have to resort to such things if it was the responsible law abiding citizens carrying guns rather then the criminals. Can't even "arm" myself with a dinky air pistol now since according to the Ontario Libs its a dangerous weapon... really? well so is a pen if you get stabbed in the throat with it.
Or branch off a tree or group of people and their fists...(which has lead to deaths in Toronto and I'm sure elsewhere).

Hell, allow low cal pocket guns to seniors who passes a bi-annual psych exams and muggers will have to think twice about how much their life is worth a chance at someones wallet.

Our seniors deserve better than what the libs and dips give.

The lib/dips create too many rights for violent offenders not enough for the public.

[*For the record I'm naturally a clean fighter but if some lowlife is gonna push things, better he feel the hurt than me since at least I'll make an effort to make up for the damages unlike said scum bucket.**]

**I'm sure our troops aboard have to deal with similar parallels against the Taliban.

I once had PTSD for roughly 6 months after something happened to me, in that time had I got into a scuffle with anyone over anything I wouldn't of been able to control myself. (and I'm a small guy)

Was nearly 2 years to recover fully. It helps to not fall into a state of victim hood as some apparently do. They shouldn't let what happens to them define who they are. Since you can always recover if you really want to.

That CBC special about PTSD was a pathetic joke. What happened to me was also personal which makes it ten times worse. On the battlefield becoming the victim of terror only plays into the enemy's hands all the more. Getting back to living your life again is the best thing a person can do. That isn't to say a person is running away from their problems but rather, not letting those problems ruin or control their lives.

If a person has kids, its usually best to just forget what you can't currently deal with or learn from and just carry on with your life rather then let it pull you down.

The bad stuff shouldn't make a person miss out on the good.

As for getting mugged, it must suck pretty bad to lose a wallet though. People should be allowed to defend their wallets even if the mugger losses his life in the process, he essentially brought it on himself. Though I suspect very few would really resort to taking a life unless they absolutely had to.

Then again, when approached by a group you usually have to mess up the first one that comes at you to the point of where the others don't want to have it happen to them too. It's sad whenever it has to come to stuff like that but really its better than becoming the victim, since your not just saving yourself but in a sense keeping them from doing it to someone else. Which is how I look at it.

Aikido is both good and balanced in its use of self defense.
Least a person can remain civil while "pacifying" aggressors, no need to go through the process of sacrificing a bit of your humanity like the old viking method, only to eventually recover it at some later date...aheh hopefully.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... kept the tone of discourse more civilised"

you mean civilised like these guys?

puh-leese. i feel strongly... i speak strongly... i won't apologise for that. and i absolutely despise suckass political correctness.

i'm sure there are plenty of folks out there selling rainbows & unicorns... don't feel you have to waste valuable time on a knuckle-dragger like me.


Anonymous said...

"puh-leese. i feel strongly... i speak strongly... i won't apologise for that. and i absolutely despise suckass political correctness."

I despise it also, but not everything falls under the rubric of "suckass political correctness." Your reaction was more fitting for some of the trolls who seem to follow you around like flies on shit. I would have thought that comments that were less inflammatory, confrontational and ad-hominen would be welcomed. It's your blog, though, so I guess you get to set the rules of engagement.

Too bad you didn't catch John Tory talking about this issue on CFRB last night. You could have enlightened him, professor John Darley of Princeton University, and all the listeners as to why the Bystander Effect and the Diffusion of Responsibility are airey-fairey, politically correct bullshit. I'm sure they'd all agree that research that began 50 years ago is obviously part of some progessive, leftist agenda. It's not too late, though. Here's Prof. Darley's email address, jdarley@princeton.edu, and here's a link to some of the crap he writes about the Bystander Effect: http://weblamp.princeton.edu/~psych/psychology/research/darley/pdfs/Do%20Groups%20Always%20Inhibit%20.pdf. Feel free to take him to task for being such an asshat. But don't tell him about your competing "Cheesedick Coward" theory. You know, the one that says that people will act like cheesedick cowards when confronted by violent situations in which there are complex, socio-dynamic mechanisms at work. He'll just steal it. After all, accepting the unfounded opinions and assertions of a straight-shootin', PC nonsense bustin', blog owner (impeccable credentials, by the way) is much easier than spending a lifetime in grinding, dull, scientific research.

Thanks for making me see the light.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon spouts... impeccable credentials, by the way"

pardon me, professor... now you're gonna wipe the chalk dust off your hands & talk smack?

maybe you should read slower.

as long-time readers of this blog are aware... in a previous career incarnation... i was a subway motorman in toronto.

i've stepped into more of these type of confrontations than you apparently can imagine.

would you have just sat there watching an old man get robbed and rationalised your inaction with some type of syndrome?

come back and talk to me after you've jumped on some moron beating on his equally moronic girlfriend... or taken a letter opener off a drunk, combative teenager.

i piss on these fancy-ass syndromes... sometimes you have to just stand up and be a man.