21 November 2017

The usual suspects...

Police launched raids on addresses across Germany overnight on Tuesday, arresting six Syrian men suspected of plotting a mass casualty terror attack with “weapons or explosives” in the country.

"Yeah, it's right over there..."

"...right next to the safe 'S&M dungeon'..."

“We’re on the verge of experiencing something we’ve never seen before,” he said. “The amount of government money being spent encouraging people to take drugs – instead of trying to get them off drugs — is unprecedented.”

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We have almost no idea which anti-homelessness programs work well and which don’t, says Canada’s former Parliamentary budget officer, despite the millions upon millions of dollars we spend on them each year.

20 November 2017

Extremely Useful Animal Lore...


...Grizzly bear dung has little bells in it and smells like pepper...


insert alt text here

“Thursday is Thanksgiving, and there’s so much to be thankful for this year, unless you’re a human woman. Sure, this was taken before Franken ran for public office, but it was also taken after he was a sophomore in high school. It’s pretty hard to be like, ‘Oh, come on, he didn’t know any better.

He was only 55.’”
Of course, not everyone is on board...
As a feminist and the author of a book on rape culture... I don’t believe Al Franken resigning his position is the only possible consequence, or the one that’s best for American women.
It's not like he's Donald Trump.


UPDATE: Today's Transgressor...
“There’s momentum on the inside to continue without Jeffrey Tambor,” a source told Variety on Friday.

UPDATE2: Here we go again...
The New York Post received two separate photographs of disgraced Senator Al Franken (D-MN) appearing to grope Arianna Huffington’s butt and breast during a photo shoot in 2000.

What passes for news...

...at Canada's national broadcaster...deaf, blind and dumb

"Gaitrie Persaud didn't think she could go see Jay Z perform in Toronto next week — not because she's deaf but because she didn't know if the venue would provide the sign language interpreter she requires."
Let's ramp this up fellas... I'm sure, somewhere out there, there's a two-spirited blind guy in a wheelchair who's being denied access to the National Portrait Gallery.

All disabilities... all the time.


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"Last Saturday, for example, I had to reach rapidly for the dial when I heard that the CBC’s idea of celebrating the country’s war dead on Remembrance Day was to run a program on the internment of Japanese and Italian Canadians."
Much better...
The Prime Minister's apology is expected to be the most comprehensive ever offered by any national government for past persecution of sexual minorities.
Sweet baby jebus... I'm moving to Texas.


LAST WORD: News or not news?
"Now the big question is how is it that a teller can be shot in the leg and it doesn’t get coverage."
Yes... why would Toronto media gloss over this story?

19 November 2017

In hindsight...

"And what the Democrat Party did instead • turning their party into an accessory to Clinton’s appetites, shamelessly abandoning feminist principle, smearing victims and blithely ignoring his most credible accuser, all because Republicans funded the investigations and they’re prudes and it’s all just Sexual McCarthyism • feels in the cold clarity of hindsight like a great act of partisan deformation."

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"The statue of Bill Clinton that stands in South Dakota must come down, and the Clinton Library located in Little Rock must be shut down."

“I just don’t understand..."

"...how the police cannot shut down a dispensary where the person has a big sign up on Rideau Street, that says ‘marijuana dispensary.’ They brag about it on the internet that they are selling it," said Justice Norman Boxall.

“Yet I expect those same police officers to be able to arrest drug dealers who use encrypted BlackBerrys and coded language. How are they ever going to arrest most types of criminals if they can’t shut down the shops?” he asked.

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...simply a "veteran of the streets"...
“He ripped off a lot of people, and I guess now it’s payback,” she said. “He burned a lot of people. He even burned me once. He’s a very nice person and he has a good heart, but when you’re hurting... when you’re ‘jonesing’ for a fix, they’ll do anything."
Enough touchy-feely... what's the actual facts here?
Johnson had a lengthy criminal record and frequent run-ins with both police and rivals on the street.
Surprise, surprise.

Well, it's not like the judicial system isn't part of the problem...
A Kingston inmate who says he joined a penitentiary revolt only because he feared violating the “prison code” has won the right to use those unwritten rules in his defence.
Obviously, the inmates are running the asylum.

18 November 2017

Those despicable, misogynistic Swedes

...wait a minute... if you're not measuring... you're not managing...insert alt text here

"Forty years after the Swedish parliament unanimously decided to change the formerly homogenous Sweden into a multicultural country, violent crime has increased by 300% and rapes by 1,472%. Sweden is now number two on the list of rape countries, surpassed only by Lesotho in Southern Africa."
Please note the jaw-dropping statistical variance between Sweden and it's close neighbour Denmark.

Of course, that sort of thing couldn't happen in Justin Trudeau's post-national sta... sweet baby jebus...
"Mohamad Rafia, a Syrian refugee told a Fredericton court that he didn’t know it was a crime in Canada to beat your wife with a hockey stick for half an hour."

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Norwegian Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Anniken Hauglie has raised alarm bells after a report has revealed that migrants account for half of the welfare beneficiaries in the country.

Neighbouring Sweden has also been dealing with similar statistics when it comes to newly arrived migrants being unable or unwilling to enter the labour market. Employment figures from earlier this year showed that the unemployment rate for native Swedes was a mere 3.9 per cent while the immigrant rate was 21.8 per cent.

17 November 2017

Once a Liberal...

...always a Liberal...best buddies

In his most recent contribution to the site, Levin commented on an article in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, entitled, “What exactly is an unusual sexual fantasy?”

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...that sounds so familiar...
"In a recent CP24 video from Toronto’s Pride parade, he is seen with Wynne, current federal Liberal golden boy Justin Trudeau and former interim leader Bob Rae."
Of course he is.

16 November 2017

And St-Ignace in Huronia...

...will be renamed... "Big Missionary Stew"...

To prevent him from speaking more, they cut off his tongue, and both his upper and lower lips. After that, they set themselves to strip the flesh from his legs, thighs, and arms, to the very bone; and then put it to roast before his eyes, inorder to eat it.
And then there's this...
If a group of First Nations get their wish, Calgary will be renamed Wichispa Oyade — Stoney Nakoda terms that roughly translate to mean "Elbow Town."

Ron Kelland, program co-ordinator, said the application will be evaluated in a process that will include public consultations.
I suspect regular readers know where I stand on this sort of argle-bargle.


"How do they plan to spell it? Using white privilege language."

How would you react...

...if you found out your cardiothoracic surgeon had been part of an "affirmative action" troop back in medical school? My personal feelings about this sort of thing are no secret...

Ok, here's what I think. If I came home from work and my house was on fire... who would I want running up that ladder to pull my kid to safety?

At that point I wouldn't be thinking SAT scores, or where anybody came from, or even gender... assuming that the woman who sprang into action was the biggest, strongest, most single-minded sonofabitch on the scene.
So, where should we offer exemptions to the "meritocracy" rule?

How about the judicial system?
Already there has been established in the Yale Law School building a Black Law Students Union lounge with furniture and law books provided by the school. And I learned from Dean Poor that the 12 black students in the present first year class who were admitted under relaxed standards have not done well academically.

Dean Poor attributed this deficiency to the pre-occupation of these students with racial activities. I think it equally logical to attribute their preoccupation with racial activities to their lack of qualification to compete on even terms in the study of law.
Someone is going to pay for this sort of thing... bigtime.

15 November 2017

Trudeau "Apology Tour 2017" continues

Trudeau says it's now theoretically possible the trash could be repatriated by Canada, although there's still questions around who will pay for it. He says the issue is a long-standing irritant rooted in a commercial transaction that didn't involve government.
Oh, I know who's gonna pay for it.
Trudeau says his government has already removed a legal hurdle that had prevented the waste from being returned to Canada.

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"It is a personal and official insult,” Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte told a news conference later Tuesday of his discussion with Trudeau. “It angers me when you are a foreigner, you do not know what exactly is happening in this country. You don’t even investigate.”

14 November 2017

I Blame Geography

Once again, the mysterious curse of Northwest Toronto strikes down a hapless citizen...

A man believed to be in his 50s has died in hospital after a daylight stabbing on Weston Road, north of Lawrence Avenue. Police said they are looking for one suspect who fled in a red sport utility vehicle.

He is described as a [insert speculation here] in his late 20s or early 30s, five-foot-eleven, slim build and long curly hair. He was wearing all black clothing and a black toque.
Oh my gawd... it's ninjas!!!


UPDATE: Slain man 54th murder victim...
David Blacquiere, 54, a father of four from Angus stabbed to death Tuesday morning in Toronto’s northwest end may have been in the wrong place at the wrong time, police say.

Police say Blacquiere’s attacker fled the scene with the help of another man. Demetrius McFarquhar, 24, of Toronto is wanted for accessory after the fact to murder, attempting to obstruct justice and failure to comply with recognizance.

UPDATE2: The usual suspects...insert alt text hereToronto... get out while you still can.


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...renowned home to neurosurgeons and particle physicists...
A man is in hospital with critical injuries following a shooting near Regent Park late Monday night.

Shots rang out near Dundas and Parliament streets at around 11 p.m.
Which is how pre-adolescent area children know it's time to come inside.


RELATED2: The criminality spreads...
According to police, investigators believe that the two suspects in the recent incidents are likely responsible for a total of six carjacking and attempted carjacking incidents in Ajax over the past month.

LAST WORD: Curse you, Samuel de Champlain...
Slavery was introduced by French colonialists in the early 1600s and remained a feature of early Canadian life for 200 years — until it was abolished throughout British North America in 1834.
We will commence pulling down statuary in three... two...


allahu akbarbie

“It’s something I wear like I wear a shirt or I wear pants,” she said, adding that she hoped children would “take it off and try it on their other Barbies.”

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"The niqab is no more an article of clothing than a KKK costume. Both are cause-rooted uniforms, draped over clothing, designed to embody a strong message."

"If she is undressed, as the father in the house, you will have to kill her. How else can the "honor" of your family be regained?"

13 November 2017


"Okay, that puts it in perspective! We need to subpoena Walter Koenig right away, before he flees the country!"
"Well, it might be expensive, but at least it's ugly."

Oberlin College offers...

...a masters degree in thuggery...

David Gibson believed the policy would be inconsistent with his core belief that an educational institution of higher learning should be teaching its students not to commit robbery and theft, instead of sheltering and excusing that criminal activity.

Thus, Oberlin College took a position that sacrificed the commitment to the rule of law and the safety of the Oberlin community... In doing so, Oberlin College by example, words, and conduct exploited its students and taught them that it is permissible to harm community members without fear of repercussion.
You just might wanna consider sending your kids to welding school.

12 November 2017

$58 trillion needs to be invested...

...in the "War on Carbon Dioxide"...liar,liar

So, if my math is correct, we are being asked by Tom “Rhymes with Liar” Steyer and his green rent-seeking pals and the one world government freaks at the UN to gamble the equivalent of 290 Apollo Missions on the unproven theory that CO2 acts as the control knob for global climate.

Does that sound to you like good value for money?
For the record, two years into this madness, Canada's CO2 emissions are still going up. Turn's out, Donald Trump was the only sane, honest man in the room.