22 August 2014

Another story you're not gonna see...

...on the CBC...

Wednesday in Ferguson, the buzz was about a Facebook posting by local radio station 100.7 FM claiming the officer in the Aug. 9 shooting, Darren Wilson, would not be indicted because key witnesses said 18-year-old Michael Brown attacked the officer and attempted to take away his gun. Fox News reported Wilson suffered severe facial injuries, including an eye-socket fracture, and was nearly beaten unconscious by Brown moments before firing his gun./
It's Trayvon all over again... right down to interference from the Whitehouse... and suddenly the media is packing their bags?

Where's the justice for Officer Darren Wilson?


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...the autopsy report shows he's lying again...
He has already done multiple media appearances where he falsely claimed Brown was shot by Wilson in the back. He also has claimed that Brown never reached for Wilson’s gun, was “shot like an animal” and that Brown had his hands up and told Wilson he was unarmed.
What exactly does it take before the MSM stops peddling their flawed narrative?

LAST WORD: You can do the right thing

Support Officer Darren Wilsonactual justice... not lies

21 August 2014

Somebody refresh my memory...

...which medical school did Dr. Justin Trudeau attend?

Oh yeah... that'd be the Keith Richards School of Pharmacology.

They already opposed tobacco. Now the nation’s doctors say Canadians shouldn’t smoke “any plant material” whatsoever, including marijuana. Delegates at the Canadian Medical Association’s general council meeting voted Wednesday to formally oppose the smoking of any plant substance.

Outgoing CMA president Dr. Louis Hugo Francescutti said smoking harms the lungs’ “natural cleaning and repair system and traps cancer-causing chemicals” in the airways.

He cited a 2008 study by the American Chemical Society that found marijuana smoke contains many of the same chemicals as tobacco smoke but in substantially higher levels.
Ever seen a picture of a cancerous lung? I guess Justin hasn't.


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"What I remember about smoking dope was that it made you loll around on that dusty old couch in somebody's partially finished basement... listening endlessly to the same Steppenwolf 8-track tape, on a stereo cranked up so high it would've sterilised a labrador retriever."
And then I grew up and had a family.

20 August 2014

With apologies to George Orwell

Some stories are more equal than others.

19 August 2014

Well, the appetizer was an...

...orbital blowout fracture...a viscious injuryWhaddaya suppose this "gentle giant" would've served up as a main course?


UPDATE: Brown buddy admits lyingjust more lies undoneThe question now is... will this stop the looting & burning... or will the looters double down?

18 August 2014

If President Obama had another son...

Attorney General Eric Holder steps in and Trayvonates investigation...

The "extraordinary circumstances" surrounding Brown's death and a request by his family prompted the Justice Department's decision to conduct a THIRD autopsy, agency spokesman Brian Fallon said in a statement.
You know... 'circumstances' like forensic evidence running totally contrary to eyewitness accounts of what happened.


UPDATE: New eyewitness suddenly surfaces...

...just after autopsy results that refute previous eyewitness testimony that Michael Brown was shot in the back.
According to Piaget Crenshaw, Wilson looked like he was trying to pull Brown into the police car. She said it “upset the officer” that Brown got away, and he began firing at him.

By her account, when one of the bullets grazed Brown's arm, he turned around and “then he was shot multiple times.”
Yup... only now he was shot in the front of his body. Whew, that was a close call.

How good is this new witness? Heck she's even able to tell you what the police officer was thinking...
She described how after Brown was lying dead on the street, “Wilson looks baffled, like 'What have I just done?'”
Front, back... those are just tiny details, right?

I guess my question is... just how many times do witnesses get to change the narrative?