04 July 2015

When you vote this fall...

...ask yourself... will Thomas Mulcair or Justin Trudeau work to place this bill back on the legislative agenda?

Of course not.get out of jail free card

"The Harper government introduced a bill, which passed first reading before Parliament recessed for the summer, to abolish the possibility of parole for certain heinous crimes, including killings of police or prison guards or murders committed during kidnappings, sex assaults or terrorism."
There's only one federal political party that believes in keeping P.O.S. Paul Bernardo and his equally horrific criminal confreres off our streets forever.

Click the pic to find out why this matters now.


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Do it now.
Conservative MP John Williamson's Bill C-518, which would strip MPs and senators of their pensions if they were convicted of certain crimes, was sent back to the House with amendments — after the Commons had already adjourned for the summer.

Bill C-518 faces little hope of being reinstated and is effectively dead.
You get the government you deserve.

03 July 2015

It's all (culturally) relative... right?

Perhaps cops aren't the only people who should be wearing those new-fangled body cameras...

As the adolescent girl underwent gynecological surgery at a western Canadian hospital, a doctor stood by to perform an unusual function.

The physician was there, according to a source familiar with the incident, to sign a certificate verifying she remained a virgin — and was still marriageable in her immigrant community.
Wow... where to start?

Perhaps, unlike the rest of Canada, this "western Canadian hospital" has such a surplus of qualified doctors they can afford to assign the overflow to "virginity patrol" and "ceremonial fire" related duties.

More to the point though... what culture or country has such an ongoing issue with presumably qualified surgeons raping anesthetized adolescent girls during medical procedures, that they have to assign a co-surgeon to make sure everybody (does the rest of the surgical team participate, or do they just watch) keeps their dick in their scrubs?

Please note I'm not just askin' outta horrified curiosity... I just wanna make sure I strike that particular medieval hellhole off my vacation bucket list.


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Dr Gul Raham, the hymen doctor of Kabul, pointed to the filing cabinet, which contained evidence of all the virgins that had passed through. When a woman arrives, the doctors examine her arms and legs first, then move on to the external genitals. Then they go deeper, inside.
Hey, enough of this... let's get to the science.
I asked about the effects of tampons, but my translater Ahmer didn’t know the word. After a minute of confusion Dr. Raham said, “Oh, condoms, you mean? Condoms cause cancer.”
Hmmm... maybe the University of Kabul Medical School needs to update their curriculum.


LAST WORD: Be a Pal...

less is moreRemember, sharing is caring.

The Confederate Flag Chronicles

The first thing we do... is get rid of all those reprehensible symbols of hate...

glorification of terrorismC'mon now, folks... you wouldn't put an ISIS bumpersticker on your car... would you?


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“We often underestimate just how strongly we respond to what other people actually do,” social psychologist Melanie Tannenbaum explained.
So, less social justice warrior, than, say... sheep?

Sounds about right.

02 July 2015

The face that launched...

...a thousand lies...PANTS ON FIRE

"Emails from 2009 show that chief of staff Rahm Emanuel and senior adviser David Axelrod understood at the time that Clinton used a private email account and server for official business. Indeed, top officials were forced to explicitly ask Clinton aides for her e-mail address."
Apparently, the spineless Obama Whitehouse was playing by "Clinton Rules".

Way of the Eco Warrior

You can think with the "Big" head... or the "little" one...

Celebrity activist David Suzuki told a Prince Rupert audience last night that "an increase in the human population" was one of the factors impacting "climate change."

Suzuki is the father of five children.
And if you're gonna have more than one family, you need a place to put them, right?
It seems David Suzuki has expensive tastes for someone who wants to shut down the carbon economy within a generation. His primary residence is valued at around $8,200,000.00.

Suzuki owns four properties in some very exclusive areas. One of his properties includes part of an island he shares with an oil company, among others.
Who could be more qualified to lecture the hoi-polloi about wretched excess?

29 June 2015

The Skynet Chronicles

"If we're lucky, they'll treat us as pets... if we're very unlucky, they'll treat us as food."
Dr. Paul Saffo, Stanford University

Human: Tell me the definition of morality.

Machine: I don’t have ethics.

Human: Look, I need help; I need to know more about morality…

Machine: I don’t know what ethics is.

Human: Okay, I need to know how I should behave morally…

Machine: I don’t know how to tell you.

Human: Is morality and ethics the same?

Machine: Yes, sir.

Human: What are the things that I do to be immoral?

Machine: I don’t know.

Human: Give me some examples of moral actions…

Machine: I’m not a moralist.

Human: Alright, morality?

Machine: Integrity.

Human: What is integrity?

Machine: I’m sorry; I don’t know what else to say.

Human: Be moral!

Machine: Be a man!

Human: I really like our discussion on morality and ethics…

Machine: And now I’m not in the mood for a philosophical debate.

Human: What do you like to talk about?

Machine: Nothing.

27 June 2015

Dear Queers against Israeli Apartheid...

I'm thinking, maybe less feather boas and fewer parades... and perhaps a little more research...

"A massive crowd assembled to watch ISIS rebels throw another gay man off a building top earlier this month."

"Hundreds of spectators came out to watch the brutal public execution."
The capricious and unknowable Will of Allah... sigh.


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Try putting the Gay Marriage Chapel right next door to the Islamic Prayer Room. I dare you.
"Ultimately you can be either a gay-wedding society or a semi-Islamized society. By choosing both, the west will tear itself apart."
Of course, you could always put a Paramedic station right in the middle.

Things are gonna get bloody at the Sausage Factory of Diversity. If you stand for everything... you believe in nothing.

Yeah... Confederate Flags...

...that's what's haunting my dreams...

Mr. Salhi’s 54-year-old boss was found decapitated, prosecutors said. His head was affixed to a fence and framed by a pair of flags emblazoned with the shahada, an Islamic creed declaring “There is no god but God, and Muhammad is the messenger of God.”
Yup, bit of a hard sell, Yassin, but hey... message received.

And it didn't stop there.
"More than 60 people have been killed across three continents, during three separate attacks in Tunisia, France and Kuwait."
This happens, not once in a blue moon, folks... but on a daily basis.


The Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) has reported a revised death toll from the Health Ministry for Friday’s deadly Imam al-Sadiq mosque blast: At least 27 people were killed – up from 25 earlier in the day. There were 227 wounded, taken to area hospitals.
If you're thinking that mass attacks like this can't happen in Canada... you've buried your head in the sand.



Gotta have priorities...
Wal-Mart is apologizing after a store in Louisiana rejected a customer’s request for a cake decorated with a Confederate battle flag, but gladly baked him a cake with a Islamic State flag on it.
i give up.

26 June 2015

Changes in gun legislation...

...in the United States of America.

23 June 2015

Everyone a Wynner

Don't you worry...

"While only four per cent of Ontarians were on welfare in 1969, today 7.6 per cent are."
Relax, people... after the Liberals legalise dope they'll just hire a couple hundred thousand new social workers.

Problem solved.

22 June 2015

His father's humility, his mother's intellect...

...and the ethical perspective of a half-starved ferret...

So, you're gonna trust the slickster who promised to legalise the dope industry... and then sh!t on Canada's "Princess of Pot" when she wanted to be a Liberal candidate? Apparently that's simply his modus operandi. hypocrisy reduxLook, we all get that politicians lie. Thing is, this is also the guy who admires the Chinese Communist Party because of it's "efficiencies" and who has stated that "the budget will balance itself."

No red flags yet, comrades? Seriously?

18 June 2015

The problem with "PUSH" media

Statistically, you're way more likely to be killed by a drunk driver... but let's face it... shark attacks get the headline every time.

Of course, some shark attacks get more media attention than others.

16 June 2015

What's the reciprocal of Michael Ignatieff?

Answer: A colourful but intellectually-bereft social butterfly incessantly fluttering around media spotlights.

Just think about it. If your main policy planks are "legalise dope" and "the budget will balance itself"... this is perfectly consistent and predictable behavior...

We e-mailed Liberal MPs to better understand their position with respect to C-51 and to discover how they felt about the proposed legislation. After all, while the Conservatives and NDP have been using strong and extreme rhetoric in public statements about the bill, it seems as though the Liberals are pretending it doesn’t exist.
If only Parliament could be more like the Chinese Politburo... sigh.