01 September 2015

Donald Trump's not so secret weapon

It's obvious, isn't it? Trump isn't that slick, slimy relentlessly rehearsed "Machine Politics," or that selective, uber-socialist "Big Journo".

What it boils down to is this...

"You lie to us every day and we hate you for it."
Donald Trump says politically incorrect things we're all afraid to talk about these days.

It's not carefully calculated sound bites run past multiple focus groups and filtered of any actual meaning. Trump simply calls things by their proper names, and apparently, on some level, agree or disagree, a significant part of the electorate is drawn to that.

29 August 2015

Your hard earned money...

...his Manifesto...

Is Tommy Trotsky talking about rescheduling Liberal Ruby Dhalla's old age pension gravy train?

You remember...

"Allowing new Canadians to start receiving OAS after just three years, opposed to the current ten, would have cost taxpayers an estimated $700 million dollars per year."
What does it tell you, that, even the immigrant communities most concerned balked at the financial consequences of that shiny pre-election bauble.

As hot as this particular political potato may be, it appears the NDP isn't afraid to play with fire...
"While their immigration policies are not displayed anywhere on their website, the NDP has begun privately touting their plans to boost the number of parents and grandparents sponsored to immigrate into Canada.

Just last week, NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair told a group of South Asians in Surrey that family reunification for grandparents would be a top priority for him as Prime Minister."
"A TOP PRIORITY," huh, Tommy?

Your NDP folks... the Party of Pander. I wonder what else the Dippers have in their goody bag.

28 August 2015

Lady McBill's bid to "Benghazi" Biden

"Biden won’t be there, having declined an invitation. But his name will be on everyone’s lips in Minneapolis, especially after the latest Quinnipiac poll showed the vice president faring better than Clinton against a handful of Republicans, and with the highest favorability rating of any candidate."

27 August 2015

Where does Justin Trudeau stand...

...on transparency?

Let that sink in: a member of the elected band council had no clue his chief had pocketed $800,000 of band money as part of a land deal until the FNFTA forced its exposure.

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I'm beginning to understand why Justin believes "the budget will balance itself."

26 August 2015

Sláinte, Sylvester Flanagan...

When the Guinness starts to flow, those micks get homicid... wait a minute...fester flanagan

"You (deleted)! You want a race war (deleted)? BRING IT THEN YOU WHITE ...(deleted)!!!" ABC quoted from the manifesto.

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“The fact that he kept his job was because he was an African-American gay man. That’s pretty hard to say no to.”

UPDATE: If the Confederate flag...

...is a murderous symbol of hate... what about all the other ones?


LAST WORD: Do we really need Poets?

I mean, we already have all these pencils.

"You can't hide..."

"My oh my, you sure know how to arrange things. You set it up so well, so carefully"...

What actually happens when all that blood rushes from the BIG HEAD to the little one.

The top two passwords in the sample were unsurprisingly “123456” and “password”.
Cheating is easy.

Responsible & ethical are hard.


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Hundreds of Biderman’s emails released after a massive hack of Ashley Madison suggest that he has had multiple affairs, including one that went on for several years, and one with a Toronto-area escort.
Yes, I'm shocked.


LAST WORD: I'm guessing he's also...

...sleeping on the couch.cheaters never prosperNot the original data dump, mind you... the subsequent one that exposed his own cheatin ways.

New AshMad slogan... "Life is short, why not piss it all away?"

24 August 2015

An entirely appropriate...

...and not unexpected response. You run the table, you get to do the happy dance.nuclear ali

Since the signing of the nuclear deal between Iran and world powers in July, Khamenei has repeatedly spoken out against Tehran’s main negotiating partners in Washington. “The root cause of the problems returns to their real enemies, the US and Israel.”

Khamenei claimed Saturday that Islamic nations were being manipulated into internal strife by the world’s “bullies” and urged Islamic unity in the face of what he identified as the Umma’s two greatest enemies: the US and Israel.
Think about it. Barack Obama is freeing up 150 billion dollars in frozen Iranian assets. He's allowing Iran, despite that regime being the premier sponsor of Islamic terrorism worldwide, to climb back up on the international porch with the big dogs.

Most importantly, Iran (with their now paltry but legitimate 6060 nuclear centrifuges) gets to join the international Nuke-O-Sphere in the very near future. The supposed benefit here is that Iran's "breakout time", the time it would take them to put together enough weapons-grade uranium for one bomb, has been extended from about 3 months to one year. That's right, one year... IF they don't cheat. They also get to keep their "hardened facilities" at Natanz and Fordow... you know the ones that can't be easily destroyed.

In effect, Uncle Sam bent over and grabbed his ankles. Iran is off the hook and "off the chain", yet the Obama Whitehouse continues to frame this "agreement" as a victory. Remember, Iran doesn't have to shoot off an ICBM. They don't even have to do it themselves. Any one of Iran's terrorist proxies with ten kilos (Iran has amassed 10,000k to date) of highly enriched uranium and a case of C4 could make the Isle of Manhattan a much less desirable postal code for, well... way past my best-before date.

And Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is more than happy to shove all that in America's face at every opportunity.If you thought Iran was a danger previous to now, just imagine what they'll do with their newfound cash, influence and a grab bag of nukes.

For all that, you can thank Barack Hussein Obama. Hope and change bitches. Just remember, you brought it on yourselves.

22 August 2015

Mission Inexcusable

Something to think about the next time you're tempted to deploy the Nuremberg Defense...
seriously, you conficated the fartblaster

"In real life it doesn't do anything except make noise and apparently emit an odor that thankfully is said to be banana-scented."
How often is a toddler the smartest person in the room?

Live and don't learn...

...and don't live...

The gunman was already known by French authorities, according to CNN. He was a Moroccan national, living in Spain with his parents, and had been on three European counterterrorism agencies’ watchlists.
More "Known Wolves" terrorism.


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After all, he had a two hour, closed door session with that Muslim organisation the other day.


When the Liberals do it...

...it's an easily remedied misunderstanding... when a Conservative steps over the line, it's a 24/7 year long media circus.


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Rumours are the Liberals will shortly be announcing plans for a "Long Rope Registry."

Justin thinks you should be on the couch smoking dope... not making risky life choices.

21 August 2015

Nevertheless... FIRE... THEM... ALL...

...and disband the Senate. Think of the tens of millions of dollars you could immediately shift over to healthcare.

As entertaining as all this is to low information voters and political partisans, this is simply how Ottawa works. Ask Liberal Senator Mac Harb.

Or perhaps ask someone who doesn't have a dog in this fight...

“If you want to feel better about Canada, try explaining the Duffy-Wright scandal to someone from another country in one sentence.”
Try as hard as the liberal media might, this simply isn't the end of the world.
"It’s a 'scandalous' donation of private dollars to the public treasury."
If this were a serious attempt to change the grubby "both hands out" culture in the Senate and the House of Commons, surely we would submit every Senator and Parliamentarian to similar scrutiny. No wonder politicians so rarely accomplish anything of note.

Let's call this bullshit what it really is and move on.

Somewhere, an unassuming grad student...

...must be polishing their thesis on "Harper Derangement Syndrome"...

You think the prime minister has been slow to act on climate change? You object to his preference for tax restraint over big new spending programs? He’s too pro-Israel, too anti-Putin? You don’t like his voice, face, or haircut?

Vote against him!

But remember at the same time that Canada has posted the best economic record of any G7 country through the worst global economic crisis since the 1930s: more jobs, faster growth, and lower public-sector debt.

To dismiss this record as creeping authoritarianism, and to cite as proof that press conferences are less rowdy than they used to be, is to reveal an appetite for grievance so ravenous that it will swallow anything and pronounce it a meal.
Bravo, Mr Frum.


LAST WORD: Here are the people...

...who show up to riot...

lunatic leftiesSometimes, the real gold is in the reader comments.

20 August 2015

Mainly Because Of The Meat

You ever wonder how the Ontario Liberals, despite all their legal missteps and financial scandals continue to get re-elected?cheatin', lyin', lunatic leftWhen your core demographic doesn't give a fig about right and wrong... you're untouchable.


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...I'm here to save you.

E-mail addresses of cheaters -- including government officials, civil servants and high-level executives -- were among those hackers released in the Ashley Madison data leak Tuesday.

LAST WORD: Know someone with a cheatin' heart?

Check to see if their email address is in the Ashley Madison data dump.

19 August 2015

"From the heart, er... brains outward"

Liberal candidate & Social Justice Warrior from Calgary Nosehills takes abortion rights to the next logical level...

from the heart outwardJustin sure knows how to pick 'em.


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"The Liberal party is keeping a tight lid on what transpired during the two-hour, closed-door session last Tuesday."
I don't know why... Justin's last "dressup & pray" went over so well.