26 April 2015

Fergu-stunned, yet again

There have been 63 homicides in Baltimore in 2015. Three of those victims have been identified as Caucasian. Fifty six were identified as Black and forty seven of those died by gunshot. There were four bodies that could not (presumably from decomposition) be identified.

To put this in context, that's a murder every other day. Strangely, no one thought to get their riot on until one man died a week after allegedly suffering a spinal injury in police custody. Maybe it's because Freddie Gray, despite an extensive criminal record, was a "well liked jokester."

I guess it's true... everybody loves a comedian.


UPDATE: If it bleeds... it ledes

Don't have a brutal police homicide? No problem, just create one...once upon a timeProfessional journalists... your moral and intellectual superiors.

23 April 2015

Paging Justin Trudeau

Maybe the road to hell is actually paved with greed, narcissism and a hankering for young ladies...

The Clintons’ charitable initiatives were a kind of quasi-government run by themselves, which was staffed by their own loyalists and made up the rules as it went along.
I guess it's all too easy to believe all the nonsense your disciples are tossing around.

20 April 2015

I did not have financial relations...

...with that Oligarch...

Brown’s decision not to side with Clinton on the issue may stem from the Foundation’s acceptance of money from foreign nations with severe policies against women’s rights, undermining Clinton’s position as a women’s advocate.

Even though Clinton said that she and her husband were “dead broke” when they left the White House, the couple has raked in more than $100 million since 2000.

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The author writes that “of the 13 Clinton speeches that fetched $500,000 or more, only two occurred during the years his wife was not secretary of state.”

Bill Clinton is believed to be the richest living ex-president and one of the 10 wealthiest ever.
Wasn't Justin Trudeau using the speechmaking dodge to fill his coffers? Great minds think alike, I suppose.

17 April 2015

As loyal CBC viewers all know....

..."hurtful words" must be avoided at all costs. "Hurtful incidents" - such as those requiring paramedics and police officers, require an extra padded layer of sensitivity.

That's why it's important to always have your socialist Decoder Ring available. For example, "northwest Toronto" is ceeb-speak for the Jane-Finch welfare hellhole, er... subsidised community housing...

"Police chased suspects following the shooting of four men and one woman at a townhouse complex at 404 Driftwood Ave. near Jane Street."
Other media outlets are similarly sensitive... the Globe and Mail often refers to this area as "North York"...
An adult man sustained non-life threatening injuries Friday night after the third shooting just this week near Jane and Finch.
The Toronto Police Force, oops... Service have made similar adjustments. Watch how often the public statements about these types of incidents are announced by officers of matching or similar ethnicity.

Remember, going along to get along is the start of a slippery slope.

16 April 2015

The Policy Wonk Chronicles

I don't claim to have the inside scoop, but I'm gonna go out on a limb and venture the Prime Minister doesn't greet the dawn with a cigar-sized breakfast doobie...more liberal policy"Dave's definitely not here, man."

15 April 2015

Cheaters, unfortunately... do prosper

One man, Judge Jerry Baxter of Fulton County Superior Court decided to do something about it...

A furious Atlanta judge had a message for the 10 public school teachers, principals and administrators, who — after months of testimony and years of controversy — stood before him, convicted of participating in a widespread conspiracy to inflate students’ scores on state tests.

During the tests, those educators gave correct answers aloud, pointed at the right answers in students’ test booklets, or arranged seating so low-performing students could copy answers from high-performing peers. After the tests, teachers got together on weekends to change students’ answers, investigators found.

I'm guessing somebody learned a lesson here.

13 April 2015

Cherrypicking the, ahem... "News"

cherry-picking the news

The phrase “suffers from Morgellons” is quite simply inaccurate, and even harmful, in that it perpetuates a delusion.

Those who claim to be suffering from it are more likely suffering a psychiatric illness, experts say. If that’s the case with Mitchell, we should really be saying she “revealed in 2010 that she suffers from delusional parasitosis.”
Interesting that the Globe would choose to focus a glaring spotlight on a sick woman who, they say, has a "psychiatric illness"... yet express not a sliver of curiosity about the never-disclosed cause of death of Toronto's own answer to Mother Theresa.
Jack Layton might have been the first cancer victim in decades who believed that his disease did not provide him with a morally binding opportunity to educate others — that, in fact, his duty was to conceal.
Meanwhile, apparently, it's open season on allegedly unbalanced senior-citizen folk singers.

11 April 2015

White Privilege is killing our native sisters...

...but even if it isn't...

OTTAWA -- NDP aboriginal affairs critic Niki Ashton says if most murdered aboriginal women are killed by aboriginal men, that bolsters calls for a national inquiry to find out why.
How many under-employed bureaucrats and publicity-hungry politicians can dance on the head of a 50 million dollar Royal Commission? The NDP aims to find out.

Heads, Niki wins... tails, taxpayers lose.


UPDATE: The RCMP has to be lying...

...it's gotta be the white dudes, right?
Bernice Martial, Grand Chief of the Confederacy of Treaty Six Nations and also Alberta’s Cold Lake First Nation, said she is “appalled.” She believes the information is “inaccurate and untrue...”
If those numbers got you riled up, Bernice... you're gonna love this...
"The incarceration rate of aboriginal men is 11 times that of non-native men; of women, it is 250 times the rate for non-native women."
Hmmm... you think those numbers might have something to do with aboriginal women going missing?


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...what's up with this place?
An adult man sustained non-life threatening injuries Friday night after the third shooting just this week near Jane and Finch.
Probably a bunch of those darn Naval cadets.

09 April 2015

You can't trust them with loaded rifles...

...why have a military at all?

The defence department contracted city police to provide armed security at the downtown cenotaph for the next seven months after the fatal shooting of unarmed sentry Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, 24, on Oct. 22.

FROM THE COMMENTS: Gentlemen, start your engines
"Having ceremonial guards is purely symbolic, expensive to boot and completely unnecessary."
Mickey_Mouseolini • an hour ago


"So are six genders and free sex changes."
Die-No-Mite • 33 minutes ago


He's ceding the Middle East to ISIS. He's been outfoxed on nukes by Iran. He's more popular in Cuba than he is at home. California is almost bankrupt and rationing water supplies. Detroit is starting to resemble downtown Tikrit.

No wonder Americans are tooling up.halls of macadamia/

From 2001 to 2007, gun production held steady at between 3 million and 4 million units a year. It topped 4 million in 2008 but shot to 5.6 million in 2009, held steady in 2010 and then spiked to 8.6 million guns in 2012 and a record 10.8 million in 2013, according to ATF data.

08 April 2015

Out of the Broom Closet and into the...

...well... you know...i know, let's play witches

Heather Arlene Carr, who died after setting a fire in a local park, was participating in a pagan ritual that went wrong, according to her husband. Carr was active among Wiccan groups on social media, operating a Facebook group called Being Pagan - Out of the Broom Closet.
The CBC leaves out a few small details. You have to go to NatPo (click on picture above) to see that Ms. Carr had more than Wicca on her plate...
"Carr was a former social worker in Merritt, who went on long-term disability after three children in her case-management file were murdered by their father, Allan Schoenborn."
See, Glinda... there's a price. This wasn't a 15 year old goth-girl with a snootful of crank. This was an alleged career professional with way too much time (and a medieval belief system) on her hands.


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"Organic" is the latin word for "grown in pig shit"...
"If you've had juice from The Big Carrot Natural Food Market in Toronto recently, you might want to get a hepatitis A shot. An employee at the juice bar has a confirmed case of the infection, according to Toronto Public Health."