20 January 2020

Scarborough, Scarborough...

...that sounds so familiar...insert alt text here

TORONTO • One person is in custody after a boy was critically injured in a Scarborough shooting in the Markham Road and Ellesmere Avenue area around 3.10 p.m. on Monday, police say.

One person has been taken into custody but no further details were provided.
Everybody relax... once Justin buys back $2000 "restricted rifles" from law-abiding middle-class white guys... the crisis will be over.


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NBC News reporter Ben Collins deleted a January 19 tweet in which he referred to the then-pending Virginia Second Amendment event as a “white nationalist rally.”

How long before Paul Bernado...

...and Russell Williams decide to get, uh... "reassigned?"insert alt text here

Jamie Boulachanis, a murderer who recently became a woman in the definition under Canadian law, will make her second request on Monday to be transferred to a federal penitentiary for women to continue serving a life sentence.

The case, to be heard at the Montreal courthouse, pits Boulachanis’s rights to equality versus Correctional Service Canada’s concerns for public safety.

When the Federal Court case was heard last spring, Boulachanis had yet to undergo sex reassignment surgery.

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The Toronto Police Service, under the leadership of the Equity, Inclusion and Human Rights team, is undertaking public consultations as part of its ongoing Gender Diversity and Trans Inclusion Project.

Wouldn't wanna hurt anybody's feelings

U.S. airports have started to screen inbound Chinese flights. Canada... well, not so much...insert alt text hereMEANWHILE • SOUTH OF THE BORDER:

"CDC will send 100 additional staffers to those airports."
And China is certainly taking this seriously...
Chinese President Xi Jinping warned that it's "extremely crucial" to take every action to fight the disease, and that "party committees, governments and relevant departments at all levels should put people's lives and health first."
UPDATE: Health Canada did post some signs say...
...sweet baby jebus...
"A video of medics in hazmat suits scanning dozens of plane passengers for the symptoms of a mysterious, fatal virus spreading across China is stoking fears of a global epidemic."


"After Ken overdosed, Barbie fell on hard times"...insert alt text here

19 January 2020

I'm so old, I remember when...

...we used to keep crazy people under lock & key...

A 30-year-old man was arrested and charged with aggravated assault, assault with a weapon, weapons dangerous and common nuisance — endanger life, after allegedly attacking kindergartners with a curtain rod during recess at an East Gwillimbury school, seriously injuring a boy. His name is not being released.

Five-year-old boy Kingsley Corson was taken to a hospital where he was diagnosed with a mild concussion.

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...he'll be back...
The Supreme Court of Canada ruled in 1999 that a review board MUST ORDER an absolute discharge if a person doesn't pose a significant threat (apparently decapitation & cannibalism don't fall under this category) to public safety.

C'est What?

France is losing yet another war...insert alt text here

The statistics, which were collected by the Interior Ministry’s statistics service SSMI, show that sexual violence increased by 12 per cent last year. In 2018, the increase had been even greater at 19 per cent, French newspaper Le Figaro reports.

“The number of homicides increased significantly in 2019 to 970 victims, which amounts to an 8.5 per cent increase from 2018.
Which brings us to an interesting question; "What will French Revolution 2.0 look like?"

"According to the IOPC, a Rotherham Police Chief Inspector told the father of a missing girl that the town “would erupt” if it were revealed that south Asian grooming gangs were preying on young white girls."

Scarborough, Scarborough...

...that sounds so familiar...

TORONTO -- A man has sustained serious injuries and the Special Investigations Unit (SIU) has been called in after a police-involved shooting near Scarborough Town Centre Saturday just after 12:10 p.m.
"The SIU has assigned eight investigators to the case. That’s more than the number of Toronto Police officers involved in the initial call."

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The Crown is alleging Mohammed Hakimzadah, a 55-year-old Scarborough limousine driver, blamed his wife and her lawyer for “destroying his life.”

Hakimzadah tried to hire an assassin to kill both his wife Pastana Hakimzadah and her family law lawyer Jennifer Daudlin in the fall of 2016. “He claimed he was trying to entrap the hitman, the undercover officer who was posing as a hitman,” Crown attorney Jason Gorda said.

Hakimzadah was ripped off by an earlier ‘hitman’ who took his cash but never executed the assassination of his wife.

18 January 2020

Somebody's obviously runnin' out of...

...stupid shit to be mad about...insert alt text here

On Friday, Japanese fashion brand Commes des Garçons held a Fall 2020 menswear presentation in Paris — but it wasn’t the looks that rankled people on Twitter.

The show featured models in oversized lace-front wigs designed to resemble cornrows, which were primarily worn by white models.
Hold on... it gets better.

Those scofflaw Canadians...

insert alt text here

TORONTO -- Two Ontario men and three others have been indicted in the United States in connection with an alleged smuggling scheme investigators say aimed to support Pakistan's nuclear program.

Muhammad Ahsan Wali, and Haji Wali Muhammad Sheikh, both of Mississauga, Ont., are among five men alleged to have taken part in the conspiracy between September 2014 and last fall.

17 January 2020

Seriously... that's your guy?

How close do you want this ancient mariner to be to the "nuclear football?"

“What the hell is that?” asked Biden, as he appeared to become unnerved by the sound of his own phone ringing.

New York Times deputy editorial page editor Kathleen Kingsbury responded, “You’re getting a call.

Oh,” he replied.

Crazy like a Fox

The first thing we do is hang all the lawyers...insert alt text here

HALIFAX -- A Nova Scotia man found not criminally responsible for killing his wife will receive 100 per cent of her life insurance policy.

Richard Maidment -- also known as Richard MacNeil -- killed Sarabeth Forbes in their home in Gardiner Mines, N.S. on April 18, 2017.

How much did Justin Trudeau give...

...to the families of Toronto Beaches Shooter Faisal Hussain's victims?insert alt text here

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the federal government will be giving $25,000 to families for each of the 57 Canadian citizens and 29 permanent residents who died when Iran shot down a Ukrainian passenger jet last week.
What about misogynist Gamil Gharbi's victims?

George Orwell was right... some animals are more equal than others...
"On the one-year anniversary of a brazen Ottawa shooting that claimed the life of a 24-year-old Canadian soldier, Justin Trudeau avoided mention of the word terrorism."

If you can't splash General Salami...

...then who is actually on "The List"...insert alt text here

Donald Trump has been excoriated by critics for ordering the killing of the number one terrorist in the world, Qassem Soleimani. If he wasn’t number one, who was? If Iran isn’t the very definition of an enemy and a threat to world peace, what nation is?

Iran is a nation whose national slogan is “Death to America” and whose greatest aspiration is to wipe another nation off the map.
"And I would ask, can any of you provide me one name on that wall that does not justify killing Soleimani?" Rep. Brian Mast (R-FL) asked Democrats. "I got two minutes and 30 seconds. I’ll be more than happy to sit here and wait."

"Somebody provide me with a name on that wall that does not justify his killing."

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LAST WORD: Wait'll they get nuclear weapons...
Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has defended the country's armed forces after it admitted shooting down a passenger plane by mistake. He said the Revolutionary Guard - the elite unit responsible for the disaster - "maintained the security" of Iran.

Khamenei also described Iran's elite Quds Force - which the US has designated a terrorist organisation - as a "humanitarian organisation with human values."

Iranian authorities initially denied responsibility but, after international pressure mounted, the Revolutionary Guard admitted that the plane had been mistaken for a "cruise missile" during heightened tensions with the US.

16 January 2020


"Nice, but for $85K, I'll just stay out of Baltimore."

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Special Place in Hell...

...just got a little warmer...

A man suspected of murdering dogs with poison darts was killed when a furious owner ‘slammed him into a brick wall with his car’.

The deceased was accused of killing half a dozen dogs using the darts.
Torturing & killing animals is one of the hallmarks of sociopathy and is often a prelude to murdering other humans. He got what he deserved.


Illegal urban firearms enthusiasts back at it...
Toronto - A 16-year-old boy sustained serious injuries early Thursday morning after a shooting in the city’s Wallace Emerson neighbourhood.

It happened on Lappin Avenue, near Dupont and Dufferin streets, at around 2:30 a.m.
No idea Bible study ran so late.

DIVERSITY IS OUR STRENG... sweet baby jebus...
A woman, found slain in a Brampton green space Monday has been identified as 28-year-old Heeral Patel from Toronto who went missing two days earlier.
Brampton, Brampton... that sounds so familiar...
When they arrived, police found the body of Sharanjeet Kaur, 27, who police say was murdered, and the body of 35-year-old Navdeep Singh.
UPDATE: So, a second murder-suicide.

Build a wall... top it with glass shards...

...and pass the Purell®...insert alt text here

In a list published by the Mexico City Metro system on Tuesday, "corrosion due to urine" was listed as one of the top five causes of escalator malfunction.

"When we open up escalators for maintenance, there is always urine," said Fermin Ramirez, the system's assistant manager for rails and facilities.
That's another place off the vacation short-list.

It gets better... by which I mean worse...
"Face peeling has become a common practice in the Mexican Drug War as an effective scare tactic to rivals and would-be informants."
Don't get me started on Iran.

15 January 2020

Just another story you won't see...

...on Canada's federally funded, post-national "National Broadcaster"...insert alt text here

Swedish Moderate Party leader Ulf Kristersson has slammed the ruling Social Democrats, saying the government has lost control of the country after a huge explosion rocked a Stockholm residential area on Sunday.
Oh, c'mon now... how bad can it... sweet baby jebus...
Sweden saw a large rise in the number of explosions and bombings last year, with the Crime Prevention Council (BRÅ) estimating at least 236 incidents in the first 11 months of 2019.
Relax everybody... it's all under control...
Facing a massive surge in gang-related crimes, in particular involving the use of hand grenades, police in Sweden have introduced a three-month-long amnesty for “explosive goods.”

LAST WORD: No pulse, time to pull the plug...
Despite these losses, the CBC has no intention to reform into a profit-earning organization. CEO, Catherine Tait, said that the CBC existed “not to compete, we exist to serve.” This serving, however, is costing the taxpayer millions of tax dollars.

Toronto's a very safe city...

...I mean... what's a couple of murders a week?insert alt text here

TORONTO • Investigators say that Maryna Kudzianiuk, 49, who died after being pulled from a fire at a Scarborough apartment near Warden and Sheppard Avenues early Monday morning was murdered.
Homicide #3 according to police... but only because they're not counting Muhammad Waqar Alam who was stabbed in 2019 but died in 2020.

Scarborough, Scarborough... that sounds so familiar...
The mother of 25-year-old Paul Anthony Desouza who was fatally shot early Saturday morning says that her son was asleep on the couch when bullets flew through a glass door at a home on Military Trail, near Neilson Road.
We're not done yet...
On Dec. 29, police were called to McCowan Road and Trudelle Street around 3 a.m. for reports of shots fired.

They found 26-year-old Koshin Yusuf with gunshot wounds. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Oday Bazuhair, 21, of Toronto has been charged with first-degree murder this Wednesday morning.

14 January 2020

Dear Iranian slash Canadians...

First... a bit of bad news...insert alt text hereDespite the lamentations and strident choreographed demands of Canada's Prime Minstrel, none of the rest of us unslashed Canucks are actually in mourning with, or for you. In fact, it would be a little bit weird if we were... like when Michael Jackson spent a long, dark lonely night at the funeral home with the corpse of James Brown.

The truth is, most of us can't wrap our heads around why you might return to the land of demented mullahs and the acknowledged home of world terrorism. Let's face facts here... your homeboy Khomeini was just totally off the chain. All that "Death to the Great Satan America" shit has only served to isolate & impoverish a once flourishing country.

In a way, the people on that plane brought this disaster upon themselves by venturing back into the surreal land of the bearded weirdies who cut hands off shoplifters and sanction the beating of disobedient wives.

It's time to actually pick a side. You could leave all that bloodthirsty medieval theocracy bullshit behind... and start thinking of yourself as a citizen of the civilised world.

Just a thought.


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OTTAWA • Iran has had no ambassador in Canada since Iranian security forces raped and murdered Canadian photographer Zahra Kazemi in 2003.

LAST WORD: Justin al-Trudeau doubles down...insert alt text here
“I’ve talked about the tremendous grief and loss that Canadians are feeling and the need for clear answers on how this happened and how we’re going to make sure it never happens again,” Trudeau said.
With his "magical Hogwarts powers," I'm guessing. Remember, this isn't Justin's first rodeo...
"Trudeau Liberals announce someone will be held accountable for something in Syria in some way."
Time for another mosque tour in Papineau.

Your money... his friends

According to the CBC, the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) did not comment on the claims that Trudeau had greenlit the £500,000 ($847,777 CAD).


Not me... not mine... not today...insert alt text here

Gun permit applications surged nearly 1,000 percent in New York’s Jewish community since the December 28, 2019, attack on Hasidic Jews in a rabbi’s home.
The man charged in a machete attack on a suburban Hanukkah could face the death penalty if a comatose victim dies from his wounds, a federal prosecutor said Monday.
TORONTOEthan Lee, 20, of Toronto, Kedar Guerra, 38, of Sarnia, and Atneil Nelson, 33, of Toronto, were charged with first-degree murder.

13 January 2020

Gimme my "Global Warming" now, dammit!

insert alt text here

Severe winter weather combined with a harsh cold snap has left dozens dead across Afghanistan and Pakistan as officials work to reopen highways and evacuate people cut off by heavy snowfall and flash flooding.

Parole Board gets one right

For once, it's not about the murderer...

Now 50, cop killer Clinton Gayle wanted to be deported back to his native Jamaica where he would have been virtually free of any supervision. Gayle was a convicted crack dealer under a deportation order.

In denying his release, they found that while Gayle said the “right things” he showed no emotion, even while listening to the family’s heartbreaking victim impact statements.

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Two Georgia teens are being charged in connection with killing a man on New Year’s Eve over $70 worth of marijuana.

Mad Mullahs double down...

...on their own populace...insert alt text here

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — Online videos appeared to show Iranian security forces firing live ammunition and tear gas to disperse protests as popular anger swelled Monday over the accidental shootdown of a Ukrainian jetliner and Iran’s failed attempt to conceal its role in the tragedy.

12 January 2020

I just want to know how often they...

...drug test those Nuclear Control Room Operators...insert alt text here

“There is no danger to the public, there was no radiological event and what I can tell you is that we are working with the province to investigate what happened,” said OPG spokesperson O’Neal Kelly.

He said that OPG knew immediately that there was no incident taking place at the Pickering Generating Station when they saw the alert on their own phones.
Or... and I'm just spitballin' here... maybe they could check the panel with all the flashing lights to be sure?


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TORONTO • The CEO of Ontario Power Generation was the highest paid public sector employee in the province last year, topping a growing list of those earning $100,000 or more.

The so-called “Sunshine List” released Wednesday shows Jeff Lyash made more than $1.7 million in 2018.
Premier Doug Ford made $112,770.47.

Dear Liberal Party of Canada...

...what law or prohibition is gonna stop Anoshirvan & Friends from shooting up the town?insert alt text here

Anoshirvan Shirizadeh opened fire on an officer at a gas station near Major Mackenzie Dr. and Bayview Ave during a traffic stop around 10:30 a.m. that day.

He is charged with attempted murder, assault, dangerous driving and a number of weapons offences.
Oh, yeah... he has two previous weapons convictions.

And there's this...
A 25-year-old Toronto man, David Leonard Abraham, was charged with 22 firearm, ammunition and weapons related charges and one charge for breaching a previous bail condition.
Taking rifles off farmers & hunters just isn't gonna do it.

How about putting gangsters in jail... and not letting them out?

How Justin Trudeau got elected twice

Well, there's these uber-woke and discriminating folk...insert alt text here...and then there's, well...

"The candle, provocatively named “This Smells Like My Vagina,” will run customers a cool $75 and boasts a fragrance packed with geranium, citrusy bergamot and cedar."

The candle is currently sold out on both Goop’s and Heretic’s websites.
Two things to point out here... one • $75.00 candle...
and two • smells like vagina.

It's like a tax on stupidity.

11 January 2020

Well, he died... so there's that

Smell the "professional" journalism...insert alt text here

TORONTO • Investigators say the man was struck by multiple bullets and suffered serious injuries in the shooting.
How serious? Well... he stopped living.

Not a sausage about the shooter(s) or shootee. It's almost as if they don't want you to know anything specific.

Homicide #3.

UPDATE: Id'd as Paul Anthony Desouza, 25, of Toronto.


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"Finding comfort in gangs, guns and drugs".
I'm so old, I remember reading books, playing chess, building models, etc, etc.

"Who you gonna believe..."

"...me, or your lyin' infidel eyes?"...insert alt text hereBREAKING: "Our profound regrets"

Iran state TV says Ukrainian jet was 'unintentionally' shot down.
But, but, but...
Earlier Friday, the head of Iran’s national aviation department, Ali Abedzadeh, told a news conference that “what is obvious for us, and what we can say with certainty, is that no missile hit the plane.”
I'm sure they'll be much more careful with nuclear weapons.

Meet Aaron Trejo...

...high school jock and self-imagined "problem solver"...

insert alt text hereHey, brah... know what fucks up your life more than a dumbass teenage pregnancy?

65 years in federal lockup with rabid, sex-starved, weightlifting sociopaths.

It gets better, by which I mean worse...

The suspect, 21-year-old Reeaz Khan, accused of sexually assaulting and killing a 92-year-old woman in Queens claimed to cops that he’d been trying to help the old woman — but then he lost his balance, his belt broke, his pants fell down and his genitals accidentally came in contact with hers, it was revealed in court Friday.

TORONTO • One man has been rushed to hospital in critical condition after a shooting in Scarborough’s Morningside neighbourhood near Military Trail and Neilson Road at around 2 a.m.

Police have not provided any information on possible suspects.

Answering the questions that CBC won't

Because they're irredeemable stone-age assholes?insert alt text hereSee, Justin... mystery solved...

"The families of the victims and all Canadians want answers. I want answers," Justin Trudeau said during his second press conference in as many days. "That means closure, transparency, accountability and justice. And this government will not rest until we get that."
Yeah... just like with SNC/Lavalin.

If only he was actually this upset when Canadian soldiers are killed or wounded.