16 July 2019

"She Has a Dream"

When stereotyping is not just okay... but mandatory:

insert alt text hereAnd...insert alt text here

"I did not have promises..."

"...with that country..."liar,liar

• OTTAWA • Four years ago the Liberals came to power in part, based on promises that they’ve since broken, or thanks to pledges for progress that has yet to materialize.

With Liberals heading to your doorsteps this summer seeking a second term, here are the ways that “real change” wasn’t delivered.

I'm struggling to imagine Plan B

Unstable enough to be locked up nightly at the Steel City bughouse... but we'll turn him loose daily on a college campus?

insert alt text hereWhat could possibly go wrong?

Just spitballin' here, but everybody remotely involved with this rainbow-hued pipedream might just want to beef up their "liability" coverage.

Ontario's top court has upheld a decision allowing a man found not criminally responsible in a knife attack at a Toronto military recruitment centre to take college classes on his own.

The appeal court says the Ontario Review Board considered all the required factors last year in granting Ayanle Hassan Ali, 27, permission to attend Mohawk College unaccompanied while he continues to be held at a secure Hamilton hospital.
Note that the Review Board found Ali continues to pose a significant threat to the public and should be subject to nightly psychiatric lockdown at the Mouse Factory, er... hospital.

Apparently, though... the first few dead or maimed college students are somehow deductible.


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"Last year, an Ontario judge found that while Ali carried out the attack based on his extremist beliefs, the formation of those beliefs was precipitated by mental illness."

LAST WORD: The poster boy for bringing back hanging
“The Board is concerned that you might be saying what you think you need to say to be granted parole, rather than accepting total responsibility.”

15 July 2019

Shots fired at "Celebration of Bagpipes"...

...no, no... that's not right...insert alt text hereSay, Andrew... are you leaving anything out of your "professional" reporting?

Oh, wait... it's the Toronto Caribbean Music Festival.

UPDATE: Music festival goes Thunderdome

"You cannot cage people in like that because that's what triggered the panic and that's what sparked a lot of the other injuries like people getting trampled, stampeded over," she said. "I know how dangerous these events can be. I moved out of the city because of things like this."

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Two men were wounded in a shooting early Monday in Kensington Market. Meanwhile, a man was shot in Thomson Memorial Park, on Brimley Rd. in Scarborough, around 9:30 p.m. Sunday.
Kensington Market... that sounds so familiar.

Their "basic dictatorship" has been busy

FROM THE COMMENTS:insert alt text here

“Canada has put itself in the position that China can flip a switch and shut Canada off anytime they want.”

"To be fair Ralphie is pretty busy chasing Nazis to be worried about the Chinese."
Okay, everybody settle down. I'm sure the weaponised bio-agents "will balance themselves."


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Peter Thiel, billionaire investor and Facebook board member, on Sunday night said that Google should be federally investigated for allegedly aiding the Chinese military.

"Number one, how many foreign intelligence agencies have infiltrated your Manhattan Project for AI?"

14 July 2019

Or you could simply "keep digging"...

insert alt text here

"Pay the court’s judgment, don’t fight it; apologize to the Gibson family and to the community and take steps to show you mean it; and then calmly think through all that has happened and do whatever is necessary to reaffirm the institution’s identity as a college, not a cause."

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Whatever Pelosi's plans might have been, they've been lost in a fog of anti-Semitism and left-wing radicalism. If Ilhan Omar isn't causing Pelosi trouble, Ocasio-Cortez is. And vice versa.

One day the speaker has to respond to the charge that Jewish money controls American foreign policy. The next she has to downplay flatulent cows. It's enough to make one pity her. Almost.

13 July 2019

After Justin confiscates firearms from...

...farmers, hunters & skeet shooters... how much safer will you really be? And that's not a rhetorical question...most wanted

• TORONTO • City emergency crews were kept busy overnight with a string of violent calls that sent a number of people to hospital with serious injuries.

Just after 6:30 p.m., police were called to a parking lot in Malvern, near Melford Rd. and Tapscott Rd. after a man was found shot. About an hour later, police were called to Westmount Ave. and Rogers Rd. after a woman was found with life-threatening stab wounds.

Just before 11 p.m., police were called to a strip mall parking lot at 2280 Islington Ave. at Rexdale Blvd. for reports of gunfire. Once there, crews found a male in his 20s suffering from numerous gunshot wounds.
Know how many shootings & stabbings there've been in the sleepy rural, cow-heavy neighbourhood where I've live for almost two decades?

Not a one, brah.


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Toronto Police have arrested Michael Oneil Donalds, 29, of Richmond Hill, after a quadruple stabbing outside the Eaton Centre during last month’s massive parade to mark the Raptors’ NBA championship win.

Police were called to Yonge and Dundas Sts. on June 17 at the height of the celebration around 2 p.m. after a man stabbed three men and a boy.

12 July 2019

With great power, comes great...

...sweet baby jebus...insert alt text hereAll the essentials... uranium, a rattlesnake, and Kentucky whiskey.


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...this would have been regarded as a stroke of genius.

If we're lucky...

...they'll treat us like pets. If we're unlucky, they'll treat us as fuel...insert alt text here

"We didn't even say, 'The strategy should be randomized,'" said Sandholm. "The algorithm automatically figured out that it should be randomized, and in what way, and with what probabilities in what situations."

Not so happy holidays

Another destination struck off the vacation list...

"As the FBI probes deaths of American tourists in the Dominican Republic, Global News has learned
28 Canadians died there so far in 2019.

Data obtained by Global News from Global Affairs shows an average of 39 Canadians died each year in the Dominican Republic over the past decade."

11 July 2019


insert alt text here

"Lets face it, only the Government could screw up selling dope. Like every Liberal scheme it is always about the tax and bleeding more money from the plebs. Justin’s mom must be so proud."
Well, for the record, Maggie T did weigh in...insert alt text here
"Margaret Trudeau, who suffers from bipolar disorder, spoke openly with reporters about her experience with depression and the effect of her long-term marijuana use.

"Marijuana can trigger psychosis," said Trudeau. "Every time I was hospitalized it was preceded by heavy use of marijuana."
But Justin legalised it anyway.

Hey, those votes just don't buy themselves!


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"Pierre Trudeau [born 1919] met Margaret Sinclair while on vacation in Tahiti in 1967. 'I was 18, sitting with my parents, probably in my little bikini,' Margaret told the Globe and Mail's Jan Wong in 1997."
PET was a year older than his mother-in-law.

The Usual, well... you know...

toronto's most wanted

On July 10, 2019, Shawn Vassel, 35, of Toronto, was arrested. He is charged with:

1. Second Degree Murder
2. Discharge Firearm with Intent
3. Careless Use of Firearm
4. Unauthorized Possession of Firearm
5. Possession of Prohibited or Restricted Firearm
6. Possession of Firearm Contrary to Prohibition Order x 2
Vassal, Vassal... that sounds so familiar...insert alt text here
In 2011, Vassel — 27 at the time — was convicted of second-degree murder in the 2007 shooting of Husam Dagheim.
Obviously Pierre-lite needs to make handguns "super double illegal."

Or we could stop letting cold-blooded killers go free.

UPDATE: Maybe this'll slow him down a bit
Facing charges of second-degree murder in connection with a deadly shooting in May, the 35-year-old Vassel’s in a hospital bed at St. Mike’s — paralyzed from the waist down — after Monday’s ‘all-out gun battle’ in the Queen St. and Ossington Ave. area.

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Suleiman Husaini had ties to London and Toronto, where he was well known to police for gun crimes. Husaini was convicted in 2013 for having two loaded handguns in a car. One of the guns had been used in a shooting in Toronto in May 2011.
Good riddance.


LAST WORD: Diversity is our streng...
The man wanted for hacking a Toronto father to death last year with a machete sits in an Iranian prison — but not for much longer.

Before Toronto Police could put out a Canada-wide warrant for his arrest first-degree murder with a warning that he was armed and dangerous, Sepehr Yeganehfathollah, 26, was already on a plane bound for Turkey and then Iran.

10 July 2019

Ongoing game of "musical chairs"...

...plagues Canada's tinker-toy military...insert alt text here

"The Canadian military's second-in-command has announced his surprise resignation - and is reportedly linking the decision to an aborted attempt to reinstate Vice-Admiral Mark Norman into the position."
You don't stand up for your people, why should they put their lives on the line at your command?

Need a little background?


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An Inconvenient Untruth

insert alt text here

"I did not have sex..."

"...with those children..."insert alt text here

Former President Bill Clinton released a statement on Monday night, distancing himself from convicted pedophile — and onetime friend — Jeffrey Epstein, who is facing a slew of new charges. Clinton, 72, was said to have taken more than two dozen trips on Epstein’s private Boeing 727 — dubbed the “Lolita Express.”

“President Clinton knows nothing about the terrible crimes [Epstein] pleaded guilty to in Florida some years ago, or those with which he has been recently charged in New York,” the statement said.
Just nice to know Slick Willie draws the "stinky kinky" line at vaginally penetrating Whitehouse interns with expensive cigars.

"He was a guest of Epstein 27 times. Almost every time Clinton’s name is on the pilot log, there are underage girls."

09 July 2019

The Walking Left

insert alt text here

But enough. To ask for logic or fidelity of thought from someone who embraces such rhetorical savagery is futile. The comparison is absolutely odious.

And it is a pure toss-up which is worse: if she actually believes what she says, her mind is a vacancy; if she knows it is false, she is a vile and obnoxious charlatan.
I'm calling "pants on fire."


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"The claims that kids don’t have showers is false,” he explained. “The claims they don’t have toothbrushes is false. The claims that they don’t have diapers is false,” says U.S. Representative Chip Roy (R-TX)

The Usual, well... you know

Yet another caucasian oppressor murd... wait a minute...most wanted

Hamilton police have identified the man gunned down on a residential street in Westdale late Sunday night as Suleiman Husaini, 31 of Toronto.
Well, brah... "Live by the Sig... die by the Sig."

Police are looking for three suspects after a man was forced into a vehicle in North York. It is alleged that at some point a male in the front passenger seat threatened the victim with a weapon.

That individual then shot the victim in the lower body, shattering the rear driver-side window.

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Surveillance Video Shows Group Of About 60 Teens Vandalizing, Looting Walgreens On South Street. The same group is accused of terrorizing and vandalizing other businesses on July 4.

08 July 2019

I'm so old, I remember when...

..."free speech" was our default position...

insert alt text here

The French and Germans have given up in trying to convince the United States to surrender its free speech protections.

They realized that they do not have to because by imposing crippling penalties, major companies will be forced into censoring speech under poorly defined standards.

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The organisers of the AfroFuture Fest, set for 3-4 August, are charging lower rates for tickets bought by "people of colour" than for "non-people of colour". Early bird tickets for "POC" were $10 and $20 for "Non-POC".

UPDATE: Not backing down... "trans and whatever"...insert alt text here
By Sunday, the festival changed its pricing to $20 general admission and "suggested donation" for "non-POC" attendees.

"It's important to make sure Black people have access to healing modalities, to move through all of the trauma we go through from being Black and queer and trans and whatever we are," AfroFuture Fest co-director Numi Ori says.
Numi says they're adjusting the fee structure, not because it's blatantly racist... but because of death threats from white supremacists.

07 July 2019

Emperor Justinian & Company...

...just got very publicly pantsed...liar,liar

“As a film exhibitor we provide our guests with movie choices. We believe it is up to the public to decide whether they would like to see a particular film and our guests can give voice to their views and opinions by choosing to buy a ticket to the movie or not.”
Censorship... the default position of the lunatic left.

"Police have been called in to investigate allegations of death threats made to cinema theater owners in Canada who had scheduled to screen the pro-life movie Unplanned."

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Anyone paying attention knows that the problem with gun violence in Canada is that it’s handguns and not rifles that is the main source of gun play in the streets. And the guns that are the problem are the smuggled kind, not the ones in the gun vaults of licenced gun owners.
Speaking of which...
Three people were rushed to hospital with apparent gunshot wounds after a shooting in the city’s West Queen West neighbourhood at Ossington Avenue early Monday morning.

When will Justin do something...

...about all those Islamophobes in Tunisia?insert alt text here

Tunis (AFP) – Prime Minister Youssef Chahed on Friday banned the niqab Muslim face covering for women in government offices, citing security concerns after attacks in the North African country.

The ban on the niqab, which covers the entire face apart from the eyes, comes at a time of heightened security following a June 27 double suicide bombing in Tunis that left two dead and seven wounded.

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“Weird that no one had a problem with The Betsy Ross Flag when it flew over Obama’s inauguration. Now it’s not patriotic… ok got it,” tweeted Donald Trump Jr. on Wednesday, along with a picture of the 2013 ceremony that shows the flag in the background.

So when will they be painting over...

...all those murals of Martin Luther King...insert alt text here

Given my experience with the transcripts, my heart fell into my shoes last fall when Garrow first told me what he’d found in this new trove of FBI documents.

This more than likely will not end well for King if the tapes and transcripts on which these new FBI summaries are based are unsealed as scheduled in 2027.

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Just spitballin' here... but I'm almost certain Lillian Gish didn't rape anybody.