28 September 2016

Silence of the BLM's

Apparently, Barack Obama's "hypothetical" sons aren't familiar with the "Law of Unintended Consequences"...kill white people

Deputies found graffiti in Hillsborough County at two different locations. One wall was hit along Gornto Lake Road in Brandon, with the phrase "kill white people" spray painted. Other tags read "black lives matter" and "BLM."

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MIAMI — To kill Donald Trump's chances of capturing the White House, Hillary Clinton needs to win Florida. And to do that, she needs a big minority turnout.
Thanks for getting out the Trump vote, homeboyz!


LAST WORD: Post Debate Surge:
Donald Trump Fills Massive Hangar for Florida Rally, Thousands Turned Away
Perhaps the debate went a little better than I thought.


The dog features, a lot. As does Mum.insert alt text hereI wish I'd thought of this.

27 September 2016

Do as I say...

...not as I do...

Liberal cabinet minister Maryam Monsef could be stripped of her citizenship without a hearing under a law the Liberals denounced while in opposition but which they’ve been enforcing aggressively since taking power, civil liberties and refugee lawyers say. She could even be deported, said immigration lawyer Lorne Waldman, part of a group that launched a constitutional challenge of the law Monday.

The Liberal government has been enforcing the law “aggressively,” setting targets to strip 40 to 60 Canadians each month of their citizenship. According to the Justice Department, 206 individuals have been stripped of their citizenship since May 2015 — about 18 per month.
That's funny... I thought it was all the fault of that secretive, controlling Stephen Harper.

Guess I was mistaken.


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...as "Canadian values" says Spawn of Pierre...
"Ottawa's police chief says the west-side African eatery where a man was gunned down on Sunday morning has been a "magnet of criminal activity" since it opened three years ago."
Well, Justin... you're certainly working on that.


LAST WORD: Remember when you were a kid...

...people were being gunned down all over the place?

Yeah... me neither.
With three months still to go in the year, Ottawa has now tied the record-breaking number of shootings set in 2014.
What exactly has changed over the last few decades? Oh man, it's a mystery.

26 September 2016

Debate Night

Where size and stamina do matter...pantsuit on fireYou can't climb into a vehicle without a step-stool, there's absolutely no way you're physically up to being President of the United States.

Of course, it helps if your meds are tuned just right... and it seems Hillary is almost there.


ALLEGATION: Hillary attacking Trump as "Birther"

Here's an indisputable fact:

Patti Solis Doyle, who was Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager in 2008 until the Iowa caucuses, admitted on Friday that a Clinton campaign staffer had, in fact, circulated the Birther conspiracy theory that Barack Obama was born outside the U.S. and therefore potentially ineligible to serve in the presidency.
Hillary just called Trump a racist straight out and completely ignored his question about Patti Doyle. And the moderator immediately segued to "Cybercrime" before it could be readdressed.

Hillary also emphatically stated murders were down, in fact, she called for that to be "fact-checked." Well, lookee here...
The country’s murder rate jumped more last year than it had in nearly half a century, newly released federal crime data showed.
Hillary next accuses Trump of being in cahoots with Vladimir Putin... in effect helping Putin to attack America. She further says Trump "invited Putin to hack into Americans." Moderator Holt is fine with that.

And, it was a two on one fight all night...
Trump was challenged on his answers Monday night at Hofstra University in New York at least six times by NBC's Lester Holt, according to the Washington Examiner's count. Hillary Clinton, meanwhile was asked no follow-up questions for the 90-minute debate.
I had planned to do a point by point analysis... but I think it's already been summed up nicely.

Best comment so far is from over at SDA...
"Trump is not clear on what he wants to say. The only way you can understand what he is saying is if you have been following all the issues which most do not."

"Clinton is prepared. What she is saying is BS but she articulates it better than he does."
Exactly how I felt.


LAST WORD: I'm with the Onion...
"Poll: 89% Of Debate Viewers Tuning In Solely To See Whether Roof Collapses"
It's funny... because it's true.

Third Shopping Mall Shooting...

...in ten days...

Six people were injured when a shooter opened fire at a southwest Houston shopping center on Monday morning, police and fire officials said.

The suspected shooter was shot and killed by police. Houston Police Department bomb squad was at the site of the shootings after a suspicious vehicle, believed to belong to the suspected shooter.

UPDATE: Shooter ID known
Acting Police Chief Martha Montalvo declined to release the suspect’s identity but told reporters “he is a lawyer and there were issues concerning his law firm.”

The shooter was taken down by an officer.

UPDATE2: What's the big secret?
Mayor Sylvester Turner, who is in Cuba for a trade mission, told KTRK-TV that the lawyer was “disgruntled.” “He was either fired or had a bad relationship with this law firm.”
Still no id on this shooter.


UPDATE3: Breitbart spills the beans
Houston attorney Earl Spielman described DeSai as “a nice young man with no wife or children.”

He said DeSai did not seem to be actively involved in any particular religion. DeSai is a common Indian name.
There. Was that so hard?

The murderer among us

In a plea deal rarely seen before, Wabafiyebazu pleaded no contest in February to reduced charges of felony third-degree murder. Immigration and Customs Enforcement spirited the teen from prison to a secret location. He was flown back to Canada Sept. 6.

If his probation, which could be reduced to five years, passes without incident, he will have no criminal record.
Who says you can't get away with murder?


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One of three men detained in the fatal shooting of Calgary Stampeders player Mylan Hicks at a nightclub on the weekend has been charged with second-degree murder.
Yessirree... as Canadian as Ghamil Gharbi.

When they asked safecracker Willie Sutton...

...why he robbed so many banks, he said... "Because, that's where the money is"...

White officers were responsible for 68 percent of the people of color killed. When Black officers are the shooters, 78 percent of those killed were black.

Young black men are 21 times as likely as their white peers to be killed by police.

25 September 2016

"Señor" Arcan Cetin - Hispanic Turk?

So sorry, New York Times... no burritos for you...

Say ‘SubhanAllah’ 10x and then reblog this, do not stop REBLOGGING it. Lets see how many people we will get to recite SubhanAllah.
If you scroll down he calls Abu Bakr (leader of the Islamic State) his "main dude".
That's curious... all the media accounts I've seen don't even use the word "Muslim."


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...why not use "Speedy Gonzalez?"...
University of Kansas Assistant Complex Director Dale Morrow went on to add that images of a gorilla could reinforce “stereotypes,” but fails to stipulate exactly what sorts of stereotypes he is referring to. "This animal could be triggering to some people as their [sic] are stereotypes that surround this animal.”
Hard to know from minute to minute what is acceptable.

Kathleen Wynne's benevolent Ontario

Sounds like a job for your local Hell's Angels...

A Toronto landlord says she's been conned by a "professional tenant" who's been living in her Yorkville home since July without paying rent. "They find places to live, hopefully stay for eight to nine months. As soon as they know they can't go any further, they find another place to move into and do the exact same thing. And our system allows them to do that."

The tenant, James Regan, 62, lost a similar dispute at the board earlier this year over another property he was occupying. The board ordered his eviction in that case. Regan appealed that eviction and lost in Ontario Superior Court, a process that took eight months, during which he lived rent-free in the condo near Old Mill Road and Bloor Street West.
The last people could have paid "an eviction service" $5000.00 and been $20,000.00 ahead.

24 September 2016

Of course, he knew...

liar, liarDon't ask, don't tell, don't care... now, watch this drive.


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Ontarians have the most expensive...

... electricity in North America... and it's no mystery why...

Over the last decade, Ontario customers have paid $6.3 billion to cover the cost of selling high-priced electricity to customers outside of the province, according to a new study by the Consumer Policy Institute.

Customers outside Ontario don’t pay the Global Adjustment, so those excess costs are paid only by Ontario ratepayers and act as a subsidy from Ontarians to customers in other states and provinces.
If we're losing, that means somebody has to be "Wynning."


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Two more Liberal senior staffers are paying back almost $55,000 in moving expenses a day after two of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's most senior staff were compelled to repay $65,000 of their own moving expenses.
There's a reason they call them the Libranos.


LAST WORD: How do you know when...

...a Liberal is lying? Yeah... their lips move...
Monsef’s story of fleeing her native Afghanistan was a central part of her campaign when she ran unsuccessfully for mayor of Peterborough in 2014... yet the narrative she has built of being the first Afghan-born Member of Parliament — something trumpeted by the Liberals — isn’t true.
It's getting harder & harder to be shocked.

Turned out not to be...

...Fyodor Dostoyevsky after all...not a book

"A photo has emerged in social media showing a gun at the feet of Keith Lamont Scott lying on the ground after he was shot by a police officer in Charlotte, NC."


UPDATE: He had an ankle holster
Police said multiple witnesses interviewed by homicide detectives heard the police shouting at Scott to drop the gun. Scott’s DNA and his fingerprints were found on the loaded gun recovered at the scene. Scott was wearing an ankle holster.
And, a little closer to home...
A 15-year-old boy has died following a stabbing at Scarborough Centre station at Scarborough Town Centre in Toronto on Friday night, Toronto police said Saturday.

Police said two groups of young men crossed paths in the station and a fight broke out before the stabbing. Investigators said they are appealing for witnesses to come forward.
That's funny... CBC, yet again, seems to be unable to get any sort of physical descriptions for the stabbers or the stabbee.

23 September 2016

Silence of the BLM's

The dead tree media is collapsing all around the globe... Without the federal government's 1.2 billion dollar annual welfare cheque, the CBC would be extinct as well.REVERSE RACISM

Specifically, Omowale was asked what he thought of a video circulating on social media of a white man being beaten by black men purportedly in a Charlotte parking garage during the protests there.

“Only thing I can say is it ain’t no fun when the rabbit has the gun. And right now the black man is the rabbit.”
Like an increasing number of people in North America (and elsewhere) , I choose to get unfiltered, multi-sourced breaking news via the internet. Very often the comments that accompany the stories include updates like video and photographs from participants and witnesses. It's a refreshing change from the carefully manipulated micro soundbites presented between commercial sales pitches that pass for news via tv or radio.

Remember, defending yourself from physical threats... IS PERFECTLY JUSTIFIABLE...
The .357 slug delivers about 350 foot-pounds of energy. A 4,000-pound car at 30 miles an hour delivers 120,000 foot-pounds of energy, and almost half a million foot-pounds of energy at 60 miles an hour.”
Or you can end up like Reginald Denny.

P.S. - Aaron Weiss will not go quietly.


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Things get stabby...hogtown
TORONTO - A second attacker remains on the loose days after the frightening stabbing of a 37-year-old man in the country’s busiest mall.

Toronto Police have now released security camera images of a suspect.
Bright lights, big city.


LAST WORD: Oh, look... an actual murderer

Hang on.... that's not a cop!

22 September 2016

"Necessity is the..."

"...Mother of Insertion..."ouchObviously, Leston Lawrence was willing to go the distance.

For the love of Gitchee Manitou

Please, no more of this "10,000 years of oral history" bullshit... Christopher Pauchay couldn't even remember where he left his kids...insert alt text here

On its website, Ogimaa Mikana says it hopes "to restore Anishinaabemowin place-names to the streets, avenues, roads, paths and trails of Gichi Kiiwenging (Toronto). "These were the names thousands of years ago when the First Nations people were here."
Hang on a sec there, Chief... you're saying a bunch of illiterate stone-age tribal nomads had pre-existing names for hundreds of streets that didn't actually exist until the land was overrun & developed by their colonial oppressors?

Big medicine, brah.

21 September 2016



How's that hopey-changey thing workin' out for everybody?burn baby burnfire sale

16 officers were injured responding to violent protests that blocked Interstate 85. Protesters looted from a tractor-trailer and set fire to some of its cargo. Dozens of protesters are breaking into the Walmart on North Tryon Street.

Chief Kerr Putney said that officers seized a handgun from the scene but did not seize a book.
Also, the officer who shot this guy was also black. Doesn't that rule out racism?


UPDATE: You be the judge... gun or book?
On the Facebook stream the woman can be heard screaming... “they shot my daddy, he didn’t have no gun” and... “they just plantin shit, they shot my motherfuckin' daddy four times for being black”.

One officer walked by the woman filming and she states... “he probably rapes his motherfuckin' daughter” towards the officer.
There it is... this woman was obviously raised by a father with a great reverence for literature.


UPDATE2: Burn baby burn
A man described as the brother of Keith Lamont Scott says, before angrily walking away from reporters: “I just know that all white people are fucking devils.” Then he adds, “All white cops are fucking devils, and white people.” The man did not stop with the devils comment; he is captured in other video interviews making unverified claims about the shooting.

"11:30pm - North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory declared a state of emergency in Charlotte as protests over a police shooting turned violent for a second night. McCrory said in a statement late Wednesday he was also sending in the National Guard."
It's Ferguson all over again.


LAST WORD: POTUS should butt out
"Scott has a criminal record in three states, including Texas, South Carolina and North Carolina. Charlotte's police chief says 43-year-old Keith Lamont Scott refused multiple warnings to drop a handgun before a black officer fatally shot the black man."
Doesn't sound like much of a victim to me.


Those bloodthirsty Deplorables...

"Well, you shouldn't kill more than you can eat. In my country the triceratops is a sacred creature."
Wow... just wow.


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"All schools in P.E.I. are under an evacuation order after police received a threat claiming bombs were placed in a number of schools."
Toronto police say two teens stabbed at Burnhamthorpe Collegiate Institute in Etobicoke have been taken to a trauma centre with serious injuries on Wednesday afternoon.

CBC guilty of aiding & abetting?

He who?

Halton police have arrested a man they say collected more than $40,000 in sponsorships for an anti-bullying program he never delivered.

The 44-year-old was supposed to present his anti-bullying program to more than 30 schools in Hamilton and Halton, police say. He operated his company as "Be the Game" and "Kind Every Time."
That's weird, this CBC article forgot to mention who the man behind this company is. What could possibly stop... wait a minute...
Joe Drexler's program has been featured on Canada AM, Canadian Living Magazine, CBC Radio and many other main stream media outlets across North America.

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"The victim was also known to police and had been shot previously."
Shorter CBC... we know who this is... we're just not gonna tell you.

It's for your own good. Just think nice thoughts.

20 September 2016

Hillary Clinton's very bad week...

...just got worse...#ZombieHillary

"Citizen Journalist breaks HUGE Clinton email story PROVING Hillary ORDERED EMAILS TO BE STRIPPED!

"Jason Falconer..."

bang bang

"...the man who shot and killed the mass stabber in a Minnesota mall on Saturday, is a concealed carry permit instructor and tactical firearms trainer."
And speaking of "self defence"...
Implementing an entry-exit visa program, as Donald Trump has promised he will do, would be extraordinarily simple, cost very little, and only take a matter of months.
So what, pray tell, is the problem?

I guess it depends who you ask...
"Earlier this week, in St. Cloud, MN, the Democrat Governor of the State, Mark Dayton made it pretty clear to those who have been questioning the mass importation of Somali refugees to the state; too bad for you, find another place to live."
I'd love to see the latest poll numbers here.

19 September 2016

So, Hillary...

...can we call it "terrorism" yet?#ZombieHillary**********

UPDATE: One for the good guys

"Ahmad Rahami in custody after shooting police officer in Linden, NJ."

"The officer returned fire as the suspect got up," the police captain told MSNBC. Sarnicki also said that, from monitoring radio transmissions, it appeared the suspect was "indiscriminately firing his weapon at passing vehicles."

RELATED: It's funny... because it's true
Hillary's presidency would be open Monday-Thursday 10:30am to 3pm.

LAST WORD: Ask a "professional" journalistpantsuit on fire
"It's always encouraging to see a candidate 'condemn' an act of terrorism®, because you never know which way they're gonna go on these things."

Call me a Jihadi's uncle, but...

...under a Trump presidency, I suspect we'll be strip-searching fewer 80 year old Nuns at the nation's airports...

"Federal sources told CBS News that Ahmad Khan Rahami, 28, is believed to be connected to an unexploded pressure cooker device found near the Chelsea blast, an explosion in Seaside Park, New Jersey and five explosive devices found in Elizabeth, New Jersey."
The hits just keep on coming...
ELIZABETH, N.J. (CBSNewYork/AP) — A suspicious device found in a trash can near a New Jersey train station exploded early Monday as a bomb squad was attempting to disarm it with a robot, officials said.
Who's gonna break the news to Granny Clinton?


RELATED: Let's ask Hillary's pal... Mayor Bill de Blasio
De Blasio suggested the word terrorism should not be used, shaking his head in disapproval at the notion that the basic facts of the bombing could be described that way. He emphasized that there would be no “easy answers” and that no suspect had yet been apprehended. It could have been something personally motivated,” Mr. de Blasio said. “We don’t know yet.”
Of course, Billy. Maybe this guy just doesn't like dumpsters.


Bombs?? What bombs? Every "news" source I've read has only identified "suspicious packages" and "devices."

Dear CBC... stop dancing around it

Just give her some money... and we'll all watch as she puts the gun in her mouth...

"Kati Mather thought it would be fun to try fentanyl as a party drug. She's one of many people turning to the super-potent synthetic opioid after first taking it by accident — or, at least, without knowing what it truly is. After 11 overdoses, the 22-year-old lives life one day at a time, wondering if she'll wake up tomorrow."
They could hire Jian Ghomeshi back for a new segment called "Suicide Watch"... that'd drive up their audience numbers.