31 March 2020

They may not have a clue, but...

...they're never uncertain...insert alt text here

A new report by the Parliamentary Budget Office expects the Canadian economy to contract by 25 per cent in the second quarter of 2020. Annual economic growth in 2020 is expected to slide to negative 5.1 per cent.

Unemployment is expected to rise to 15 per cent.

30 March 2020

Black Lives Matter was apparently...

...unavailable for comment...insert alt text here

"Chidubem Anthony Okeke, 22, has been arrested and charged with attempted murder in connection with the attack on Police Const. Andrew Varao."
MEANWHILE BACK AT THE BORDER:insert alt text here"But, but, but... that's so racist!"

No, Peace Moonbeam... it's not.

"If the Virus hits..."

"...you must acquit..."insert alt text here

"Illegal aliens held in Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) custody at a Pennsylvania facility have started a hunger strike to demand their release in the midst of the Chinese coronavirus crisis."

STEP TWO: UV lights...

...on all bank machines, vending machines, cash registers, and door handles and...insert alt text hereOr, call me crazy... we could just do a little elementary screening at border entry points?


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“We are not going to give up. But we also know where these people live and how they live. Strict containment, for them, is just impossible,” one officer explained.
You mean, impossible to enforce, right officer?

Justin Fixes the World...

...a continuing series...insert alt text hereMEANWHILE BACK AT THE RANCH:

Nobody is talking about "Scarborough Virus."

29 March 2020


...before the Prime Minstrel and Willie Porno steal it all...insert alt text here

28 March 2020

Courtesy of Rosie Barton & friends

By golly, good thing we just burned the freakin' economy to the waterline...insert alt text hereSelfies are easy... math is hard...

"By last week, influenza had claimed 23,000 lives in the United States, and yet no politicians or journalists were getting up on soap boxes to declaim the horror of stores remaining open while Americans are dying in hospitals, at home or on the streets as a result of flu."
So... less than 2 percent of the total killed by plain old annual flu.



In Toronto the Good, KungFlu & Homicide numbers running neck & neck...
"A male victim is in serious but non-life-threatening condition after he was shot multiple times in Scarborough at Warden Avenue and Cataraqui Crescent late on Thursday night. No suspect information was made available."
Oh, it gets better...
"Emergency crews were called to a Toronto Public Library near Don Mills Road and St. Denis Drive, south of Eglinton Avenue, at around 7:30 p.m. for reports of a shooting."

LAST WORD: "Toronto man" strikes again...
"Investigators said they executed a search warrant at a residence on Scarlett Road in Toronto and arrested Abdi Ismail."

27 March 2020

Why am I not surprised?

The head of the World Health Organization, in charge of making life or death decisions on a grand scale, has been accused of covering up cholera epidemics, supporting a terrorist organization and inflating his resume to claim he conquered malaria and HIV.

Tedros Adhanom Ghegreyesus' campaign to rewrite his questionable past has some wondering whether he is the right fit to lead the global agency through the coronavirus pandemic.
More than 300 people have died and a further 1,000 have fallen ill in Iran after consuming methanol in the belief that it will protect them against the coronavirus.

Orwell was right, some animals are...

...more equal than others...insert alt text here

It seems when it comes to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s “stay home” mantra or Mayor John Tory’s threats to crack down, some stores didn’t get the memo.

Chinatown is not the only area not following government orders. Some stores in Kensington Market, Little Italy and The Beaches are doing similar things.
"Toronto Police would like to remind the public to be extra vigilant when it comes to those trying to sell or provide products or services associated to Covid-19. There are no legitimate 'home test kits' available."
But wait... it gets better.


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“If we do not deal with this, there is nothing to say that we could not in eighteen months’ time have another outbreak, and it could be worse.”

LAST WORD: It's just money, right?insert alt text here
"Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced on Friday that the federal government will cover 75 percent of wages for qualifying businesses, backdated to March 15."
He puts everybody out of work... then he pays them. With their own borrowed money.

Problem solved.

Tell that to the families of...

...Shyanne Charles and Joshua Yasay...insert alt text here

"Two board members who heard Nahom Tsegazab’s case earlier this month say he has shown enough personal growth and maturity while incarcerated to be granted day parole."
Nice to know a life is only worth four years apiece.

So, Nahom... home to a supportive fam... sweet baby jebus...
Naod “Gritty” Tsegazab, 22, the brother of one of the Danzig St. block party triggermen has been arrested for the murder of a man killed in a wild shootout earlier this week in Toronto’s east end.
You do remember the Danzig Blocko Murders, don't you?


"Homeschooling Day 9: Miraculously, spanking and prayer are back in school again."insert alt text here

26 March 2020

It's funny because it's true

insert alt text here

BALTIMORE, MD • A new study by Johns Hopkins University found that the Wuhan coronavirus is impacting men and women more than all the other genders combined.

The Prime Minstrel takes a stand...

...in a post-national world, there are no borders...insert alt text here

TORONTO • "Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has told the U.S. Canada is strongly opposed to a Trump administration proposal to put troops at the U.S.-Canada border amid the pandemic and said if it goes ahead it would damage relations between the two longtime allies."

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"Foreign ministers representing seven major industrialized nations failed to agree on a joint statement Wednesday after the Trump administration insisted on referring to the coronavirus outbreak as the 'Wuhan virus.'”


...has it's privileges...insert alt text hereFrom the comments:

"Don't come to the Highlands to self isolate... unless you're Prince Charles."

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"Thugs have been mugging doctors and nurses to steal their identity badges in order to access priority shopping and freebies from supermarkets during the coronavirus pandemic."

We should've seen it coming...

...like a drama teacher's beard...insert alt text hereRELATED: Monsters are real

25 March 2020

A question for Doug Ford...

..."Why is the Ontario healthcare system rationing N95 masks?"insert alt text here

Belgium’s Public Health Minister Maggie De Block has destroyed millions of expired FFP2 masks stockpiled during the H1N1 flu epidemic in 2009, but did not replace them due to economic reasons.

Buying masks without a plan is a waste of taxpayers’ money,” the office added.
Please tell me we're smarter than this.

Well... apparently not.

CONFIRM OR DENY: The story is out now...

As part of it's disaster planning protocol, the City of Toronto had two shipping containers of N95 masks. After receiving a letter from the manufacturer about aging out stock, some genius at the ambulance service binned the lot... AND neglected to reorder.

Why can't everybody just be...

...a sainted millennial?insert alt text here

"I asked my parents if they are worried about the pandemic, and they told me they had been through much worse in their lives: famine, armed conflicts, and helplessly watching their loved ones perish. They are not freaking out about the coronavirus like we are because they have seen it all."

"They told me this pandemic shall pass, just like the numerous other challenges they have faced in their lifetime."


insert alt text here

"In Canada in 2015–2016, there were around 77,000 hospitalizations caused entirely by alcohol, compared to 75,000 hospitalizations for heart attacks in the same year. Alcohol is responsible for about 4500 deaths per year in Canada."

"These 77,000 hospitalizations do not represent all the 1 in 8 Canadians that are addicted to alcohol. So why are alcoholics not being held in quarantine?? Why are we still selling alcohol??"

"Why don’t we shut the country down and introduce Emergency Measures until everyone in Canada quits drinking?? And I haven’t even started on drug addiction."
How about the statistical average 4 Canadians killed every day by drunk drivers?

Shoo! Shoo!

insert alt text here

24 March 2020

You get away with wearing blackface...

...groping women at will and paying 10 million dollars to a convicted terrorist & murderer... you start to feel invincible, I guess...insert alt text here

"Part 4 of the draft bill the Trudeau government presented to the Opposition ahead of today's sitting would allow Finance Minister Bill Morneau access to
'all money required to do anything.'
Fortunately, every once in a while... somebody calls the Prime Minstrel on his shit.

It's time for a vote of non-confidence.


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What's up with that?

Call me a cranky old man, but...

...I'm not taking medical advice from Tom Hanks... or Kylie Jenner...insert alt text hereTime to throw another politician on the barbie.

23 March 2020

DATELINE ONTARIO: Surprise, surprise...

You can still get your all-too essential TruDope...insert alt text hereDAVE'S NOT (cough, cough) HERE MAN:

"LCBO, Beer Store, cannabis retailers will remain open amid 14-day closure of all non-essential businesses."
I think it'll be illuminating to scrutinize deaths in traffic accidents and in general over the next 14 days.


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"Arizona man dies, wife in critical condition after taking aquarium cleaner containing malaria drug for coronavirus."

LAST WORD: Shortages of Canadian medical supplies?


"Joe Biden was around when Covid-1 took place."
Seriously, Dems... this is your guy?Biden is senile
"And, in addition to that, in addition to that we have to make sure that we, we are in a position that we are, well let me go to the second thing, I've spoken enough on that."
Oh, it gets better...
"Biden called the current Massachusetts governor “Charlie Parker,” (a jazz saxophonist from the 1950s.) Charlie Baker was elected governor of the commonwealth in 2014."
More Sleeepy Joe here.

"Nancy Pelosi Proposes 1,400-Page Coronavirus Bill Stuffed with Special Interest Goodies."
Never let a crisis go to waste, huh?

COMPARE AND CONTRAST: KungFlu 419... vs what???
"The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released its U.S. Influenza Surveillance Report for the week ending March 14, with the total deaths this season at 23,000."

He don' need no steenkin' data

Justin fixes the world by burning the Canadian economy to the ground...insert alt text here

"Looking at the whole funnel from top to bottom, ~1% of everyone who is tested for COVID-19 with the US will have a severe case that will require a hospital visit or long-term admission."

"Globally, 80–85% of all cases are mild. These will not require a hospital visit and home-based treatment/ no treatment is effective."
You ever wonder why nobody sheds a single tear for the 1200 Canadians killed every year on the family farm?
Or, how about the 4 Canadians killed every day by drunk drivers?

Anyone who actually examines the data points quickly realises that the Prime Minstrel has burned the Canadian economy to the ground based on a provably false premise.

But, hey... nobody gets to be UN Secretary General by being proficient in math... or truth-telling.

You're being conned, mi amigos.


That state-funded media sure worked out for Russia...insert alt text hereJust ask Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.


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"A man in his 70s who contracted COVID-19 after travel to Alberta has become the third person in the province believed to have died of the illness."

"Three deaths — two Muskoka men in their 70s and a Milton man in his 50s."
Note... all three had pre-existing health issues... the youngest here had chronic leukemia... which this article fails to mention.

Meanwhile in the City of Toronto alone, over the same time period, 16 people have been murdered by their fellow citizens.

Where's the crisis... you tell me.


UPDATE: Doug Ford caves... shuts down Ontario

You feelin' lucky punk?

Don't mess with Dirty Patty...insert alt text here

"Liberal Health Minister Patty Hajdu says she's looking at 'criminal penalties' for Canadian travellers who don't follow the government's advice to self-isolate."

"And I'm hoping we don't have to get to ordering them," she said.

COMPARE AND CONTRAST: Here's a bunch of people...

...the Liberals wouldn't think of arresting.

AND THEN SHAZAAAM... the shoe is on the other foot!

22 March 2020

Calling Public Safety Minister Bill Blair...

Did Julian's "social justice warrior" Mummy pony up $2000 for that "restricted" rifle?insert alt text here

"Ontario NDP leader Andrea Horwath's son, aspiring rapper Julian Leonetti, 27, has uploaded photos of himself to social media where he called the ongoing coronavirus pandemic a 'hoax.'"

"In one photo, which Leonetti captioned, 'I got hella shooters like I’m hunting,' where he appears to be holding an AR-15."
I'm sure there's a logical explanat... wait...
The Ontario NDP did not respond to The Post Millennial's request for a comment. Julian Leonetti also did not respond to The Post Millennial's request for a comment.
Is Andrea Horwath's son exempt from the law of the land?insert alt text hereLet's run through the checklist...

Does Julian Leonetti have a Canadian Firearms Licence?

Does Julian Leonetti have an Ontario Hunting Licence?

Does Julian Leonetti have a "Restricted Rifle" qualification on his Firearms Licence? Does he belong to a gun club with a dedicated "Restricted Rifle" range?

Is that a prohibited 30 round magazine sticking out of the firearm Julian is holding?

Does Julian Leonetti store this firearm in an approved gun safe?

Over to you, Minister Blair.

A man has died in hospital after a shooting outside Ryerson University campus on Saturday evening, Toronto police say. Police have obtained surveillance footage from the area and are looking for a single suspect.
Those darned "single suspects."

Homicide #16.