11 August 2020

Stand by for breaking news...

...on gravity holding shit down...most wanted

TORONTO — Ontario’s human rights commission has found that Black people in Toronto are “disproportionately” arrested, charged and subjected to use of force by the city’s police force.

It found that despite the fact Black people represent only about 8.8 per cent of the city’s population, they represented almost a third of all charges in the data.

10 August 2020

Justin Saves the World...

...one forbidden, blasphemous ditty at a time...

Yahaya Sharif-Aminu, 22, a musician in Nigeria’s northern state of Kano has been sentenced to death by hanging for committing blasphemy with a song about the Prophet Muhammad he circulated via WhatsApp.
Apparently, Canada's generous post-national state doesn't have a problem with stuff like that.

Nigeria, Nigeria... that sounds so familiar...
"Fulani militants killed thousands of Christians in 2018 alone in what many are calling a Christian genocide in Nigeria’s Middle Belt."
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"Six French tourists visiting a giraffe reserve in West Africa were killed Sunday in an ambush carried out by suspected terrorists on motorcycles."

"They took all the trees, put 'em in..."

..."a tree museum"...♫insert alt text here

“Literally, the future of Chicago hangs in the balance, I don’t think it’s an overstatement to say that,” he said.

If this continues, how can Chicago survive?"

"What will be left downtown after Water Tower Place gets boarded up and the for-sale signs go up on all the condos near Michigan Avenue?"

"People who live around there have had their sense of safety badly shaken."

"This is our tax base, by the way. We count on tax revenue from this area of the city to fund all number of other programs we count on."
Looks like lead will soon be more valuable than gold.

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"A video posted on Facebook around 6:30 p.m. falsely claimed that officers had shot and killed a 15-year-old boy."

"The video shows upset residents confronting officers near the scene where officers shot and wounded an adult suspect who they said had fired at them."


There was a question on the game show Don't on Thursday night.

True or false. "A 2000 report estimated that over 7,000 people die annually because of their doctor's sloppy handwriting."

The answer is: True.
"Imagine a virus so deadly that you need to be tested to find out if you have it or not."

09 August 2020

I guess it's time for Plan B

insert alt text here

In a February 2016 filmed speech, Hezbollah terror chief Hassan Nasrallah boasted that with several missiles his terror group could set off the ammonia stockpiled at Haifa port to set off an explosion that would be tantamount to a nuclear bomb and would kill tens of thousands of Israelis and ruin the lives of hundreds of thousands more.

“In other words Lebanon has a nuclear bomb. This is not an exaggeration,” Nasrallah said, laughing.
Well, I'm guessing he's not laughing now.

"I took up the task and tried to get Ms. May on the record saying just that -- 'Hezbollah is a terrorist organization'."

Come for the pasta...

...stay for the post-mortem... Homicide #40/2020insert alt text here

Toronto Police are investigating the city’s latest homicide after a man was found stabbed on the sidewalk in the Dundas St.-Ossington Ave. area early Sunday. The man was discovered on Baden St., which is located in a busy area with many shops and restaurants.
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LAST WORD: In the T•dot, we call that Saturday
"A wild shootout in busy downtown Toronto Saturday in the Entertainment District miraculously ended without serious injuries."

"Cops say they are still investigating the gunplay that kicked off around Front St. W. and John St. around 11:36 a.m."

08 August 2020

Because I can't throw a rock...

...1155 feet per second...insert alt text here

Michael Lacy and Jeff Manishen argued that the Appeal Court's decision "fundamentally" changed self-defence in Canada and leaves homeowners with no option but to call police and cower.

"In the face of the Court of Appeal's interpretation of self-defence, the only reasonable thing to do is call the police, cower in the darkness under our beds and hope help arrives before the criminal invades our home and kills us and our loved ones."
Apparently, the Supremes think it's a discussion worth having...
On Thursday, the country's highest court released its decision, saying the application for leave to appeal from Khill's legal team had been granted.
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...Nova Scotia spree killer Gabriel Wortman didn't get to murder on his walkabout?

"Obesity Canada?" That's a thing?

If there is no "rock-bottom," you can just keep falling...insert alt text here

The guideline, which was published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal on Tuesday, specifically admonished weight-related stigma against patients in the health system, said Ximena Ramos-Salas, Director of Research and Policy at Obesity Canada and one of the guideline's authors

"The dominant cultural narrative regarding obesity fuels assumptions about personal irresponsibility and lack of willpower and casts blame and shame upon people living with obesity."
Wait for it...
The rate of obesity has tripled over the past three decades in Canada.
Shshhh... we don't want to hurt anybody's feelings.

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"Nobody needs that kind of forkpower," said one lawyer. "We will get justice for the obvious cause of this epidemic of deaths: the guys who make the utensils."

"If it only saves one life"

A Virginia rape suspect, Ibrahim E. Bouaichi was released from jail because of concerns regarding the new coronavirus and went on to kill the woman who had accused him, according to police.

Bouaichi was indicted last year on charges that included rape, strangulation and abduction.

Circuit Court Judge Nolan Dawkins released Bouaichi on the condition that he only leave his Maryland home to meet with his lawyers or pretrial services officials.

Dawkins retired in June and did not respond to the Washington Post’s request for comment.

07 August 2020


“There’s always ramblin’ Joe Biden,” said the late Robin Williams in a stand-up routine.

“Joe says shit that even people with Tourette syndrome go, ‘No.’

Homicide #39/2020

insert alt text here

Police were called to a residence just after 10 a.m. on Thursday, Aug. 6, for a report about a deceased man in the Greenwood and Mortimer avenues area. The victim has been identified as 37-year-old Chadwick Francis of Toronto.

Michael Duhame, 41, has been charged with second-degree murder.
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On June 29, officers were called to a home near Thorah Concession Road #4 and Highway #12 where they found a 42-year-old with serious injuries from a gunshot wound.

Kaydon Massicotte,19, of Brock Township, is charged with aggravated assault and several firearms related offences.
LAST WORD: Mo Murder
Police have identified the victim as 25-year-old Mohamed Amin Ismail of Ottawa.

The Capricious and Unknowable...

..."Will of Allah"...

Witnesses say Maira Shahbaz was walking home on April 28 in the town of Madina when Nakash and two accomplices forced her into a car, fired several gunshots into the air, and sped away.

When her family reported the kidnapping, Nakash produced a “marriage certificate” that listed the girl’s age as 19, even though her family has a birth certificate proving she is only 14. The Muslim cleric who ostensibly signed the birth certificate denied any involvement in the “marriage” when questioned.

Around 1,000 Christian and Hindu women are abducted each year in Pakistan and typically forced to convert to Islam.

Nobody gets out alive

4 Palliative Canadians approved for end of life psilocybin therapy through section 56(1)

06 August 2020

Math is Hard

insert alt text here

“This is nothing you would ever expect or anticipate."

"We’re a rather peaceful community. We’ve had some tumultuous times in the past but by and large we’re past that."

"We’re a very unified community here."
Yeah... I'm calling bullshit here.
"The rate of Aboriginal persons accused of homicide is 11 times higher than rate for non-Aboriginal persons."
Well... according to those racists at Statistics Canada.

"Ontario will spend $100 million over the next three years on a long-term strategy to end violence against indigenous women."
If everything's so peaceful, why do we need this "strategy" at all?

05 August 2020

No deer... no AR15

You think it's just possible Justin & Bill Blair are going after the wrong people?insert alt text here

"There's been yet another daylight downtown Toronto shooting. Police say a young woman was shot at around 2 p.m. on August 5.

Police tweeted at 2:17 p.m. to confirm that numerous callers reported hearing gunshots in the area of Queen Street West and Augusta Avenue."
Meanwhile, over at Thistlewood and Islington...
"The victim, identified as Toronto resident Marwan Awdi, 32, was pronounced dead at the scene."
But, wait... there's more...
TORONTO -- "A 25-year-old man, Mississauga resident Abdifatah Salah has died in hospital after being critically injured in a shooting in Mississauga, Ont. on Monday night."

Think of it as a metaphor for...

...the entire Middle East...

BEIRUT (AP) — The investigation is focusing on how 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate, a highly explosive chemical used in fertilizers, came to be stored at the facility for six years, and why nothing was done about it.

The explosion at the port killed at least 135 people and wounded about 5,000.
“Just run a bead along here??”

“Yup, it’s all good”

It'd be a little more reassuring...

...if his wife didn't have to step in and speak for him all the time...insert alt text here

Joe Biden attempted to dismiss concerns about his apparent cognitive decline on Tuesday, but then seemingly put it on full display.

As a concerned American who also happens to be a physician, I’m just going to say it’s concerning to me that he sometimes is not able to complete a sentence, not really know where he’s at or what he’s doing and we’ve seen that countless times now,” former White House Physician Dr. Ronny Jackson said.

After saying some age “more gracefully” than others, he said, “If he was going to be president someday, that window seems to have closed in my mind.”

Jackson predicted Biden would not attend debates with Trump, but Jill Biden told Fox News on Tuesday he will be there.
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"No, Joe! Spit it out!" shout aides as Biden eats another Cognitive Test paper.

It's the flu, stupid

insert alt text here

"But in the long-term, our pretend safety will have consequences. If rules seem dumb, and they do, Americans may stop following them altogether.

The arbitrariness and hypocrisy displayed by the likes of Cuomo and Fauci could lead to people rebelling against following any of it."

I guess she must have thought...

...the first forty thousand dollars was deductible...insert alt text here

"To the surprise of no one, Navarro has made frequent appearances of CBC's Power & Politics, wherein she defended the Trudeau Liberals in their ongoing WE Charity scandal."
In other "making that ugly sausage" news...
"A company in Quebec has been awarded $133,486,868 in sole-sourced federal orders to manufacture PPE even though it didn’t have a factory in Canada."

Obviously, the Prime Minstrel believes...

...the Gangbangers will Balance Themselves...

"TORONTO - Between Friday and Monday, there were at least 12 incidents involving gun violence resulting in two deaths and three injuries. Statistics show that there have been 258 firearm discharge and shooting incidents as of July 27."
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04 August 2020

POINTS: Strategy 10 - Integrity 0

Just how dumb do they think Americans are? The real reasons Dems don’t want Uncle Joe in a live, unscripted square-off couldn’t be clearer: They’re absolutely terrified he’ll be a disaster.

Fact is, Dems would never call for scrapping debates if their nominee were a gifted orator. Yet if Biden can’t be trusted in front of a TV camera, how on earth can he be trusted to run the country?

It’s why they’re so happy he’s spending much of the campaign in his basement, rather than talking with people or appearing live on TV.

A Glitch in the Matrix

"The pandemic, which is mild as the great plagues of history go, demonstrates that the complexity of this global civilization has become a source of new vulnerabilities."
Meanwhile, in other "Whack-a-Mole" news.

RCMP still refuses to identify...

...the two "Dudleys" who shot up Portapique, N.S. firehall...insert alt text here

Confusion over a parked police cruiser and someone wearing a safety vest led two RCMP officers to start shooting at a person at a central Nova Scotia firehall being used as an emergency refuge centre during the manhunt for the gunman in last month's mass shooting.

It's unclear who was wearing a safety vest. Peers said that in addition to the RCMP officer stationed outside the hall, there was a Colchester County official there overseeing the evacuation centre.

The gunfire damaged one of the fire trucks. It left bullet holes in a stone monument to fallen members and in the walls of the white building which was left peppered with bullet holes.

The incident was over in a few seconds and the officers took off. The gunman at the centre of the manhunt was not in the area at the time.
Well, Nova Scotia... best hope these two "Peace Officers" have been transferred to the Rubber Gun Squad.

03 August 2020

Here's what Non-Junkies don't get...

...no matter what you do, it'll NEVER, EVER come close to being enough...

In the morning, David Keeler starts off with a dose of methadone dispensed by a pharmacist. A few hours later, he swallows 28 prescription pills of government-supplied hydromorphone, a synthetic opioid prescribed by a doctor.

By late afternoon, the 44-year-old Victoria man is turning to his own stash of drugs he bought from a dealer.
So where does Keeler get money for smack?

From you, stupid!...
Some days, Keeler doesn't even take the hydromorphone, which is why a stockpile is building up in the supportive housing unit he lives in. "Maybe more than half of the people that I know that are on these are looking to sell them."

He would like to be prescribed heroin. "Give people what they need, because if they don't get what they need they are going to go after it."
Translation: I'll commit crimes to get my junk.

The province was unable to provide data for how many people who signed up for the program are still on it.

Paging "Dr Affirmative Action"

Hmmm... anyone else notice these new, "professional attributes" have absolutely no objective metric...insert alt text hereWhy should people who are ambitious, crazy smart and study like monastic hermits get all the rewards? Let's promote people because... ancestry & epidermis!

Hey it works for the Royal Family...

"Attributes such as empathy, collaboration, resiliency and advocacy are now scored along with academic smarts at some medical schools, while all of them have created a range of admission processes for Indigenous students as well."
Yes, let's redress that injustice! Ah... big smile, confident handshake... 50 points!
"We have to put forward firm and contrived changes now and not apologize for them."
Commercial flight schools take note!

There are, of course, some lesser-known, persistent racial anomalies in the medical system...
"Reminds me of a story I heard from my Toronto ALS Medic buddy. He's at Sunnybrook Hospital Trauma Unit after serving up yet another bullet-riddled gangbanger and a young nurse, obviously not long in the trenches, asks him, 'Where do you take all the white people who get shot?'"

Nice business you've got there...

...be a shame if something happened to it...insert alt text here

Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters issued “social justice” and “black liberation” demands regarding “diversity” to a restaurant owner in Louisville, KY, including a directive for “donations” to organizations run by non-whites.

An “activist” affiliated with Black Lives Matter denied that his organization’s demands amounted to a threat.
And BLM Toronto has a few demands of their own.

The newspaper added that the far-left BLM UK is set to announce on Tuesday what it will spend its war chest on, after having raised £1.18 million to develop "strategies for the abolition of police."

Sorry, Justin...

...no deer... no AR15... "Cloak of Invisibility Shooters" strike again!

"York Region police say a man is dead following a shooting Sunday afternoon, the second homicide as a result of gunfire in Vaughan over 24 hours."
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"The Gardiner Expressway was shut down Monday morning at approximately 5:58 a.m. after a firearm was shot from one vehicle to another,” said Toronto Const. Edward Parks.

There is no vehicle or suspect information.

02 August 2020

There's the "Policy Genius" we all want...

... to see tugging on the levers of international diplomacy...

Joe Biden VP contender and Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus, Rep. Karen Bass on Sunday walked back comments praising late Cuban Communist dictator Fidel Castro in 2016 — insisting she didn’t know he was despised by his own people.

Lesson learned, would not do that again, for sure,” she continued, telling Wallace Chris Wallace on 'Fox News Sunday' she now understood Castro’s leadership was a “brutal regime.”
Gotta love those Fidel fluffers.

"The 66-year-old also found herself in hot water earlier this week after video emerged of her praising the Church of Scientology and its controversial founder L. Ron Hubbard."

We are all Torontonians now

TORONTO • One person has died and another has been injured after a shooting in an industrial area on Freshway Drive, a road underneath Highway 407, near Keele Street on Sunday morning.

No suspect information has been released by investigators.
UPDATE: Victim identified as Oshaine Channer

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"Emergency crews were called to the corner of Lake Shore Boulevard West and Mimico Avenue at 11 a.m. Sunday morning for reports of multiple shots fired."

"Paramedics said they arrived to find a man suffering from minor injuries."
But, wait... there's more...
Toronto Police have two people are in custody after a shooting in the city’s west end Saturday night in the Caledonia-Davenport Rds. area.
Of course, it could be worse...
Twenty-one people were shot, leaving at least six dead, between Friday evening and Saturday night in Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s (D) Chicago.