16 September 2014

Rumour has it...

Olivia Chow will announce mandatory "plastic cutlery within GTA" campaign plank...

TORONTO - A man is dead and another is in police custody after a stabbing at a North York home Sunday night.
Maybe it's something in the water.

15 September 2014


While the CDC does not believe that there are new cases of Ebola in the United States, the assumption in the checklist is that it is only a matter of time before the virus hits home.
The nightmare scenario is that the outbreak may be mutating into an aerially transmissable variant.

Looks like the State Department has decided to protect their own. Might not be a bad time for us common folk to grab some N-95 filter masks and Tyvek suits from the local hardware store...
The huge bulk order of hazmat suits for Ebola has stoked concerns that the U.S. government expects the virus to continue to ravage countries in west Africa and may also be concerned about an outbreak inside the United States.
Be afraid.

14 September 2014

Fundamentalist Tea Party Christians...

...butcher yet another helpless Musl... wait a minute...

11 September 2014

Obama to resign Presidency?

There's an offer on the table.

Oops there goes another...

TORONTO - A 22-year-old man found dead behind a York Mills apartment building Thursday morning is now the city’s latest murder victim, Toronto Police said.

Homicide detectives took over the investigation Thursday afternoon after determining the slain man is the city’s 33rd homicide victim of the year.
That's what... three separate murders this week?

I thought Olivia Chow was gonna declare Toronto a "homicide-free" zone.

09 September 2014

No Gentle Giants here

TORONTO - A man is dead following a shooting Monday in the city's west end.
But that's not all... apparently the knives are out as well.
Toronto Police responded to the bar near Danforth Ave. and Dawes Rd. shortly after 5 p.m. and found the two victims suffering from apparent stab wounds.

It’s believed the pair were attacked by as many as six assailants.

The killing is one of two murders that occurred in Toronto — the city’s 31st and 32nd homicides of the year.
Attacked by a knife-wielding gang... that's some city you've got there.


UPDATE: Murdered man id'd
TORONTO - A man who was gunned down in North York earlier this week has now been officially identified.

He said the dead man has been identified as Joseph Okoro, 21, of Toronto.
The hits just keep on coming.