01 September 2014

It's no big deal... really...

...we can just change that to a Nobel Prize for fiction...

The speech by former US Vice-President Al Gore was apocalyptic. ‘The North Polar ice cap is falling off a cliff,’ he said. ‘It could be completely gone in summer in as little as seven years. Seven years from now.’

Those comments came in 2007 as Mr Gore accepted the Nobel Peace Prize for his campaigning on climate change.

But seven years after his warning, far from vanishing, the Arctic ice cap has expanded for the second year in succession – with a surge, depending on how you measure it, of between 43 and 63 per cent since 2012.
At least you don't have to stay up nights worrying about those poor polar bears anymore.


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Gore’s 20-room, eight-bathroom mansion located in the posh Belle Meade area of Nashville, consumes more electricity every month than the average American household uses in an entire year, according to the Nashville Electric Service (NES).

"They called me foolish and laughed at my predictions. Yet even now, the Midwest is flooded, the ice caps are melting, and the cities are rocked with tremors, just as I foretold."
Just your average eco-hero.

29 August 2014

In the Kivila language...

...of the Trobriand Islands there is a lovely word, “mokita”, which means “truth we all know but agree not to talk about”. I am about to speak some mokitas.

UPDATE: Oh, c'mon you crybabies...

...it's not like it was first degree...so much for gentle giantI wish I could say I was surprised.

28 August 2014

Last Canadian Comedian Standing

Surely somebody has to be pitching this explosive new reality TV show for CBC's fall lineup...halls of macadamia/"So... a man walks into a bar with a knife, a severed head and a block of plastic explosive..."


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I remember when businesses had to...

...make it on their own...

The Windsor Star reports that the Ontario government has pledged $385-million in assistance to Ford Motor Co. and the feds are considering matching the investment. The project, an expanded engine plant in Windsor, is expected to result in between 400 to 1,000 new jobs, which makes the taxpayer bill roughly $1-million per new job.


From our voluminous "just watch me" file...

Gosling’s defence lawyer, Chuck Syme, insisted that his client should not go to jail because the Crown decided to drop charges on the same crimes against Bentley.

“You can’t let the guy walk because he’s Jamaican and send my client, a mother of four, to jail,” Syme said outside of court.
His client, by-the-by is the aforementioned Bentley's wife. Check out the con they were working.

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"This is a very complex situation,” Crawford said at the time. “This woman has been convicted of a very serious offence, but she is a breastfeeding mom and there is no doubt the child needs her.”
Wait a minute...
But during her sentencing hearing, the judge learned from medical reports it was all a lie. Gosling then explained to her probation officer that she couldn’t breastfeed because she has breast cancer — but that was a lie too.

“She lied to the court about breastfeeding to avoid going to jail,” Crown attorney Sarah Renaud told court.
And the justice system is making deals with these two criminals? Unbelievable.

27 August 2014

Why Dalton McGuinty fled Ontario

Reason #14: He didn't want to be around when the lights went out.

The report by former Ontario Teacher Pension Plan guru Jim Leech said the pension plans for Ontario Power Generation (OPG), Hydro One (H1), Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) and the Electricity Safety Authority (ESA) are unsustainable.

For every $1 contributed to the plan by the employee, taxpayers and hydro ratepayers contributed more than $5, the report says.

“In 2012, total contributions from all sources to the four plans were approximately $585 million,” it says.

“Of the $585 million, just over $100 million was contributed from employees.”

All of which is pushing up the cost of electricity.
Here's the real zinger...
Ontario’s net debt has soared by 89% since 2007-08 — a rate faster than that of the federal government or any other province, even Quebec, which also has staggering levels of debt.
Don't blame me, I didn't vote Liberal.

25 August 2014

"We don' need no steenkin' evidence"

Remember all those old movies where John Wayne or Gary Cooper stands up to the lynch mob who wants to hang the prisoner in the town lockup? Then there's Eric "Third Autopsy is the charm" Holder...

"This officer has to be indicted. I'd hate to see what happens if he isn't. The rioting, the looting, man ...," said resident Larry Loveless.
The narrative about Michael Brown being shot in the back has been refuted by three autopsies, the officer was grievously injured by the suspect... but the mob must be appeased.*****

COMPARE & CONTRAST: Your hear about Elmendorf, Texas?

Of course you didn't... the dead guy was a cop.

Joshua Manuel Lopez, 24, was taken into custody on charges of capital murder of a police officer, Pamerleau said. When Lopez was stopped, he was wanted on a misdemeanor warrant for graffiti.


UPDATE: CNN runs for cover
CNN's timing of the release made perfect sense. The leftwing network dropped the audio the day after treating the funeral of Michael Brown as though he was a head of state. With the death porn concluded and the Ferguson streets quiet, CNN needed to fill the race-baiting vacuum with something.
Who needs facts? Nothing must interrupt the fairy tale.