24 February 2017

Equally intriguing to researchers...

...was the effect of all that mind wandering on people’s moods: Overall, people were less happy when their minds wandered.

Neutral and negative thoughts seemed to make them less happy than being in the moment, and pleasant thoughts made them no happier.

There must be a sh!tload...

..of sick people in Canada...

The most recent Health Canada figures show that at the end of last year, almost 130,000 Canadians had signed up with the country’s 38 licensed cannabis producers.

That’s a 32-per-cent jump from the more than 98,000 registered at the end of September 2016 and up from the 7,900 granted access to medicinal cannabis in mid-2014.

23 February 2017

Descendants of Mongol Empire victims...

...encouraged by social justice movement, launch massive class action lawsuit...

The clamor for a segregated space for students of color to organize social justice efforts comes even as the public university builds a $10 million center for black students in the center of campus.

In their demands, students explain why the new black student center is not enough.

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"When I was crossing the border into Canada, they asked if I had any firearms with me. I said, 'What do you need?'"

22 February 2017

Journalism 101

"This mis-framing is made all the more disappointing by the fact that the reporting in this piece is very strong, but obscuring that good journalism is a conceptual framework that is so weak, so full of holes, so lacking in serious, practical understanding of the world that it makes a shocking impression on the reader."

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"Millions of people living in the United States illegally could be targeted for deportation — including people simply arrested for traffic violations — under a sweeping rewrite of immigration enforcement policies announced Tuesday by the Trump administration."
Run a stop sign... you'll be arrested & deported.

Of course, that's not at all what's happening.


LAST WORD: All Trump, all the time...

...CBC has no time to report on Toronto spree murders
A year after a gang-related shooting outside of a restaurant in Toronto’s Chinatown left two people dead and three others wounded, police have charged a second suspect who they say was the leader of a violent gang originating in Nova Scotia. He is is scheduled to appear in a Toronto court on March 2.
And we're not talking one isolated incident here...
Sparks-McKinnon and Richardson, who are half-brothers and were also charged in the Halloween 2015 murder of Charles Shillingford in downtown Toronto.

Jahmal Richardson and Kyle Sparks-McKinnon, as well as Mitchell Mannette, 20, of Halifax and Denzell Tyresse Walter Desmond, 19, of Halifax were arrested and charged with first-degree murder in connection with that shooting.
The silence of the BLMs... you can almost smell the journalism.

21 February 2017

Ask a Lefty

“On Monday, Senator Ted Cruz went on Ellen to confess that he, of course, killed Deputy White House Counsel Vince Foster in 1993,” reads one recent article, which refers to Cruz as “the Republican front-runner to take on President Hillary Rodham Clinton in 2020.”
And, of course, there's this...
They misquoted Trump and ran hit pieces all day on the American president.

It's how they roll.


UPDATE: Reality break
Having spent the entire news cycle trying to ignore the immigrant crisis facing Sweden, and pin the ignorant tail on Trump, both Dagbladet and Expressen reports riots breaking out in the highly immigrant concentrated Stockholm borough of Rinkeby, Sweden with police firing warning shots as 100s of young people throw stones and burn cars.

Next... 10,000 new cops...

...for Chicago...

Department of Homeland Security Secretary John F. Kelly ordered the director of ICE to immediately begin the process of hiring an additional 10,000 Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents and enforcement officers to effectively enforce the immigration laws in the interior regions of the U.S.

20 February 2017

Truth AND Consequences

Doesn't Islamophobia actually mean...insert alt text here...a fear of Islam?

"They will literally call Christians “terrorists” for not wanting to bake a cake for a gay wedding, while completely ignoring the many Muslim countries where being gay is a CRIME and sometimes one whose penalty is death!!"
So, that Liberal motion in Parliament effectively means we're not allowed to be afraid of anything associated with the uber-violent Islamic middle east?

19 February 2017

They call him...

...the "Vagina Whisperer"...

"It’s about the length of my forearm, with two little anatomically correct tunnels built in. When I picked it up and dropped it on the table, it jiggled convincingly. I stare at it. The abyss gazes back."
For the woman who's got everything, I guess.

18 February 2017

Says the guy who just gave...

...375 million taxpayer dollars to a company that shed 14,000 jobs over the last couple of years...

Justin Trudeau is blaming corporate and government leaders for the spike in global anger rocking world politics, warning that low wages and the shift to precarious part-time work is at the heart of why citizens are opposing traditional powers.
No hypocrisy at all.


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Trillium Power Wind — whose project financing was about to close just before the Liberals announced their 2011 moratorium — is suing the Liberal government for $500 million in a lawsuit that alleges malfeasance in public office.

That involves an allegation by Trillium, now being investigated by the Ontario Provincial Police, that the Liberals intentionally destroyed documents relevant to the case after Trillium launched its lawsuit.
From the folks who doubled Ontario's debt since 2003.

17 February 2017

Turtles are pretty nearly...

...the most inoffensive creatures on gawd's green earth... if you're torturing a turtle, you need to be locked up in a very deep hole...sociopathsLike these two sociopaths.


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Burn, Berkeley, burn

I guess calling everyone a “racist” doesn’t work anymore. If it did, Trump would have lost.
As a result, we are all Nazis now.

Trump's new strategy: Hulk smash

insert alt text here

Trump's [cabinet appointment] policy should be simple... go get a shovel and dig up General Patton's dead body and slam him into place.

By the time we are done, I want to see the entire cast of The Expendables in Trump's Cabinet, with Chuck Norris riding a Tyrannosaurus Rex down 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in assless chaps and spurs.

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...could get elected President of France right now...
French police have been filmed fleeing from armed mobs as riots continue in Paris for the second week and the unrest has now spread to the city centre. Hundreds of violent thugs took to the streets on Wednesday night near the Barbes Metro station, close to the major transport hub Gare du Nord. Windows were smashed, shops looted, fires lit, main roads blocked, and police cars targeted during the disturbance./
Coming soon to a neighbourhood near you.

16 February 2017

51 Genders

Just another reason people voted for Donald Trump...

"Unfortunately for the Harvard Computer Club , they included only two genders in Datamatch’s options — and now they’re in big trouble."

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...every unnecessary death is a tragedy... it doesn't have to be a complete waste...insert alt text here
B.C.’s overdose epidemic, especially deaths involving fentanyl, is behind a significant increase in the number of organ transplant donors, according to a B.C. Transplant agency leader.
You keep putting a loaded gun to your head... don't be surprised it occasionally goes bang.

That secretive, controlling Stephen Harp...

...wait a minute...

The Liberals campaigned on a promise to run a more transparent government than the Conservatives, but we still don’t know what the Liberals’ long-term plan is.

The Conservative plan, on the other hand, was crystal clear: steadily lower taxes and spending. You may not have liked the plan, but at least you know what it was.

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Ontario’s Liberal government paid up to $435,000 to the expert panel appointed to resolve its dispute with Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk over whether surpluses on billions in public pension funds should be counted as government “assets.”

According to an Order in Council, Panel Chair Tricia O’Malley is to be paid $2,000 a day with a cap of 75 days or $150,000. The three remaining members are each eligible for $1,900 a day, up to a maximum of 50 days or $95,000.

Expenses were to be paid on top of their remuneration.
Thank you Kathleen Wynne.

15 February 2017

Welcome to Battlefield America

Desensitize them to violence, acclimate them to a military presence in their communities and persuade them that there is nothing they can do to alter the seemingly hopeless trajectory of the nation.

Before long, no one will even notice the floundering economy, the blowback arising from military occupations abroad, the police shootings, the nation’s deteriorating infrastructure and all of the other mounting concerns.

It’s happening already.
A dystopian future... is it just around the corner?