24 January 2017

If there is a point here...

...it certainly eludes me...

A Toronto-based theatre company is developing a play based on the intense police interrogation in which convicted sex killer Russell Williams confessed his crimes. The One Little Goat Theatre Company plans to premiere Smyth/Williams in March, with an all-female cast that will alternate the roles of the interrogating officer and Williams through the performance.
What's next... "Karla & Paul - The Musical?"

Hey, maybe they can turn it into a series...
TORONTO - Toronto’s homicide squad is investigating a fatal drive-by shooting that left a 24-year-old man dead early Monday.

Toronto Police identified the victim as Dylan Gill, of Toronto.
No doubt there will be plenty more where that came from.

23 January 2017

Not me... not mine... not today

Stand and deliver...

Within 24 hours, the bucolic campus in Middletown, Connecticut exploded in outrage. Both the paper and Wesleyan University sophomore Bryan Stascavage were swiftly branded racist.
army of one
Granted, the column was provocative. But the 32-year-old former army intelligence analyst, who served two tours totaling almost 27 months in Iraq and attends Wesleyan through a special program for ex-service members, had ruffled feathers before at the famously liberal school.

In the end, it is primarily the story of one student who challenged prevailing views at one of the nation’s most liberal universities and of a group of student journalists who, after a shaky start, got their mojo back and saved their paper and its independence.

Oh, sweetie... no worries

Speaking as an unrepentant biological member (no pun intended) of the international patriarchy... "Not even with a gun to my head"...

FROM THE COMMENTS: Flying too close to the sun?

"If anyone could find it ... if anyone wanted to."
insert alt text hereNow, while I'm sure there's someone for everyone in this crazy ol' world... wearing apparel warning people to stay away from your apparently irresistable lady parts seems a little unrealistically narcissistic... no?

Can things possibly get any Hollyweirder? Of course they can...
"In October, the pop star offered to perform oral sex on anyone who voted for former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton."
Slutwalk it off, grannie.


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...and women were glad of it...
"Forgive me for a possibly stereotypical misperception, but somehow I just can’t see Eric doing much more than stamping a warmly burnished Berluti loafer and throwing a bit of a hissy fit had someone pushed his baby-faced boyfriend out of the kitchen."

"Would it be unduly rash of me to suppose there’s some significant attitudinal adjustment on the way for our United States Army? Could this be a parable for these transformative times?"
As the new SECDEF is sometimes wont to say... "I don't get stress... I cause it."

22 January 2017

"To see so many Hollywood elites..."

..."lose their minds is a pleasure," Sabo said. "I no longer see entertainers, I see left-wing soldiers doing their part in indoctrinating those they entertain."

"Hollywood is dead to a great portion of America these days."
See his art here."

It gets better...
"I thought I heard the women chanting 'Menstrual brew' which had me wondering exactly what this lot were on. But listening more closely it turned out to be 'Pence Sucks Too.'"

"I was grateful for the clarity. I thought it was just Trump they hated. But it turns out it is all men. Apart from the ones who are transitioning to women."

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...sweet fuck all...
It was huge. It was emotional. But it’s hard not to wonder what all these people were doing during the election, and what they will do after the protest has ended.
Trump was elected, right? I didn't miss some sort of military coup?

21 January 2017

The alternate universe of the CBC

Remember, the government gives these folks 1.2 billion taxpayer dollars every year...

"Confrontational, angry inaugural address leaves no doubt about which side Trump's on"...
Write your member of Parliament today about defunding this monstrosity.

In other media meltdowns...
"The butcher's bill has come due: President Donald Trump is about to victimize his own voters," Salon titled his essay.
On Friday's NBC "Today" show, Matt Lauer expressed fear that the unruly Trump crowds might target former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton once again.

The Washington Post's Catherine Rampell agreed that Trump having the nuclear codes "is somewhat terrifying to me, given that Trump does not have the greatest impulse control and when he says that he gets attacked, he punches back."

New York Times columnist Paul Krugman tweeted that Trump may have wanted military equipment at his parade, but "at least he didn't want the marching soldiers goose-stepping — as far as we know."
I'm tired of being manipulated. How about you?


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The angry feminists were out in force. There were more signs talking about “PUSSY” than on the Reeperbahn. Pussy this, pussy that, all held up by women no less. Aging unkempt women wore pink hats they knitted called “Pussyhats” in twisted solidarity.
Yup... nothing like respecting the democratic process.


How low will they go?

20 January 2017

Paramedics rushed to the scene...

...after Hillary Clinton starts bleeding from her ears...insert alt text here

"On the morning of the Donald Trump's inauguration, his senior adviser Kellyanne Conway dressed in a Gucci jacket she described as 'Trump Revolutionary Wear.' She did a little dance in her outfit before answering reporters' questions."
11:53 am EST - Vice President Pence sworn in by Justice Clarence Thomas.

11:59 am EST - President Donald J. Trump sworn in by U.S. Chief Justice John Roberts. Now officially the President of the United States.

The End of Civilisation...

...as we know it...peoples cube

Headline story in our premier issue: I WAS FORCED TO SING AT TRUMPS INAUGURATION, the true story of a poor, but talented, single-mother, 1/16th Native American, trans-questioning, Chicago civil servant whom The TrumpHitler implacably forced to compromise her sterling liberal values to croon for The TrumpHitler's drooling delight while suffering the humiliation of the leering eyes of TrumpHitler's Deplorables Squads (with assistance by Russian hackers).
Arrrrgh... the yuge manatee!!!


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"In another secretly recorded video released by James O’Keefe, activists associated with DisruptJ20 are seen talking about 'throat punching' neo-Nazis if they get 'very loud with their views'."
The lunatic left in all their glory. See the Project Veritas videos here.


LAST WORD: Sick of Pravda North?
But what do I know? For a spectacular Interstate pile-up of conventional wisdom, do read Ann Coulter’s splendid column this week on Matthew Dowd, former Bush strategist and the Chumpy McArsepants in residence at ABC, who reliably got everything wrong, day in, day out, for the entire campaign season: If Dowd issued a severe winter storm warning, you could safely stroll down to town in your speedos. Yet there he is, apparently a permanent fixture on ABC’s “Powerhouse Roundtable”.
The spectacle continues.

The legacy of Barack Hussein Obama

In a last major act as president, Barack Obama cut short the sentences of 330 federal inmates convicted of drug crimes on Thursday. With his final offer of clemency, Obama brought his total number of commutations granted to 1,715, more than any other president in U.S. history.
And let's talk finances...
"The debt hike from $10.7 trillion to $19.9 trillion is not just some accounting concern. It is unsustainable."
Don't get me started on "the exponentially exploding racial divide."

It's like he was actually trying to make America implode.

19 January 2017

If you build it...

...they will come...

"This month, none of the health officials voiced any hope that the end of the crisis is in sight."
Remember, this is the province that fought for the right to hand out government financed diacetylmorphine, aka "prescription heroin" to it's burgeoning junkie population.

Just as a side note, Mrs Neo and I no longer even have a family physician as he has apparently moved on to greener pastures. Apparently, there's money to shoot up hardcore junkies... but not to provide enough family doctors for the rest of us.

18 January 2017


Out of the mouths of millionaire trust fund celebrities...imbecile

In Dartmouth, N.S., Monday, Justin Trudeau said that because his maternal grandfather was born in Scotland, he understands the immigrant experience.

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...not Canadian, says Trudeau...
OTTAWA - Prime Minister Justin Trudeau refused Tuesday to respond in English to several questions put to him in English in Sherbrooke, Que., telling the town hall meeting that because he was in Quebec he would speak French.

Ironically, one of the English questions put to Trudeau was about the availability of English-language mental health services.
He's only Prime Minister of French-speaking peoples?
The probe will focus on whether the Privy Council Office violated the Official Languages Act in its role of supporting the prime minister.
That's what you get when you elect Paris Hilton.

Now if BLM could just get rid of...

...all those pesky caucasians and gay people, it'd be a really proud day...

At Pride Toronto's Annual General Meeting Tuesday night, members voted in support of demands from Black Lives Matter Toronto, including the removal of police floats from future parades.

UPDATE: Not so inclusive after all...
A "disappointing step backward" is how a gay Toronto cop is describing an impromptu ‘yes’ vote during Pride Toronto’s annual general meeting to ban Toronto Police from having floats or booths in the annual Pride Parade.

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Does the Globe have no standards for what goes into this section? NEWS PLEASE

LAST WORD: We wuz kangz
What’s the big deal about making history palliative rather than factual, if it makes the black kids less angry?
(via FFOF)

Goodbye President Argle-Bargle

We need a "common baseline of facts." That always sounds to me like longing for a time when liberal mainstream media filtered the facts. That's over. What are you going to do about it?

The facts are open to debate now, and many voices can be heard. If you really love democracy, why aren't you thrilled?

UPDATE: They can dream, can't they?
As the nation prepares for the peaceful transfer of power on Inauguration Day, CNN is dreaming up scenarios whereby the Obama administration can keep power if President-elect Donald Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence were blown up as they prepared to take to oath of office./
Sounds like inciting sedition to me.

17 January 2017

Tuesday... Big Brass Balls Award

I'm not sure who clangs the loudest... "Vlad the Impaler" or "the Donald"...

Putin says... "Trump Didn’t Meet Russian Prostitutes, BUT THEY ARE THE BEST!"


“I’ve heard from a number of people across the country that they are concerned about this (holiday), and that is why I take this very seriously and I’m happy to respond to all questions that the Ethics Commissioner and others may have,” Trudeau told radio host Sheldon MacLeod.
Wait for it... FLOP...
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau twice refused questions Tuesday from a reporter who wanted to know if he had ever before vacationed with the Aga Khan, the billionaire leader of the world’s Ismaili Muslims.
Shame on you, Justin.

That paranoid, controlling Stephen Harp...

...wait a minute...

In late 2015, Vice-Adm. Norman went public with his concerns that Canadians had not been given accurate information about the growing price of planned new warships. He told CBC-TV in December, 2015, that it could cost $30-billion – twice as much as budgeted. His warning left open the possibility that Canada could have to buy fewer or less-capable ships unless Ottawa allocated more money for them.
Fresh on the heels of Justin's Liberals forcing lifetime non-disclosure agreements on 250 civil servants and soldiers.

Noted safecracker Willie Sutton...

...when asked why he robbed banks, replied... "Because that's where the money is"...

TORONTO - Police say they're looking for three suspects after a Toronto marijuana dispensary was robbed. A shot was fired during the robbery, and one of the employees was pistol-whipped and required hospital treatment. The suspects are described as black men -- two about six feet tall and the other five-foot-eight to five-foot-10 -- who were wearing black ski masks and black clothing.
Marijuana... the victimless crime.


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CHICAGO (CBS) — At least 39 people have been shot across Chicago over the Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday weekend, leaving 10 dead.

Community Organizer?

More like Divider-in-Chief...

This anodyne term was created by Chicago leftist Saul Alinsky who created the position to “rub raw the sores of discontent”.
Many thought Obama's moderate sounding speeches meant he had tossed Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals in the dustbin. Instead, upon entering the White House, he created Organizing for Action, which has trained 5 million Americans in Alinsky tactics.

When I said, “My favorite part of the Obama era is all the racial healing” two years ago, I thought I could retire the tweet in January 2017. But perhaps the Obama era is just getting started.

FROM THE COMMENTS: Behold... "Generation Snowflake"
"So now we are left with a bloated race grievance/ identity politics industrial complex that he nurtured. What are these people going to do?

Get real jobs, get real clients? I think not."
And speaking of untouchable cultural icons...mlk
“Not even Ann Coulter included one of the biggest names of all. You know, the guy with his own national holiday.”
Apparently Hillary Clinton was unavailable for comment.

16 January 2017

Check your "Primate Privilege"

"A veterinarian later performed a rape kit test on the pet and found the pit bull's genitals indicated signs of abuse."

Can there be Reconciliation...

...if there is no Truth?

“He has made a claim, it’s been disputed and he hasn’t produced any evidence, and so the question is, where does he go from here?”
Maybe he's an aboriginal... trapped in the body of a colonial oppressor.


RELATED: A darling of Non-Native Canada.
“Think of all the Native writing awards he won. Some are cash awards, for Natives only. And how many Native writers, thinkers, Residential School survivors have gone unheard because he’s colonized their public space?”

Boyden has requested APTN organize a sharing circle with its Elder-in-Residence to create a “safe and sacred environment” for the author to answer questions about his heritage.

APTN responded by again inviting Boyden to participate in an interview. The author declined the opportunity.
Of course he did.

That whole "ripping off his shirt" thing...

...didn't come from anywhere strange...exhibitionist

"But Manning’s most controversial shot was of Margaret Trudeau — then-estranged from her husband, Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau — sitting on the floor at Studio 54 with her knees and her long skirt hiked up enough to show that she was going commando."

15 January 2017

Lock Her Up!!!

No more Russian hacking smokescreen...

FBI agents wanted to aggressively pursue the Clinton Foundation investigation based on the recordings from informants and suspects in unrelated corruption cases, reports The Wall Street Journal.

Agents on the case also ran into roadblocks from DOJ and FBI higher-ups with Clinton connections when they tried to review emails on laptops obtained as part of a separate investigation into Clinton’s use of a private email server.
There's been a couple dozen layoffs at the Clinton foundation. Will Chelsea be losing her $900,000 per year job?


RELATED: Barack Hussein Stalin
Yep, you read that correctly. In all of US history only three people suspected of leaking sensitive information had been prosecuted under a 1917 law intended to punish spies. Since Obama took office, nine have.
Sounds a little like Justin and his 250 “lifetime” non-disclosure agreements imposed on soldiers and federal civil servants.
Trudeau’s promise of open and transparent government would also appear to be a fair distance removed from his recent rather astonishing statement that when he talks with foreign billionaires and wealthy Canadians at private, cash-for-access, $1,500-a-ticket, Liberal fundraisers, he champions the middle class.
Who's deplorable now?