19 April 2010

Hey, Pat... way to audible

Just a day earlier, Mr. Martin had defended the probe during an appearance on CTV’s Question Period. “It is a safe format, a safe setting where people can share what really went on.”
Sure, Pat... "sharing"... that's what everybody was doing.

You mean like when Michael Ignatieff was "sharing" his thoughts on a possible Guergis-Corleone Family connection?
-- OTTAWA -- Michael Ignatieff is drawing a link between disgraced former cabinet minister Helena Guergis and organized crime.
But heck... I guess you've had a change of heart, huh?
“There are all kinds of reasons why we should put the brakes on this,” Mr. Martin said. “I’ve talked this over with our senior people, including our leader.
And, I'm guessing, the party's libel lawyers.


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How's that "guilt by association" thing working out for you?
"Surrey Liberal MP Sukh Dhaliwal has written to a U.S. District Court judge on official House of Commons stationery in support of convicted international drug trafficker Ranjit Singh Cheema, The Vancouver Sun has learned."
Funny... I don't remember a month long media shitstorm about this story.


Rich said...

And as a result,
the Russian Dictionary will soon have a new entry:-
"IGNATIEFF"- noun,
a person standing alone,
howling at the wind,
face covered in egg.

Neo Conservative said...

more to the point... ignatieff was slangin' this smack outside of the "libel free" protective zone of the house of commons.

i'm no lawyer... but i'm guessing his ass belongs to helena guergis... if she's so inclined.


jwkozak91 said...

I think it says something when the NDP won't follow the Grit lemmings over the cliff.

maryT said...

It will be interesting to see if Pat Martin asks any questions on Wednesday. What happened in 24 hours, he is flipping faster than Mr Z.