29 April 2010

"Not in my ocean, er... backyard!"

Opposition to the proposal from Senator Edward M. Kennedy, who died in August, had been a major thorn in the Obama administration’s side in advancing the project.

The project has also made for some strange bedfellows. Cape Wind is backed by both Greenpeace and the United States Chamber of Commerce.

It has been opposed perhaps most prominently by members of the Kennedy family. Senator Kennedy was a longtime sailor on Nantucket Sound and fought the project up until he died.
Anybody know where the Goreacle stood on this one?


As 'Instapundit' says: "I'll believe there is a crisis when those who are telling us there is a crisis ACT like there is a crisis."

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The response to the unfolding woes has been to re-focus the Party from encouraging and supporting local organising at the grassroots level, to making electing Elizabeth May the sole priority of the Party.

The means to enable this strategic shift have entailed some very risky shell games with our money and Party.
And the pan flute played on.


LAST WORD: Big Mother has landed


Martin said...

No Green activist or politician, Suzuki, Gore, McGuinty, Robert Kennedy would accept wind turbines where they would have to look at them. Their hypocrisy is consistent, and may be summed up as, Anybody's Back Yard But Mine ABYBM.

Anonymous said...

As Glenn "Instapundit" says: he'll believe there is a crisis when those who are telling us there is a crisis ACT like there is a crisis.

Just his weekend, Sting and his wife were pontificating on how screwed we are. Of course, they own several large homes in many different places on our doomed planet, and I don't think they travel coach...

And the Goreacle bought in San Francisco recently. Not something who is afraid of sea levels rising would be doing, unless its on the off-chance he's going to sell to a "denier" when the water does start rising...

Neo Conservative said...

you just can't beat the sanctimony & hypocrisy of the rich & famous, can you?

"The average US household consumes 10,656 kilowatt-hours of electricity. In 2006, the Gores wolfed down nearly 221,000 kWh."

just another inconvenient truth.


Anonymous said...

Well, I'm amused when my very earnest, mostly Green and NDP voting neighbours (according to election signs in their yards anyway) roll out their massive Miller-buggies, i.e, recycling bins.

Didn't they get the memo that the first "R" is "Reduce"...

As for hypocrisy: whenever caught, the high-flying elites usually whine that they plant some trees to make up for their multi-ton CO2 burning lifestyles. Again, see above, re: reduce.

How about NOT flying to Vegas to pick up a check for opening a bar AND planting the trees anyway?

Sacrifice, like taxes, are for the little people I guess.

Neo Conservative said...

"jag says... Sacrifice, like taxes, are for the little people I guess."

hmmm... let's ask a former ontario liberal environment minister.