22 April 2010

SPC News of the Week

Just something to consider... the next time the chimp-o-sphere starts screaming about aboriginal poverty...

Harry Sharphead is luckier.

First Nation governments needn't post financial disclosures on any irksome web-sites, and band council meetings close their doors as often as they open them -- which might explain another reason the Premier might have to be jealous of the chief.

For managing a band of scarcely 2,000 people, Mr. Sharphead makes, after taxes, 30% more than the head of Canada's fourth-largest province.
Oh, yeah... did I mention this comes out of your... the Canadian taxpayer, that is... seemingly bottomless pockets?

Lest you imagine this is some sort of anomaly...
"The Chief of the 360 member band and three of his buddies were paid salaries of more than $400,000.00 each."
Hmmm... doesn't the federal government pound 12 billion taxpayer dollars... yearly... into all things aboriginal?

I've gotta tell ya... if I lived in one of these black holes of aboriginal misery... I think I'd be asking why there's no money left over to ensure there's stuff like potable water for the rest of the community.
"All right, but apart from the sanitation, medicine, education, wine, public order, irrigation, roads, the fresh water system and public health, what have the Romans ever done for us?"
Yeah... let's just blame the wily white man.


Anonymous said...

Gotta wonder about the "Turtle Island was a paradise" crowd, sometimes. They seem to want tradition only sometimes. Then other times, they want a calendar that says 2010.

Now, there were over 500 nations before Columbus got a bit lost, and the nations were sometimes very different, but the fact is: in most cases, the chief was either on top of the wealth pyramid, like the mafia, or he was replaced because he wasn't looking after his people well enough. Often with dire consequences to his long-term plans for, say, keeping his head attached to his body.

Since we don't see much of the later, even metaphorically, it must be the former, I guess: bands where aboriginal Tony Sopranos skim off the top, his underboss skims some more, the capos get a bit and maybe, if they live long enough, the soldiers wet their whistles a bit. Nothing for the suckers at the bottom, though. Go protest on Parliament Hill...

Neo Conservative said...

"jag says... aboriginal Tony Sopranos skim off the top, his underboss skims some more, the capos get a bit"

well... there's definitely a good bit of that... but underneath it all... there's still dog eat aboriginal dog.

freedom fighters gotta eat too.