20 April 2010

Lemme see... you've got the largest...

...concentration of broken down whores & degenerate heroin addicts... in all of North America... and this goes to the top of the list...
I've just got one question.

Are you people out of your freakin' minds?

-- VANCOUVER -- It has been nearly a decade since three levels of government signed a landmark agreement designed to transform Vancouver's notorious Downtown Eastside, but the neighbourhood remains a vortex that sucks in junkies, the mentally ill and other desperate souls from across the country.
And that's AFTER pouring another 1.4 billion dollars worth of taxpayer money into this black hole of self-immolation.

And please, please, please... don't start yappin' about your wonderful... Baskin-Robbins-style Institute of Pharmacology.


Anonymous said...

Let's see if I understand the logic. Since there are drug addicts and prostitutes in Vancouver, the city should therefore allow smoking at the beach? Or is it only possible to address one problem at time in your world?

Kai said...

Anon, I think his point is there are more serious issues in Vancouver than worrying about people smoking OUT OF DOORS. this is yet another example of the fuzzy headed idiots currently in charge at city hall and the parks board. The left of center coalition that dominates both are the same guys who came up with urban chicken farms so that people could harvest their own eggs, and provide food in time of a possible disaster.

The same ijist who still believe that Vancouver can be a Green Technology leader, even though we can all see that so called green tech has been an absolute bust. But hey, they BELIEVE, so it must be right.

Neo Conservative said...

"another anonymous troll smirks... the city should therefore allow smoking at the beach?"

hey, peace moonbeam... you really think this little piece of political street theatre is where vancouver should be directing its time, effort & financial resources?

trust me... you don't start to triage your really pressing social ills right now... someday soon, you'll wake up and you won't have a city.

wake up smell the species.


Murray the Hun said...

Dear Nony,

It's all a question of priorities and allocation of resources. Of course it is possible to address multiple problems at the same time. But in an area with severe problems with criminal activities and public disorder, it would be unreasonable to divert resources to smoking enforcement.

Grown-ups recognize this sort of logic. If all enforcement problems were given equal resources and priority, nothing would be accomplished.

Big Red Magnum said...

Yes Vancouver is out of their minds but only slightly ahead of the rest of the world.
Anyone ever seen any real proof smoking is linked to cancer? Other than the hype on the MSM I mean, same hype that brought down DDT and caused the un-necessary lose of 40 million people to malaria, Global warming,H1N1,bird flu, CO2 as a pollutant and so many other phony killers?
Why did smoking start killing people only after we started using asbestos?
Why after the total smoking ban in Japan did the death rate spike ten percent?
I no longer trust any science I don't do myself.
Ban them Banning things.

Neo Conservative said...

look, nonny... unlike brm... i'm perfectly willing to concede that smoking is bad for you. it's also... unlike bangin' heroin & 10 dollar blowjobs for unwashed strangers in dark alleys... perfectly legal.

in marked contrast... smoking (pending more nanny-state legislation) is currently not a criminal act... merely a pretty stupid lifestyle choice.

what we're talking about here is triage... taking care of the most urgent problems first.

and hey, i recognise that i'm a little more draconian than some folks... so stop me if you've heard this one before...

"Before we spend another red cent on "safe" injection sites... or handing out free crack pipe kits to junkies... let's fix problems that affect people who actually give a shit whether they live or die."

that's where i'm at.

so... you really have a problem with that logic?

wait'll someone you love can't get cancer drugs... because some donkeyhead junkie needs his free daily crackpipe kit.


Honey Pot said...

So let's say you are down at the beach and you are selling your sex and shooting up. If you light up a smoke, then and only then, you will be considered engaging in criminal activity? Only a leftard could vote for that.

Lynn said...

This is typical of socialist governments everywhere,they can't or won't do anything substantial about real problems,so they find a scapegoat bully,and smokers are a very popular villain these days.

I used to enjoy walking down Hastings St. about ten years back, watching junkies shoot up in doorways in broad daylight.

I'm sure though, with the leadership shown by Larry Campbell and subsequent Mayors, the situation had improved greatly since then.

And if you think I wasn't being sarcastic, think again.


Anonymous said...

Cool your boots people. Obviously drug addiction feeds the prostitution problem. Whatever method chosen to deal with the problem comes with a price tag and when it comes to spending big money municipally, nothing happens quickly.

In terms of the proposed smoking ban at public beaches, what's the problem? Beaches may be OUT OF DOORS but the fact is, the vast majority of us DO NOT smoke and don't appreciate wading through butts on our way to the water.Nor do we like having our view of the water shrouded in blue smoke.

Passing such a by-law is a no-brainer and can be achieved along with the rest of the municipal agenda.

If this was proposed by a right leaning municipal govt, you would all applaud a smoking ban on public beaches as common sense.

What do you think costs taxpayers more money? Heroin addiction and hookers or treating dying smokers with public health care dollars? Think about it.

Anonymous said...

Big Red still thinks smoking doesn't cause cancer. Talk about being fuzzy headed. If Big Red doesn't think smoking will kill him, he may consider the danger of choking on buried butts while one has his head buried in the sand.

Anonymous said...

wait'll someone you love can't get cancer drugs... because some donkeyhead junkie needs his free daily crackpipe kit.

What if someone you love can't get their cancer drugs because some nicotine addicted junkie needs a hospital bed to treat his self-induced lung disease?

Neo Conservative said...

"nonny says... when it comes to spending big money municipally, nothing happens quickly."

so the latest big spending spree... 1.4 billion dollars over the last decade... which incidentally, didn't even put a dent in the problem... is okay by you?

good sweet jebus.


Honey Pot said...

I am with Lynn on this, socialist are bullies, who can't tackle the big problems, so they will go after law abiding citizens, who are less likely to blow their fucking brains out. If it is not water bottles or cigarettes, it is some other stupid thing like taking guns from farmers.

Cowardly sneaky bullies is what socialist are.

Kai said...

Anon, seriously, a haze of smoke on the beach? Bull. Any haze you see there is more likely caused by you, and your trend setting friends driving your hipster Lexus, Infiniti, Volvo and other chic what not cars and SUV's there. There aren't enough smokers in Vancouver that, even if they were to congregate on one beach all at once that they could cause such a haze.

langmann said...

@ BRM:

Keep smoking ol' hoss. People like you stack my wallet. If less people smoked, us doctors would be out of work.

@ neo:

A while ago I attended a lecture from the Medical Health Officer who was talking about how much the banning and ticketing of smoking in the city had helped.

As he was proclaiming the triumph I asked how this works when recently they had been claiming a loss using laws against people using illegal drugs.

Both an addictive habit, unhealthy, yet somehow one is different from another.

He said, "No that's different."

Degree in medicine but, I still don't get the difference.

Neo Conservative said...

"langmann says... Both an addictive habit, unhealthy, yet somehow one is different from another."

oh, my knuckle dragging, neocon friend... wake up & smell the rainbows...

There are no junkies any more, or drug abusers, or even drugs. That addled, toothless guy with the sores and needle tracks is now known as a “substance user.”


langmann said...

@ neo,

looks like you've been well schooled by Dr. Dawg.

Maybe he'll come on here and enlighten me with all the medical things he learned doing his doctorate in poetry.

langmann said...

( oh neo, just to add, I am libertarian. I think all drugs should be legal to use. I maintain that should you do so, I don't see why I should pay for your lifestyle. And if you are guilty of some crimes to support said habit - lockup)

Neo Conservative said...

to be fair... there are many well-respected folks who are very sympathetic to these sorts of prohibitions...

"The decree signed by President Bashar al-Assad, a qualified medical doctor, imposes a fine of up to $800 (£518) on those who break the ban."